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Discount U.S. Postage Stamps
Genuine, clean U.S. postage stamps from the last 80 years (including forever stamps)
Pay as little as 83% of face value!
You will never pay more than 87% of face value!


Discount Postage packets listed here are for the next first-class postage rate (73¢), effective July 14, 2024.

You can still order FOREVER stamps at the previous rate (68¢) through July 31st.   See old prices here.

1 oz. PACKETs

(examples shown -- your stamps will be different)

Each packet contains $7.30 face value (FV), enough for TEN, one-ounce mailings. Packets contain clean, fully gummed (or self-adhesive) stamps and sell for $6.35 or less. Each packet is clearly marked to show the stamp denominations and required combination to achieve 73¢. These older stamps are great for dressing up your mail. So, why not add distinction to your mail ... while saving money at the same time!

Special topics such as Nature, Space, Americana, Birds, Flowers, Environment, Black History, Christmas, or Business appropriate...may be specified to personalize your mail.
Want to go CRAZY with your mail? If you typically use #9 (or larger) envelopes, you can save even more! Request “PKT4” or “PKT5” packets which require four or five stamps, respectively, for each envelope.

Packet TypeDescription
PKT3(Most commonly sold packets). Requires 2 or 3 stamps per letter envelope to equal first-class, one-ounce rate. Price: $6.35/pkt.
PKT3-foreverrequires only 1 stamp per envelope to equal the first-class, one-ounce rate. Price: $6.35/pkt.
PKT4requires 4 stamps per envelope to equal first-class, one-ounce rate and may require a larger envelope. Price: $6.25/pkt.
PKT5requires 5 stamps per envelope to equal first-class, one-ounce rate and definitely requires a #10 or larger envelope. Price: $6.15/pkt.

Current USPS Rates (as of 7/14/24):    First-Class, one ounce (73¢),     Additional Ounce rate (28¢),     2-ounce rate ($1.01),     postcard rate (56¢)

* Additional 73¢ postage added for the first six packets purchased
and again for every third packet thereafter.

Price (% FV)
Price (% FV)
Price (% FV)
29.204 $25.40  (87) $25.00  (85.6) $24.60  (84.2)
36.505 $31.75  (87) $31.25  (85.6) $30.75  (84.2)
43.80   6+1 $38.10  (85.6) $37.50  (84.2) $36.90  (82.9)
51.107 $44.45  (85.8) $43.75  (84.4) $43.05  (83.1)
58.408 $50.80  (85.9) $50.00  (84.6) $49.20  (83.2)
65.70   9+2 $57.15  (85.1) $56.25  (83.8) N/A
73.0010 $63.50  (85.3) $62.50  (83.9) N/A
80.3011 $69.85  (85.4) $68.75  (84.1) N/A
87.60   12+3 $76.20  (84.9) N/A N/A
94.90  13 $82.55  (87) N/A N/A
102.20  14 $88.90  (85.2) N/A N/A
109.50   15+4 $95.25  (84.7) N/A N/A
116.80  16 $101.60  (84.9) N/A N/A
124.10  17 $107.95  (85) N/A N/A
131.40   18+5 $114.30  (84.6) N/A N/A
138.70   19 $120.65  (84.8) N/A N/A

For 20 or more packets, please email for total cost.

Minimum purchase:   $25.40
Payment by check or money order.
FREE INSURANCE on orders over $200
(on orders $70-$200, we pay half /
buyer pays half, $1.50)

A Friendly Warning to Philatelists:
Most of these stamps are not philatelic quality. Some are off-center, and some may have very minor damage which makes them UNACCEPTABLE for stamp collecting. (BTW, the gum side of older stamps is ALWAYS checked on every stamp. I positively will not sell stamps that I wouldn't lick!) Although some of our discounted stamps may be appropriate for collecting, please don't break up these packets. Instead, order high-quality, collectible stamps from EagleStamps.com at the lowest prices on the Internet. Use these colorful discount postage stamps only to add distinction to your outgoing mail or for paying those pesky bills!

(First-class packets above may be combined with bulk stamps to meet the 'bulk' minimum order.)
Bulk Postage @ 86% of face value includes stamps individually packaged by denomination. Specify any stamp denomination(s) listed below.   Specify highest/lowest values desired, e.g.  3¢ / 73¢ – 5¢ / $2;  etc.   Larger orders receive larger discounts.  Minimum Bulk Postage order is $30.
Orders over $100 @ 85% of FV
Orders over $150 @ 84.5% of FV
Orders over $200 @ 84% of FV
Additional 1% discount given (on any size bulk stamp order) if you permit a modest amount of Xmas stamps and/or lower (3¢–13¢) denominations.
For orders over $1,000 -- please verify availability by email before remitting payment.

