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catalog # 4721 - 5153

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22 Jan 201245¢
27 Jan 201346¢
26 Jan 201449¢
?   Apr 201647¢

Many of the stamps listed are available in quantities and blocks.
All stamps are MINT, NH, VF - XF. A very small number of stamps with lesser quality may be listed, but will always be identified appropriately, e.g. Fine (F) centering, lightly hinged (LH), etc. All self-adhesive stamps are provided on their original backing.

Stamps which have been added or restocked in the last 45 days are marked as  




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2010-2012 Many stamps are available as blocks/strips and sheets. 2017-current

 4721Emancipation Proclamation (FOREVER/45¢)   (01/01/13)0.65
 4721-ImpEmancipation Proclamation, IMPERFORATE (Horiz. Pair @ $1.90)1.00
 4725a46¢ Kaleidoscope Flowers, Strip (4) (Scott#seq)   (01/14/13)2.60
 4722-546¢ Kaleidoscope Flowers, SINGLEs (4)2.45
 4726Chinese New Year (Snake), Firecrackers (FOREVER/45¢)   (01/16/13) [Chinese New Year series]0.65
 4726-ImpYear of the Snake, IMPERFORATE (gold border on 3 sides; also Strip of 3 @ $3.65)1.25
 4730a33¢ Apples, Block (4)   (01/17/13)1.90
 4727-3033¢ Apples, Singles (4)1.95
 4730a-Imp33¢ Apples, IMPERFORATE Block of 43.50
 4727-30-Imp33¢ Apples, IMPERFORATE Vertical STRIP of 4 (not in catalog seq.)3.65
 4727-30-Imp33¢ Apples, IMPERFORATE SINGLEs (4)3.50
 4734a33¢ Apples, Coil Strip of 4 (Scott#seq)1.90
 4731-433¢ Apples, Coil, Singles (4)1.95
 473566¢ Wedding Cake   (01/18/13)0.90
 4735-Imp66¢ Wedding Cake, IMPERFORATE1.40
 4735-Imp-GtrPr66¢ Wedding Cake, IMPERFORATE, horizontal (or vertical) Gutter Pair2.80
 473666¢ Spicebush Swallowtail   (01/23/13)1.00
 4736-Imp66¢ Spicebush Swallowtail, IMPERFORATE1.50
 473786¢ Tufted Puffins   (01/23/13)1.10
 4737-Imp86¢ Tufted Puffins, IMPERFORATE1.60
 4737A86¢ Tufted Puffins, REPRINT1.20
 4737A-plt86¢ Tufted Puffins, REPRINT, Plate # Single1.50
 4738$5.60 Arlington Green Bridge   (01/25/13)6.95
 4739$19.95 Grand Central Terminal, Express Mail   (02/01/13)Sold
 4740Global 'Earth' (FOREVER/$1.10)   (01/28/13)1.45
 4740-ImpGlobal 'Earth', IMPERFORATE Single   (pairs/blocks available @ $3.95 / $7.85)2.00
 4740-GutGlobal 'Earth', IMPERFORATE Horizontal Gutter Pair4.25
 4741Sealed with Love (FOREVER/46¢)   (01/31/13)0.65
 4741-ImpSealed with Love, IMPERFORATE Single   (pairs/blocks available @ $2.75 / $5.44)1.30
 4741-Imp-GtrSealed with Love, IMPERFORATE Gutter Pair   (specify horizontal or vertical)2.70
 4741-Imp-XGtrSealed with Love, IMPERFORATE Cross Gutter Block of 46.50
 4742Rosa Parks (FOREVER/46¢)   (02/04/13)0.65
 4742-ImpRosa Parks, IMPERFORATE Single   (pairs/blocks available @ $2.75 / $5.40)1.40
 4743-7Muscle Cars (FOREVER/46¢), Strip of 5   (02/22/13)3.05
 4747a-SeqMuscle Cars, Left-hand Strip of 5 (in Scott catalog sequence)3.45
 4743-7-SglsMuscle Cars, SINGLEs (5)3.15
 4743-7-ImpMuscle Cars, IMPERFORATE STRIP (5)4.50
 4747a-ImpMuscle Cars, Left IMPERFORATE STRIP (in catalog sequence)5.50
 4746-7-Imp-SglsMuscle Cars, IMPERFORATE SINGLEs (5)5.00
 4743-7-Imp-PaneMuscle Cars, IMPERFORATE PANE of 2022.00
 4748Modern Art (FOREVER/46¢), Pane of 12   (03/07/13)11.00
 4748a-lModern Art (FOREVER/46¢), SINGLEs (12)12.00
 474946¢ Patriotic Star, coil   (03/19/13)0.65
 4753aLa Florida (FOREVER/46¢), Block of 4   (04/03/13)2.75
 4753a-IMPLa Florida, IMPERFORATE Block of 44.00
 4754-63BKVintage Flower Seed Packets (FOREVER/46¢), DS Booklet Pane of 20   (04/05/13)16.90
 4754-63sglsVintage Flower Seed Packets, SINGLEs (10) + Label14.25
 Seeds-DeckVintage Flower Seed Packets, 'Deck Card' (USPS cover from a brick of 100 booklets)1.25
 4764Where Dreams Blossom (FOREVER/46¢)   (04/11/13, with '2013' year date)0.75
 4764aWhere Dreams Blossom (FOREVER/46¢)   (05/2/14, with '2014' year date)0.75
 476566¢ Yes, I Do   (04/11/13)1.10
 4766-9Flag for All Seasons (FOREVER/46¢) Coil Strip (05/03/13, ptr: AVR, begins with - Autumn)3.00
 4770-3Flag for All Seasons (FOREVER/46¢) Coil Strip (05/03/13, ptr: APU, begins with - Autumn)3.00
