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Scott #DescriptionIssue Date
422141¢ Year of the Rat, showing Chinese Lanterns. Issued in pane of 12. First in a new Chinese New Year series of 1201/09/08
422241¢ Charles W. Chesnutt, in Black Heritage series01/31/08
422341¢ Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, in the Literary Arts series02/21/08
4224-741¢ American Scientists, 4 different03/06/08
  4224   Gerty Cori
4225   Linus Pauling
4226   Edwin Hubble
4227   John Bardeen
4227a   Strip of four
3749A1¢ Tiffany Lamp, pane of 20, reprint by SSP03/07/08
4228-4742¢ American Flags, four different in coils04/18/08
4248-5242¢ American Journalists, 5 different, Martha Gellhorn, Eric Sevareid, Ruben Salazar, George Polk and John Hersey04/22/08
4253-727¢ Tropical Fruit, five different, PANE of 2004/25/08
4258-6227¢ Tropical Fruit, five different, COIL of 10004/25/08
426342¢ Purple Heart, water-activated pane of 10004/30/08
426442¢ Purple Heart, self-adhesive pane of 2004/30/08
3427A59¢ James A. Michener pane of 20, Distinguished Americans series05/12/08
3432A76¢ Edward Trudeau pane of 20, Distinguished Americans series05/12/08
4127f, h(42¢) Liberty Bell, FOREVER, double-sided booklet, printer: SSP05/12/08
  4127f   solid tagging
4227h   mottled tagging
426542¢ Frank Sinatra pane of 2005/13/08
C14472¢ 13-Mile Woods, New Hampshire pane of 20, Scenic American Landscapes series05/16/08
C14594¢ St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands pane of 20, Scenic American Landscapes series05/16/08
426642¢ Minnesota statehood pane of 2005/17/08
426762¢ Dragonfly pane of 2005/19/08
4268$4.80 Mt. Rushmore, Priority Mail06/06/08
3758A1¢ Tiffany Lamp, Coil, water-activated06/07/08
427042¢ All Heart, Love series06/10/08
427142¢ Weddings, 1-ounce letter rate06/10/08
427259¢ Weddings, 2-ounce letter rate06/10/08
4273-8242¢ Flags of our Nation, 10 different, Set 1 of 606/14/08
  4273   American Flag
4274   Alabama
4275   Alaska
4276   American Samoa
4277   Arizona
4278   Arkansas
4279   California
4280   Colorado
4281   Connecticut
4282   Delaware
433342¢ Charles and Ray Eames, 16 different06/17/08
433442¢ Summer Olympics06/19/08
4269$16.50 Hoover Dam, Express Mail06/20/08
RW75$15 Pintail Ducks, federal migratory waterfowl hunting stamps, water-activated pane of 20 and self-adhesive pane of 1 (#RW75A)06/27/08
433542¢ Celebrate!07/10/08
376310¢ American Clock, coil, water-activated07/15/08
4336-4042¢ Vintage Black Cinema, 5 different07/16/08
  4336   Black and Tan
4337   The Sport of the Gods
4338   Princess Tam-Tam
4339   Caldonia
4340   Hallelujah
4340a   Strip of five
434142¢ Take Me Out to the Ball Game07/16/08
4342-542¢ Art of Disney: Imagination, 4 different08/07/08
434642¢ Albert Bierstadt, American Treasures series08/14/08
434742¢ Sunflower, double-sided pane of 2008/15/08
(42¢) Liberty Bell, FOREVER, double-sided booklet, printers: AP & AVY08/22/08
4283-9242¢ Flags of our Nation, 10 different, Set 2 of 609/02/08
  4283   District of Columbia
4284   Florida
4285   Georgia
4286   Gaum
4287   Hawaii
4288   Idaho
4289   Illinois
4290   Indiana
4291   Iowa
4292   Kansas
4348(5¢) Sea Coast, water-activated, "2008" date09/05/08
434942¢ Latin Jazz09/08/08
435042¢ Bette Davis, Legends of Hollywood series09/18/08
435142¢ Eid09/23/08
435242¢ Great Lakes Dunes, pane of 10 in Nature of America series10/02/08
4353-742¢ Tailfins and Chrome, 5 different stamps, (convertible) double-sided booklet of 2010/03/08
  a   '57 Pontiac Safari
b   '59 Cadillac Eldorado
c   '57 Chrysler 300C
d   '57 Lincoln Premiere
e   '57 Sutdebaker Golden Hawk
435842¢ Alzheimer's Awareness10/17/08
4360-342¢ Christmas Nutcrackers, 4 different in double-sided booklet10/23/08
4364-742¢ Christmas Nutcrackers, 4 different vending booklet10/23/08
4368-7142¢ Christmas Nutcrackers, 4 different in ATM pane10/23/08
435942¢ Christmas Madonna10/23/08
437242¢ Hanukkah10/24/08
437342¢ Kwanzaa10/24/08
4127j(42¢) Liberty Bell, FOREVER, vending booklet, printer: SSP10/25/08
Scott #DescriptionIssue Date
U66342¢ Elk  (ptr: Ashton Potter)05/02/08
U663a42¢ Elk  (ptr: Mead-Westvaco)05/02/08
U664$4.80 Mt. Rushmore Priority Mail stamped envelope 05/12/08
U66542¢ Sunflower Letter Sheet 08/15/08
U663b42¢ Elk  (ptr: Ashton Potter)08/16/08
UO9442¢ Great Seal Official Mail #10 size06/20/08
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Scott #DescriptionIssue Date
UX53327¢ Mount St. Mary's University04/26/08
UX53427¢ Corinthian Column05/02/08
UX535-827¢ Art of Disney08/07/08
UX539-4827¢ Great Lakes Dunes, Set of 1010/02/08
UX549-5327¢ Tail Fins & Chrome, Set of 510/03/08
UY4627¢ Corinthian Column, double-reply05/02/08

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