Denominations available as bulk stamps
    lots of  50/100:   1-6¢, 8¢, 10¢, 13¢, 15¢, 18¢, 20¢, 22¢, 25¢, 29¢, 32¢, 33¢, 37¢, 39¢ and 73¢/forever
    lots of  5/10/20:   18¢, 35¢, 40-42¢, 44-46¢, 49¢, 50¢, and Global ($1.55/forever).
SHIPPING IS ALWAYS FREE (however, insurance is required on orders over $70).

Payment Method
Check or MO

(or Cash)
Send payment to:
Edward Mann
P.O. Box 216
Thurmont, MD 21788
Credit Card Happily accepted only through PayPal... AND only if you're willing to pay the bank fees (we're already losing money on these stamps). If you must pay with a credit card, then email us with your discount postage needs and we will email the total price including credit card bank fee. POSITIVELY DO NOT EMAIL CREDIT CARD INFO to Eaglestamps.com! (We cannot process credit card payments!)

Additional Ounce Rate Stamps (28¢)

If you're not sure whether some of your envelopes will exceed one ounce -- just order a few 28¢ stamps to cover each additional ounce (cost=$.25 each, any quantity).

2-ounce Rate Stamps ($1.01)

Stamp packets to pay the full two-ounce letter rate of $1.01. These $10.10 face value packets cost only $8.90 each. These packets require 2 or 3 stamps per envelope.

Postcard Rate Stamps (56¢)

These stamps are smaller definitive stamps and require two stamps per postcard. Postcard Rate stamps in packet of 10 ($5.60 FV), price = $4.95 (88% of FV).

Special Order Stamps

If you have numerous mailings which are all the same weight, we can make up special packets for 2-, 3-, or 3.5-ounce rates; or special rates for 'large' envelopes or 'parcels'.

Special Topics (no two packets in your order are exactly alike, with the exception of 'business' class)

Business appropriate — includes small Forever stamps for business use (mostly flags, flowers, animals, Americana, etc.). No jumbos, no religious, no holidays, no people in these politically correct packets. NO LIMIT

Christmas stamps — Christmas, either religious, secular or mixed. LIMIT 5 pkts. Also available are packets of winter seasonal stamps.

I'm So Pretty — extra colorful stamps including nature and/or art stamps in one packet. LIMIT 2 pkts

Attention GRABBERS — funny faces, odd shapes, bold colors, "Hey, Look at Me!"–type stamps will be mixed throughout stamp packets.

Children's Delight — Stamps with cartoon characters, story heroes, movie characters, or just nice fuzzy animals that can be appreciated by 'children' of all ages. LIMIT 2 pkts

Sports — Various Sports and famous players mixed throughout stamp packets.

P.S. Write Soon — a packet containing ten (or more) old 15¢ stamps with those words can be combined with other stamps to help prompt the recipient (your Pen Pal?) to...Please Write Soon! LIMIT 2 pkts

Nature Lovers — extra flora (flowers) and fauna (animals) added to these stamp packets.

Flowers — extra flowers and flora mixed throughout stamp packets.

Love — extra "LOVE" stamps mixed throughout stamp packets.

Black History — a selection of memorable African-Americans mixed throughout stamp packets.

Patriotic stamps — extra flags, stars, eagles and Americana themes throughout. Also, may include slightly more red-white-blue stamps.

Welcome to Eagle Stamps!   Ed Mann

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Where do these discount stamps come from?
I spend $1000s for stamp collections and accumulations each year. Quite frankly, I am often amazed at the off-center, low quality stamps some "collectors" will save! I could never, in good conscience, resell them to my philatelic customers. So I use them as postage. However, I have far too many to use up. So I offer them at a discount. Frequently, I pay only 90% of face for large, modern accumulations and so I'm almost breaking even.   (P.S.   If you are buying new stamps at the post office to put away for future enjoyment...please, please be fussy about the condition and centering of those stamps! Attractive, well-centered stamps increase in value. But poorly-centered stamps never do.)

Counterfeit Stamps?
U.S. postage stamps are being sold on eBay (and elsewhere) at below face value by the hundreds of thousands every day. However, when you see multiple panes or coils (x10, x20, x100) of the same stamp, you should be wary. Sadly, many of these stamps are counterfeit stamps coming in from China, Taiwan, or California. Many of these fake stamps are quite well done and are difficult to tell from the real thing. A partial list of 'forever' stamps being faked at this time: Spiral Stars (2016), Skywriting Love (2017) and Freedom Flag (2023). Apparently, the USPS is not interested in prosecuting these counterfeiters (probably because postal inspectors under-estimate the extent of the problem), and internet outlet sites are very happily aiding these criminals by turning a blind eye to their crimes (while taking their illegal share of profits from each sale).
But there is one thing you can trust...