 4774-7Flag for All Seasons (FOREVER/46¢) Coil Strip (05/03/13, ptr: SSP, begins with - Winter)Sold
 4781aFlag for All Seasons (FOREVER/46¢) Block (#4778-81 from DS-Bkt, 05/17/13, ptr: APU)3.30
 4785cFlag for All Seasons (FOREVER/46¢) Block (#4782-5 from DS-Bkt, 05/17/13, ptr: SSP)Sold
 4785eFlag for All Seasons (FOREVER/46¢) Block (#4782a-85a from Booklet Pane of 10, 08/16/13, ptr: SSP)3.10
 4785fFlag for All Seasons, Booklet Pane of 10, #4782a-85a6.25
 4785gFlag for All Seasons (FOREVER/49¢) Block (#4782b-85b) from DS Booklet Pane   (03/17/14)3.30
 4785hFlag for All Seasons, full DS Booklet Pane (#4782b-85b)13.00
 4786Lydia Mendoza (FOREVER/46¢)   (05/15/13)0.75
 4786-ImpLydia Mendoza (FOREVER/46¢), IMPERF. Single1.20
 4786-Imp-GtrPrLydia Mendoza (FOREVER/46¢), IMPERF. horizontal Gutter Pair2.40
 4788a(h)1863: Civil War (FOREVER/46¢) Vicksburg/Gettysburg,
Horizontal Pair   (05/23/13)
 4788a(v)1863: Civil War (FOREVER/46¢) Vicksburg/Gettysburg,
Vertical Pair   (05/23/13)
 4787-8sgls1863: Civil War (FOREVER/46¢) Vicksburg/Gettysburg, Singles1.60
 4787-8-iSgls1863: Civil War, IMPERFORATE SINGLEs, set of 22.00
 4787-8-iVPr1863: Civil War, IMPERFORATE Vertical PAIR2.00
 4787-8-iHPr1863: Civil War, IMPERFORATE Horizontal PAIR2.25
 4787-8-iPane1863: Civil War, IMPERFORATE PANE of 1222.00
 4789Johnny Cash (FOREVER/46¢)   (06/05/13)0.70
 4789-IMPJohnny Cash, IMPERFORATE Single (horiz. pairs available)1.10
 4789-iPaneJohnny Cash, IMPERFORATE Pane of 1615.00
 4790West Virginia statehood (FOREVER/46¢)   (06/20/13)0.65
 4790-IMPWest Virginia statehood, IMPERFORATE (available as pairs)1.00
 4790-GutrWest Virginia statehood, IMPERFORATE Gutter Pair, specify either (H)orizontal or (V)ertical, or get one of each2.30
 4790-XGutrWest Virginia statehood, IMPERFORATE Cross-Gutter Block5.10
 4795aNew England Coastal Lighthouses (FOREVER/46¢), Strip (5), #4791-5   (07/13/13)3.00
 4795a-SeqLighthouses (FOREVER/46¢), Top Strip (in catalog sequence)3.35
 4791-5-IMPLighthouses, IMPERFORATE Strip 5.00
 4795a-IMP-SeqLighthouses, IMPERFORATE, top Strip (specify stamp strip with or w/o Margin)6.50
 4791-5-IMP-paneLighthouses, IMPERFORATE Pane of 2020.00
 4796-9Flag for All Seasons (FOREVER/46¢) Block (from DSBkt, 08/08/13, ptr: AVY)3.20
 4800Eid 2013 (FOREVER/46¢)0.65
 4801Made in America: Building a Nation (FOREVER/46¢), Pane (12)   (08/08/13)Sold
 48021¢ Bobcat, wa, '2013' yr date   (08/09/13, same design as #4672, No inventory #s on back)0.10
 4803Althea Gibson (FOREVER/46¢), 'Black Heritage' series   (08/23/13)0.75
 4803-PaneAlthea Gibson (FOREVER/46¢), Pane of 2014.00
 4803-IMPAlthea Gibson (FOREVER/46¢), IMPERFORATE Single1.00
 4803-IMP-PaneAlthea Gibson (FOREVER/46¢), IMPERFORATE Pane of 2018.00
 4804March on Washington (FOREVER/46¢)   (08/23/13)0.70
 4805War of 1812 (FOREVER/46¢): Battle of Lake Erie   (09/10/13)0.70
 4805-ImpBattle of Lake Erie, IMPERF. Single1.20
 4805-Imp-GtrPrBattle of Lake Erie, IMPERF. vertical Gutter Pair2.40
 4805-Imp-PaneBattle of Lake Erie, IMPERF. full Pane of 2019.00
 4806a$2 Inverted Jenny, Single   (9/22/13, with VF or better centering)2.70
 4806$2 Inverted Jenny, S/S of 6 (with VF or better centering)15.50
 4807Ray Charles (FOREVER/46¢)   (9/23/13)0.80
 4807-IMPRay Charles, IMPERFORATE1.10
 4807-IMP16Ray Charles, IMPERFORATE Pane of 1615.00
 4812a(10¢) Snowflakes, Strip of 5, #4808-12 not folded  (10/11/13)0.80
 4813Holy Family (FOREVER/46¢), Single (from Pane, 10/11/13)0.75
 4814Global 'Christmas Wreath' (FOREVER/$1.10*)   (10/24/13)1.60
 4814-ImpGlobal 'Wreath', IMPERFORATE Single (pair/block @ $3.95/$7.85)2.00
 4814-ImpGlobal 'Wreath', IMPERFORATE PANE of 1019.00
 4815Madonna & Child (FOREVER/46¢), Single (from DS Bkt, 10/11/13)0.80
 4816Poinsettia (FOREVER/46¢), Single (from DS Bkt, 10/10/13)0.80
 4816bPoinsettia (FOREVER/49¢) (8/21/14 - 2014 yr date, from DS Bkt)0.80
 4817-20Gingerbread Houses (FOREVER/46¢), Block   (11/6/13)3.20
 4817-20-IMPGingerbread Houses, IMPERFORATE, Block4.75
 4820a-IMPGingerbread Houses, IMPERFORATE, full DS Booklet of 2014.00
 4821Poinsettia (FOREVER/46¢), Single (from ATM pane, 10/10/13)0.75
 4822-3(WWII) Medal of Honor (FOREVER/46¢), PAIR   (11/11/13, "2013" yr date)1.35
 4822-3sglsMedal of Honor, Singles1.35
 4822-3-IMPMedal of Honor, IMPERFORATE Pair2.55
 4822-3-IMP-RSMedal of Honor, IMPERFORATE Right-Side Pane of 23.00
 4822a-3a(Korea) Medal of Honor (FOREVER/49¢), PAIR   (same design as #4822-3 but with "2014" yr date, issued: 07/26/14)1.35
 4822a-3a-sglsMedal of Honor, SINGLEs (2)1.35
 4822a-3a-IMPMedal of Honor, IMPERFORATE Pair2.50
 4824Hanukkah (FOREVER/46¢), SINGLE   (11/19/13)0.65
 4825-44Harry Potter (FOREVER/46¢), 20 stamp miniature FOLIO   (#BK307 - 11/19/13)12.25
 4825-44sglsHarry Potter, Full Set of 20 SINGLE stamps  (cleanly separated from surrounding stamps with full 'perfs' and on it's original backing — 2 booklets must be cut up to get one set of singles)25.50
 PotterSingleHarry Potter, specify any ONE stamp by subject, scene, or catalog no. (cleanly separated from surrounding stamps with full 'perfs' on original backing)1.60
 4845Kwanzaa (FOREVER/46¢), SINGLE   (11/26/13)0.65
 3761A4¢ Chippendale Chair, coil   (01/02/14)0.18
pair: 30¢
 4846Year of the Horse (FOREVER/46¢), Chinese New Year, Drums/Drumsticks   (01/15/14, also available as strip of 3 @ $1.90) [Chinese New Year series]0.65
 4846-IMPYear of the Horse, IMPERFORATE Single (taken from left or right end and will have gold border on 3 sides)1.55
 4846-IMP3Year of the Horse, IMPERFORATE Strip of 3 (presents well when paired with a normal die-cut strip of 3)4.50
 4846-IMP12Year of the Horse, IMPERFORATE Pane of 12 (from uncut press sheet)15.00
 4847Love: Pink Paper Heart (FOREVER/46¢), (1/21/14)0.65
 4847-IMPLove: Pink Paper Heart, Imperforate (Gutter Pair, vert. or horz. @ $3.00)1.40
 4852a49¢ Ferns, coil strip of 5 (1/27/14)3.35
 4848-5249¢ Ferns, SINGLEs (5)3.45
 4853Ft. McHenry Flag/Fireworks (FOREVER/49¢), COIL (CCL Label, 1/28/14)0.70
 4854Ft. McHenry Flag/Fireworks (FOREVER/49¢), COIL (Ashton-Potter, 1/28/14)0.70
 4855Ft. McHenry Flag/Fireworks (FOREVER/49¢), from DS-Booklet (Ashton-Potter, 01/28/14)0.80
 4856Shirley Chisholm (FOREVER/49¢), Congresswoman, Black Heritage series (1/31/14)0.65
 485734¢ Hummingbird, f/pane (2/07/14)0.50
 485834¢ Hummingbird coil (yellowish tagging, from plate # P11111)0.50
 4858-var34¢ Hummingbird coil, reprint (slightly darker background color and lighter text, white tagging, from plt# P22222)0.50
 485970¢ Great Spangled Fritillary Butterfly (2/10/14)1.00
 4859-topGreat Spangled Fritillary Butterfly, Top Margin Strip of 4 w/"GREAT SPANGLED FRITILLARY"3.70
 4859-IMPGreat Spangled Fritillary Butterfly, IMPERFORATE Single (horiz. {or vert.} Pair @ $3.35)1.70
 4859-IMP-GtrGreat Spangled Fritillary Butterfly, IMPERFORATE (Horizontal) Gutter Pair3.50
 486021¢ A. Lincoln (2/12/14)0.35
 4860-IMPLincoln, IMPERFORATE Single (horiz. Pair @ $2.35)1.20
 486121¢ A. Lincoln, Coil (2/12/14)0.35
 4862-5Winter Flowers (FOREVER/49¢), Block of 4   (2/14/14)3.20
 4862-5-sglWinter Flowers (FOREVER/49¢), Singles (4) + Label3.45
 4862-5-IMPWinter Flowers, IMPERFORATE Block4.50
 4862-5-IMP-BktWinter Flowers, IMPERFORATE DS Booklet Pane of 20Sold
 4862-5-SpecialWinter Flowers, 2 attached, regular die-cut DS booklets from Press Sheet25.00
 486691¢ Ralph Ellison (Literary Arts series, 2/18/14)1.15
 4866-Imp91¢ Ralph Ellison, IMPERFORATE Single2.00
 4866-ImpXGtr91¢ Ralph Ellison, IMPERFORATE, Cross-Gutter Block of 48.50
 486770¢ Wedding Cake   (2/22/14)0.95
 4868Ft. McHenry Flag/Fireworks (FOREVER/49¢), COIL (Sennett Security Products, 3/3/14)0.75
 4869Ft. McHenry Flag/Fireworks (FOREVER/49¢), from DS-Booklet (CCL Label, 03/3/14)0.80
 4870Ft. McHenry Flag/Fireworks (FOREVER/49¢), from DS-Booklet (Sennett Security Products, 03/3/14)0.80
 4871Ft. McHenry Flag/Fireworks (FOREVER/49¢), ATM single (SSP, 3/3/14)0.70
 4872$5.60 Verrazano-Narrows Bridge   (3/4/14)Sold
 4873$19.99, USS Arizona Memorial   (3/13/14)Sold
 4878aFerns (FOREVER/49¢), coil strip of 5 (#4874-8, 3/6/14)3.40
 4874-8Ferns (FOREVER/49¢), SINGLEs (5)3.50
 487970¢ C. Alfred "Chief" Anderson (3/13/14)1.00
 4880Jimi Hendrix (FOREVER/49¢),   (Music Icons series, 3/13/14, sliced between stamps to preserve full image)   Block of 4 available @ $3.100.80
 4880-ImpJimi Hendrix, Imperforate   Block of 4 available @ $5.501.40
 488170¢ Yes, I Do   (3/21/14)0.90
 4882-91(blk)Songbirds (FOREVER/49¢), Block (12) (8 stamps & label removed from other side of DSBkt, 4/5/14)Sold
 4882-91-sglsSongbirds (FOREVER/49¢), Singles (10) + LabelSold
 4891a-ImpSongbirds, IMPERFORATE DS Booklet of 2015.50
 4882-91-ImpSongbirds, IMPERFORATE Singles (10)13.50
 4892Charlton Heston (FOREVER/49¢) (4/11/14)0.70
 4892-ImpCharlton Heston, Imperforate   (Also available as pairs, blocks, pane(20))1.30
 4892-ImpGtrCharlton Heston, Imperforate Gutter Pair (vertical)2.70
 4893Global 'Ocean Temperatures' (FOREVER/$1.15)   (04/22/14)1.60
 4893-ImpGlobal 'Ocean Temperatures', IMPERFORATE Single (pair/block @ $3.95/$7.95)2.00
 4893-ImpGlobal 'Ocean Temperatures', IMPERFORATE PANE of 1019.00
 4897aFlags (FOREVER/49¢), Red, White, & Blue, Strip (4) (4/25/14)2.85
 4894-7Flags (FOREVER/49¢), Red, White, & Blue, Singles (4)2.70
 4905aVintage Circus Posters (FOREVER/49¢), vertical (as shown) or horizontal BLOCK of 8 (5/5/14)5.50
 4898-905Vintage Circus Posters, SINGLEs (8)5.70
 4905b-ImpVintage Circus Posters, IMPERFORATE vertical (or horizontal) Block of 88.50
 4905b-ISglsVintage Circus Posters, IMPERFORATE Singles (8)9.00
4905cVintage Circus Posters Souvenir Sheet (12/10/14), from press sheet, without Die-cuts5.00
4905c-prVintage Circus Posters Souvenir Sheet, vertical PAIR9.90
 4905d50¢ Circus Wagon, single, Imperforate 1.90
 4905e$1 Vintage Circus Poster, single, Imperforate 2.60
Circus-SSYBVintage Circus Posters Souvenir Sheet with Die-cuts, from 2014 Yearbook (includes clear mount)64.00
 4907Nevada statehood (FOREVER/49¢) (5/29/14)0.65
 4907-ImpNevada statehood, IMPERFORATE, Single1.25
4907-ImpGtrPrNevada statehood, IMPERFORATE, Gutter PAIR (vertical or horizontal gutter)2.50
 4909aHot Rods (FOREVER/49¢), PAIR from DSBKT (correct catalog sequence — 6/6/14), horiz.1.85
 4908-9-sglsHot Rods, Singles (2)1.50
 4909bHot Rods, Booklet Pane of 2011.50
 4908-9-ImpHot Rods, IMPERFORATE Singles (2)2.50
 4910-1(v)1864: Civil War (FOREVER/49¢), Petersburg/Mobile Bay, Vertical Pair (7/30/14)1.75
 4910-1(h)1864: Civil War (FOREVER/49¢), Petersburg/Mobile Bay, Horizontal Pair (7/30/14)1.85
 4910-1-sgls1864: Civil War, Petersburg/Mobile Bay, Singles1.60
 4910-1-iSgls1864: Civil War, IMPERFORATE SINGLEs, set of 22.15
 4910-1-iVPr1864: Civil War, IMPERFORATE Vertical PAIR2.15
 4910-1-iHPr1864: Civil War, IMPERFORATE Horizontal PAIR2.35
 4910-1-iPane1864: Civil War, IMPERFORATE PANE of 1222.00
 4915aFarmer's Market (FOREVER/49¢), STRIP of 4 (#4912-5) (8/7/14)2.60
 4915a-topFarmer's Market, STRIP of 4 with Top Margin "Farmers Markets"2.70
 4915a-ImpFarmer's Market, IMPERFORATE STRIP of 43.80
4915a-IMP-topFarmer's Market, IMPERFORATE Top Margin STRIP of 44.10
 4916Janis Joplin (FOREVER/49¢), (8/8/14)0.65
 4916-ImpJanis Joplin, IMPERFORATE SINGLE (also avail. as Block of 4)1.40
 4920aHudson River School (FOREVER/49¢), Block of 4 (#4917-20) (8/21/14)3.20
 4917-20sglsHudson River School, Singles (4) + Label3.40
 4920bHudson River School (FOREVER/49¢), Booklet Pane of 20 (face = $9.80)11.50
 4920a-ImpHudson River School, IMPERFORATE BLOCK4.95
 4920a-dsImpHudson River School, IMPERFORATE double-sided BLOCK6.90
 4921War of 1812: Ft. McHenry (FOREVER/49¢) (9/13/14)0.65
 4921-ImpWar of 1812: Ft. McHenry, IMPERFORATE Single1.10
 4921-ImpPaneWar of 1812: Ft. McHenry, IMPERFORATE Pane of 2014.00
4926aCelebrity Chefs (FOREVER/49¢) STRIP of 5 (9/26/14)3.30
4926a-topCelebrity Chefs (FOREVER/49¢) Top Margin STRIP3.40
4922-6-paneCelebrity Chefs, Full (dinner plate) PANE of 20 [pane reverse]11.40
4926a-ImpCelebrity Chefs, IMPERFORATE STRIP of 55.20
 4927$5.75 Glade Creek Grist Mill (9/29/14)7.00
 4927-Imp$5.75 Glade Creek Grist Mill, IMPERFORATE8.00
15.00 (pr)
29.50 (blk)
 4927-ImpGtr$5.75 Glade Creek Grist Mill, IMPERFORATE, horizontal gutter pair (vertical gutter)16.00
B5Breast Cancer Research, semi-postal 49¢+11¢ SINGLE (9/30/14)0.85
4928-35Batman (FOREVER/49¢) Left side of Pane with vertical STRIP of 8 (9/26/14)6.50
4928-35-ctrBatman Vertical STRIP of 8 from center of pane (as shown here)6.55
4935a-PaneBatman, full Pane of 2011.00
4935a-IMP-PaneBatman, IMPERFORATE Pane of 2013.00
4936Silver Bells (FOREVER/$1.15)  (10/23/14)1.60
4936-GutrPrsSilver Bells, 2 Gutter Pairs from Press Sheet (1 horizontal, 1 vertical, 4 stamps)8.50
4936-ImpSilver Bells, IMPERFORATE, SINGLE2.00
4937-40Winter Fun (FOREVER/49¢) Block (4) (10/23/14)3.20
4937-40-sglWinter Fun, Singles (4) + Label3.40
4937-40-BktWinter Fun, DS Booklet of 20 (face = $9.80)11.50
4937-40-ImpWinter Fun, IMPERFORATE BLOCK of 45.50
4937-40-dsImpWinter Fun, IMPERFORATE double-sided BLOCK of 47.50
4937-40-ImpBktWinter Fun, IMPERFORATE DS BOOKLET of 2013.50
4941-4Winter Fun, Block (4) from ATM pane of 18 (in catalog sequence)3.40
 4941-4-SglsWinter Fun, SINGLEs (4) from ATM pane2.80
 4945Christmas Magi (FOREVER/49¢) Single (11/19/14)1.35
 4945-ImpMagi, IMPERFORATE, Single1.25
 4946-9Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (FOREVER/49¢) Block (4) (11/6/14)3.20
 4946-9-sglRudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Singles (4) + Label3.40
 4949aRudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, DS Booklet of 20 (face = $9.80)11.25
 4946-9-ImpRudolph the Red, IMPERFORATE Block of 44.95
 4946-9-dsImpRudolph the Red, IMPERFORATE double-sided Block of 46.90
 4949a-ImpRudolph the Red, IMPERFORATE, DS Booklet of 2012.25
4951aWilt Chamberlain (FOREVER/49¢) horizontal (or vertical) Pair (#4950-1) (12/5/14)1.45
4951a-IMPWilt Chamberlain (FOREVER/49¢) horizontal Pair, IMPERFORATE2.25
4950-1-ImpWilt Chamberlain (FOREVER/49¢) Singles, IMPERFORATE2.30
4952War of 1812 (FOREVER/49¢) Battle of New Orleans (01/08/15)0.65
4952-ImpWar of 1812, Battle of New Orleans, IMPERFORATE Single1.10
4952-ImpGtrWar of 1812, Battle of New Orleans, IMPERFORATE vertical Gutter Pair2.25
4953$1 Patriotic Waves (01/12/15, stamps are separated by slicing between stamps to preserve entire image, see graphic)1.35
4953-Imp$1 Patriotic Waves, margin IMPERFORATE2.10
 4954$2 Patriotic Waves (01/30/15, stamps are separated by slicing between stamps to preserve entire image)2.50
4954-Imp$2 Patriotic Waves, IMPERFORATE Single3.25
 4954-Imp-GtrPr$2 Patriotic Waves, IMPERFORATE horizontal Gutter Pair6.25
 4956aForever Love Hearts (FOREVER/49¢), PAIR   (01/22/15, sliced between stamps to preserve full image)1.35
 4955-6-sglsForever Love Hearts, SINGLEs (2)1.35
 4956a-ImpForever Love Hearts, IMPERFORATE Pair, specify Horizontal (or Vertical)2.20
 4955-6-Imp-sglForever Love Hearts, IMPERFORATE Singles (2)2.20
 4955-6-ImpGtrBlkForever Love Hearts, IMPERFORATE Gutter Block of 4 (with plt #s)4.60
 4957Year of the Ram (FOREVER/49¢), Tray of Togetherness   (02/07/15) [Chinese New Year series]0.65
 4957-ImpYear of the Ram, IMPERFORATE Single (taken from left or right end and will have gold border on 3 sides)1.50
 4957-Imp2Year of the Ram, IMPERFORATE Pair, w/Ram in margin3.20
 4957-Imp3Year of the Ram, IMPERFORATE Strip of 3 (presents well when paired with a normal die-cut strip of 3)4.35
 4957-Imp12Year of the Ram, IMPERFORATE Pane of 12 (from uncut press sheet)14.00
4958Robert Robinson Taylor (FOREVER/49¢)   (02/12/15)0.65
4958-ImpRobert Robinson Taylor, IMPERFORATE Single1.20
4958-Imp-GtrPrVintage Rose, IMPERF. Gutter Pair (horizontal)2.40
4959Vintage Rose (FOREVER/49¢)   (02/14/15, singles are sliced through gutter between stamps to preserve full image)0.70
4959-ImpVintage Rose, IMPERF. Single1.10
4959-Imp-GtrPrVintage Rose, IMPERF. Gutter Pair (specify horizontal or vertical)2.20
4959-Imp-XGtrVintage Rose, IMPERF. Cross Gutter Block of 45.25
496070¢ Vintage Tulip   (02/14/15, singles are sliced through gutter between stamps to preserve full image)Sold
4963a(10¢) Stars & Stripes (#4961-3), coil strip of 3   (02/27/15)0.45
4961-3(10¢) Stars & Stripes, singles (3)0.45
4964-7Water Lilies (FOREVER/49¢), Block of 4   (03/20/15)3.20
4964-7-sglWater Lilies (FOREVER/49¢), Singles (4) + Label3.40
4964-7-ImpWater Lilies, IMPERFORATE Block of 4  (from press sheet)4.75
4964-7-DSImpWater Lilies, IMPERFORATE Double-Sided Block of 4  (8 stamps)6.70
4972aMartín Ramírez (FOREVER/49¢), vertical STRIP of 5 (#4968-72)   (03/26/15)3.40
4968-72Martín Ramírez (FOREVER/49¢), SINGLEs (5)3.50
4972a-ImpMartín Ramírez, IMPERFORATE vertical STRIP of 55.00
 4973-7Ferns (FOREVER/49¢), Strip of 5 (w/2014 date, proper Scott# sequence, no folds between stamps)Sold
4973a-7aFerns (FOREVER/49¢), Strip of 5 (03/27/15, w/2015 date, proper Scott# sequence, no folds between stamps)3.60
4978From ME to YOU (FOREVER/49¢), Single (04/01/15, specify if you want one with a random side/bottom margin tab with symbol)0.65
4978-PaneFrom ME to YOU, PANE of 20 {back of pane}Sold
4978-Top5From ME to YOU, top Margin STRIP of 53.60
4978-ImpFrom ME to YOU, IMPERFORATE Single (specify if you want one with a random side/bottom margin tab with symbol)1.10
4978-ImpPaneFrom ME to YOU, IMPERFORATE Pane of 2017.00
4979Maya Angelou (FOREVER/49¢), Single (04/07/15)0.70
4979(top)Maya Angelou, Top Margin Strip of 32.20
4979-ImpMaya Angelou, IMPERFORATE Single1.25
4979-ImpGtrMaya Angelou, IMPERFORATE Pair w/vertical gutter between2.50
4979-ImpPaneMaya Angelou, IMPERFORATE Pane of 1210.50
4980-1(v)1865: Civil War (FOREVER/49¢) Five Forks/Appomattox,
Vertical Pair   (04/09/15)
4980-1(h)1865: Civil War (FOREVER/49¢) Five Forks/Appomattox,
Horizontal Pair   (04/09/15)
 4980-1-sgls1865: Civil War, Battle of Five Forks/Surrender at Appomattox, Singles1.60
4982-5Gifts of Friendship: Dogwood and Cherry Blossoms (FOREVER/49¢), 2 Pairs (4 different stamps)  (04/10/15)4.50
4982-5-PaneDogwood and Cherry Blossoms, PANE of 12 (04/10/15)6.95
 Japan-giftsJAPAN Gifts of Friendship Joint Issue, half sheet with 4 different stampsSold Out
 4986Special Olympics, World Games (FOREVER/49¢) (05/09/15)0.65
 4986-ImpSpecial Olympics, World Games IMPERF.1.10
 4986-Imp-GtrPrSpecial Olympics, IMPERF. horizontal Gutter Pair (vertical gutter)2.25
 4987Forget-Me-Not Missing Children (FOREVER/49¢) (05/18/15)0.70
 4987-ImpForget-Me-Not Missing Children IMPERF. Single1.10
 4987-Imp-GtrPrForget-Me-Not Missing Children IMPERF. horizontal gutter pair (or vertical pair w/horiz. gutter)2.20
4988aMedal of Honor (FOREVER/49¢), Vietnam, Strip of 3 (05/25/15)Sold
4988bMedal of Honor (FOREVER/49¢), Vietnam, IMPERFORATE Strip of 33.50
4989Emperor Penguins (FOREVER/22¢) from pane (06/01/15)0.35
4989-ImpEmperor Penguins, IMPERFORATE Single0.75
4989-ImpGtrPrsEmperor Penguins, IMPERFORATE Gutter Pairs, 1 horizontal pr. + 1 vertical pr.3.00
 IMPERF Gutter Pairs, 1 horizontal/1 vertical, plate nos. on both3.20
4990Emperor Penguins (FOREVER/22¢) from coil (06/01/15)0.35
4994aCoastal Birds (FOREVER/35¢), Block #4991-4 (06/01/15)1.90
4994a-ImpCoastal Birds, IMPERFORATE Block of 42.90
Birds-Imp-sglsCoastal Birds, IMPERFORATE Singles (4)3.00
4998aCoastal Birds (FOREVER/35¢), coil Strip (4) #4995-8, (beginning with 'Spoonbill') (06/01/15)1.95
4995-8-sglsCoastal Birds (FOREVER/35¢), coil Singles (4)2.00
4999Eastern Tiger Swallowtail butterfly (FOREVER/71¢) (06/01/15)0.95
4999-ImpEastern Tiger Swallowtail butterfly (FOREVER/71¢), IMPERF. Single1.65
4999-ImpGtrEastern Tiger Swallowtail butterfly (FOREVER/71¢), IMPERF. Gutter Pair (horizontal stamps, vertical gutter)
(Gutter Pair with plate numbers = $4.00)
5000Wedding Cake (FOREVER/71¢) (06/01/15)1.00
5001Yes I Do (FOREVER/71¢) (06/01/15)1.00
5002Vintage Tulip (FOREVER/71¢ two ounce rate) (06/01/15)1.00
5003Flannery O'Connor (FOREVER/93¢) (06/01/15)  (Literary Arts series)1.20
5003-ImpFlannery O'Connor (FOREVER/93¢), IMPERF. Single1.90
5003-IGtrPrFlannery O'Connor, IMPERF. horizontal Gutter Pair (vertical gutter)3.75
5004-7Summer Harvest (FOREVER/49¢), Block of 4 (07/11/15)3.50
5004-7-sglSummer Harvest (FOREVER/49¢), Singles (4) + Label3.70
5007bSummer Harvest, DS Bkt of 2015.75
5004-7-ImpSummer Harvest IMPERFORATE Block of 4 from press sheet4.60
5004-7-ImpDSSummer Harvest IMPERFORATE DS Block of 8 from press sheet6.70
5007b-ImpSummer Harvest, IMPERFORATE DS Bkt of 2015.00
5008Coast Guard (FOREVER/49¢)   (08/4/15)0.65
5008-ImpCoast Guard, IMPERFORATE (also pairs, blocks, & gutters available)1.00
5009Elvis Presley (FOREVER/49¢)   (Music Icons series, 08/12/15, singles are sliced through gutter between stamps to preserve full image)0.65
5011aWorld Stamp Show - NY 2016 (FOREVER/49¢), horiz. Pair   (08/20/15)1.40
5010-1-SglsWorld Stamp Show - NY 2016, 2 singles1.40
5012Ingrid Bergman (FOREVER/49¢)   (08/20/15)0.75
5012-RSIngrid Bergman, Right-side Margin with Strip of 4 stamps3.10
5018a(25¢) Spectrum Eagles (FOLDED Strip of 6, #5013-8)   (09/2/15)2.20
5013-8(25¢) Spectrum Eagles, SINGLES (6)   (09/2/15)2.20
5018a-Unfold(25¢) Spectrum Eagles, UNFOLDED Strip of 6Sold
 5019Neon Celebrate (FOREVER/49¢)   (09/9/15, with '2015' yr date)0.70
 5020Paul Newman (FOREVER/49¢)   (09/18/15)0.75
 5020-topPaul Newman, top Margin Strip of 53.85
 5020-ImpPaul Newman, IMPERFORATE Single1.15
 5030aCharlie Brown Xmas (FOREVER/49¢), full DS booklet of 20   (10/01/15)11.20
 5021-30-sglsCharlie Brown Xmas (FOREVER/49¢), 10 singles + label8.25
 5030a-ImpCharlie Brown Xmas, IMPERFORATE DS Booklet Pane of 2015.75
 5021-30-ImpCharlie Brown Xmas, IMPERFORATE SINGLES (10)10.60
 CVP-XmasCharlie Brown computer vended stamp0.75
 5031-4Geometric Snowflakes (FOREVER/49¢), Block of 4 (10/23/15)3.30
 5031-4-sglGeometric Snowflakes (FOREVER/49¢), Singles (4)3.50
 5031-4-IMPGeometric Snowflakes, IMPERF. Block of 44.50
 5031-4-ImpDSGeometric Snowflakes, IMPERF. DS Block of 86.50
 5035Purple Heart (FOREVER/49¢) (Oct 2015, microprinted at left of ribbon, "2014")0.75
 5036Quilled Paper Heart (FOREVER/49¢),   (1/12/16)0.65
 5036-ImpQuilled Paper Heart, IMPERFORATE Single1.00
 5036ImpGtrQuilled Paper Heart, IMPERFORATE Gutter Pairs, set of 25.00
 5036ImpGtr#Quilled Paper Heart, IMPERFORATE Gutter Pairs (2), same as above but with plate numbers on a wider margin5.50
 50371¢ Apples, coil   (8/12/16) available as pairs (13¢) & triplets (15¢)0.10
 5037-back#1¢ Apples, single with back #30000.85
 50385¢ Grapes, coil   (2/19/16) available as pairs (25¢) & triplets (30¢)0.15
 503910¢ Pears, coil   (1/17/16) available as pairs (35¢) & triplets (45¢)0.20
 5040$6.45 La Cueva del Indio, Priority Mail   (1/17/16)7.75
 5041$22.95 Columbia River Gorge, Express Mail   (1/17/16)27.00
 5042-51(10)Botanical Art Flowers (FOREVER/49¢*), Booklet Pane of 10   (1/29/16)5.65
 5042-51(20)Botanical Art Flowers (FOREVER/49¢*), DS Booklet Pane of 20   (1/29/16)11.00
 5052Flag (FOREVER/49¢*), Coil   (1/29/16, Printer: SSP, microprinted along flagpole)0.70
 5053Flag (FOREVER/49¢*), Coil   (1/29/16, Printer: APU, microprinted on right side of flag)0.70
 5054Flag (FOREVER/49¢*), from DSBKT   (1/29/16, Printer: SSP, colors darker than #5055)0.80
 5054-varFlag (FOREVER/49¢*), from Booklet of 10   (Printer: SSP)0.70
 5055Flag (FOREVER/49¢*), from DSBKT   (1/29/16, Printer: APU, colors lighter than #5054)0.80
 5056Richard Allen (FOREVER/49¢*), Black Heritage series   (2/2/16)0.70
 5057Chinese New Year (Monkey) (FOREVER/49¢*), Peonies   (2/5/16)0.65
 5057-ImpLunar New Year of the Monkey, IMPERFORATE Single1.20
 5057ImpTabLunar New Year of the Monkey, IMPERFORATE Single with Monkey in margin1.35
 5058Moon (FOREVER/$1.20*)   (2/22/16)1.65
 5058-paneMoon (FOREVER/$1.20*) Pane of 1016.00
 5059Sarah Vaughan (FOREVER/49¢*),  (Music Icons series, 3/29/16, pane image)0.70
 5059paneSarah Vaughan (FOREVER/49¢*), Pane of 16  (pane image)9.90
 5060Shirley Temple (FOREVER/47¢),  Legends of Hollywood series, 4/18/16, pane image)0.65
 5061(5¢) USA coil (4/28/16, non-profit rate); available as pairs (25¢) & triplets (35¢)0.15
 5061-10k(5¢) USA coil (with back number "10000")0.35
 5062-3World Stamp Show - NY 2016 (FOREVER/47¢) Singles (2) (5/29/16)1.35
 5062-3-gtrWorld Stamp Show - NY 2016, GUTTER PAIR1.60
 5064Repeal of the Stamp Act, 1766 (FOREVER/47¢) (5/29/16)0.65
 5064-PaneRepeal of the Stamp Act, Pane of 10 (reverse side)6.10
 5068aService Cross Medals (FOREVER/47¢), Strip (or Block) of 4 (#5065-8) (5/30/16)2.75
 5065-8Service Cross Medals, SINGLES (4)2.80
 5076aView of Our Planets (FOREVER/47¢), Block of 8 (5/31/16)6.60
 5069-76View of Our Planets, Singles (8)7.00
 Planets-PaneView of Our Planets, full Pane of 1612.65
 5077-8-SSPluto Explored! (FOREVER/47¢), Souvenir Sheet of 4 (5/31/16)   (image of reverse)2.60
 5078aPluto Explored!, horizontal Pair (specify "vertical" pair if preferred)1.55
 5077-8sglPluto Explored!, Singles (2)1.45
 Pluto-PS4Pluto Explored! Block of Souvenir Sheets from Press Sheet (16 stamps)13.20
 5079Stamp Classics (FOREVER/47¢), Souvenir Sheet of 6 (6/01/16)4.15
 5079a-fStamp Classics (FOREVER/47¢), SINGLEs (6)4.35
 5080National Parks (FOREVER/47¢), Pane of 16 (6/02/16)9.25
 5080a-pNational Parks, SINGLEs (16) (6/02/16)10.65
 5090bPierced Paper (FOREVER/47¢), full DS Booklet of 20 (6/03/16, image frontimage back)11.00
 5081-90"Colorful Celebrations" Pierced Paper, SINGLEs (10) + label8.00
 5091Indiana (FOREVER/47¢)   (6/07/16)0.70
 5092Eid Greetings (FOREVER/47¢) (6/10/16)0.65
 5092-GtrPrsEid Greetings, 2 Gutter Pairs from Press Sheet (1 horizontal pair, 1 vertical pair)3.95
 5092-XGtrBlkEid Greetings, Cross-Gutter Block of 4 from Press Sheet4.50
 5097a-topSoda Fountain Favorites (FOREVER/47¢), top Strip of 5 (#5093-7 in catalog sequence) (6/30/16)4.10
 5097aSoda Fountain Favorites, Strip of 5 (not in catalog sequence)3.25
 5093-7Soda Fountain Favorites, SINGLEs (5)3.45
 5093-7+varSoda Fountain Favorites, 6 SINGLEs (as above, but includes BOTH Banana Split die-cut varieties)4.45
 5099aStar Quilts (25¢) Presorted rate, Pair (#5098-9)   (7/6/16, specify Singles if preferred)0.80
 5100Jaime Escalante (FOREVER/47¢)   (7/13/16)0.65
 5104aPick-Up Trucks (FOREVER/47¢), Block of 4 (#5101-4) (7/15/16)3.25
 5101-4-sglsPick-Up Trucks, SINGLEs (4) (7/15/16)3.45
 5104bPick-Up Trucks (FOREVER/47¢), full DS Booklet Pane of 2011.10
 5105Henry James (FOREVER/89¢) 3-ounce rate   (7/31/16)1.10
 5105-GtrPrHenry James, horiz. Gutter Pair from Press Sheet2.50
 5106-25Pets (FOREVER/47¢), DS Booklet of 20   (7/13/16, 2 booklets needed to display both sides in your album)11.00
 5106-25-sglsPets (FOREVER/47¢), SINGLEs (20)17.25
 5126-9Songbirds in Snow (FOREVER/47¢), Block of four different (single-sided, from DS Booklet, 8/04/16)3.30
 5126-9-sglsSongbirds in Snow (FOREVER/47¢), Singles (4)3.50
 5130Patriotic Spiral, coil (8/19/16)0.65
 5131Patriotic Spiral, booklet single (8/19/16)0.65
 5135aStar Trek (FOREVER/47¢), Block of four #5132-5 (issued 9/2/16)2.65
 5135a-strpStar Trek, STRIP of 4 (not in catalog sequence)2.85
 5132-5Star Trek, SINGLEs (4)2.65
 CanadaStarTrekCanadian Star Trek, coil pair, domestic permanent rate
    (Singles or Inscription Pair @ same price)
 5136(68¢) Eastern Tailed Blue Butterfly (9/24/16)0.85
 5137-40Jack-O'-Lanterns (FOREVER/47¢), Block of four different (single-sided, from DS Booklet, 9/29/16)3.25
 5137-40-sglsJack-O'-Lanterns (FOREVER/47¢), Singles (4)3.45
 5141Kwanzaa (FOREVER/47¢), (10/07/16)0.65
 5141-HgtrKwanzaa horizontal gutter pair (vertical gutter - from Press Sheet)1.85
 5141-VgtrKwanzaa vertical gutter pair (horizontal gutter - from Press Sheet)1.50
 5141-XgtrKwanzaa cross gutter block (from Press Sheet)4.50
 5142Diwali (FOREVER/47¢), (10/5/16)0.65
 5142-HgtrDiwali horizontal gutter pair (vertical gutter - from Press Sheet)1.60
 5142-VgtrDiwali vertical gutter pair (horizontal gutter - from Press Sheet)1.50
 5142-XgtrDiwali cross gutter block (from Press Sheet)4.50
 5143Florentine Madonna & Child (FOREVER/47¢), (10/07/16)0.70
 5144Christmas - Nativity (FOREVER/47¢), (10/06/16)0.80
 5144-ipairChristmas - Nativity, vertical pair imperforate between, from press sheet (not on original backing)1.55
 5148aHoliday Window Views (FOREVER/47¢), Block of four different (single-sided, from DS Booklet, 10/06/16)3.25
 5145-8Holiday Window Views (FOREVER/47¢), Singles (4)3.45
 5152aWonder Woman (FOREVER/47¢) (vertical) STRIP of 4 (10/07/16)2.65
 5149-52Wonder Woman, SINGLEs (4)2.70
 5153Hanukkah Menorah (FOREVER/47¢), (10/06/16)0.65
 5153-GtrPrsHanukkah, horizontal & vertical gutter pairs from Press Sheet3.00
*  effective denomination of stamp when issued (value subsequently changed by USPS rate change)

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