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pre-1940 - #858 AIRMAIL

The domestic airmail rate was abolished as of October 11, 1975. However, International airmail rate stamps are still used today.

Many of the stamps listed are available in quantities and blocks.
All stamps are MINT, NH, VF - XF. A very small number of stamps with lesser quality may be listed, but will always be identified as Fine (F) centering or lightly hinged (LH) in the description .

Stamps which have been added or restocked in the last 45 days are marked as  

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2017-present Many stamps are available as blocks/strips and sheets. BOOKLETs

 C256¢ Transport   (6/25/41)0.15
 C2710¢ Transport, VF   (8/15/41)1.00
 C2815¢ Transport   (8/19/41), (F+)Sold
 C335¢ Transport Plane   (3/26/47)0.13
 C3410¢ Pan-Am Building, wet printing, F+ (8/30/47)0.20
 C3515¢ NY Skyline   (8/20/47)Sold
 C35b15¢ NY Skyline   (dry-printed)0.40
 C385¢ NY City Jubilee   (7/31/48)0.15
 C396¢ Skymaster  ("wet printed", F+)0.13
 C39a6¢ Skymaster booklet pane of 6 (w/tab, AVG/VF, slight toning, priced well below catalog value)1.00
 C406¢ Alexandria Bicentennial   (5/11/49)0.15
 C4210¢ Post Office Bldg. (11/18/49)0.18
 C4315¢ UPU Globe & Doves (10/7/49)0.25
 C4425¢ Stratocruiser & Globe (11/30/49)0.55
 C456¢ Wright Bros. Flight   (12/17/49)0.22
 C46 (LH)80¢ Diamond Head (VF+), lightly hinged, minor crease2.50
 C476¢ 50th Anniversary of Powered Flight (Wright Bros.)   (5/29/53)0.15
 C484¢ Eagle in Flight (bright blue, 9/3/54)0.13
 C496¢ Air Force 50th Anniversary   (8/1/57)0.20
 C505¢ Eagle in Flight (red, 7/31/58)0.15
 C517¢ Jet Silhouette, blue (7/31/58)0.17
 C51a7¢ Jet Silhouette, Booklet Pane of 67.00
 C537¢ Alaska Statehood (1/3/59)0.22
 C547¢ Balloon and crowd (8/17/59)0.28
 C557¢ Hawaii Statehood (8/21/59)0.25
 C5610¢ Pan American Games (8/27/59)0.25
 C5710¢ Liberty Bell (6/10/60)0.75
 C5815¢ Statue of Liberty   (11/20/59)0.30
 C5925¢ Lincoln (4/22/60)0.45
 C59a25¢ Lincoln, tagged (12/29/66)0.50
 C607¢ Jet Silhouette, carmine   (8/12/60)0.15
 C60-bkt7¢ Jet Silhouette, carmine, from booklet (will have 1 or 2 straight edges)   (8/19/60)0.15
243 C60a7¢ Jet Silhouette, red, booklet Pane of 6 w/tab   (8/19/60)7.50
 C617¢ Jet, Coil, carmine (10/22/60)Sold
 C6213¢ Liberty Bell0.30
 C6315¢ Liberty, re-engraved   (1/31/61)0.30
 C63aLiberty, re-engraved, Tagged   (1/11/67)0.40
 C648¢ Jet over Capitol (F+/VF)   (12/5/62)0.20
 C64a8¢ Jet over Capitol (tagged, VF)   (8/1/63)0.25
 C64b8¢ Jet over Capitol booklet pane of 5, Slogan 1 - "Your Mailman Deserves..." (intact tab, VF/XF, gum disturbed) (12/5/62)3.50
 C64b-SGL8¢ Jet over Capitol, Single from booklet pane (w/one or two straight edges)0.20
 C64c8¢ Jet over Capitol booklet pane of 5, Slogan 3 - "Add ZIP to your..." (intact tab, F/VF) (1964)1.20
 C64c8¢ Jet over Capitol booklet pane of 5, Slogan 3, intact tab, VF++2.00
 C65a-LP8¢ Jet over Capitol, Line Pair, tagged (VF)Sold
 C6615¢ Montgomery Blair   (5/3/63)sold out
 C676¢ Bald Eagle   (7/12/63)0.18
 C688¢ Amelia Earhart   (VF+, 7/24/63)0.30
 C698¢ Robert H. Goddard (10/5/64)0.30
 C708¢ Alaska Purchase   (3/30/67)0.30
 C7120¢ Columbia Jays - Audubon   (4/26/67)0.60
 C7210¢ 50-star Runway   (1/5/68)0.20
 C72b10¢ 50-star Runway, Booklet pane of 8   (1/6/68)1.75
 C72b-SGL10¢ 50-star Runway f/booklet (will have 1 or 2 straight edges)0.20
 C7410¢ 50th Anniversary U.S. Air Mail   (5/15/68)0.20
 C7520¢ USA and Jet (11/22/68)0.35
 C7610¢ Moon Landing   (9/9/69)0.25
 C779¢ Delta Wing   (5/15/71)0.18
 C7811¢ Jet Silhouette   (5/7/71)0.20
 C78a11¢ Jet Silhouette, Booklet Pane of 4 _ 2 labels   (5/7/71)1.00
 C78a-SGL11¢ Jet Silhouette, Single f/ booklet (w/ 1 or 2 straight edges)0.20
 C78b11¢ Jet Silhouette, Congressional Precancel (F+) (5/19/71)0.30
 C7913¢ Winged Envelope (11/16/73)sold out
 C79a13¢ Winged Envelope, Booklet Pane of 5 (12/27/73)Sold
 C8017¢ Statue of Liberty head (7/13/71)0.30
 C8121¢ USA and Jet (5/21/71)0.35
 C8313¢ Winged Envelope, Coil   (12/27/73)Sold
 C8411¢ City of Refuge Park   (05/03/72)0.22
 C84-pane11¢ City of Refuge Park, PANE of 20 (VF-XF)8.00
 C8511¢ Skiing and Olympic Rings   (08/17/72)0.20
 C8611¢ Electronics - DeForest   (7/10/73)0.28
 C8718¢ Statue of Liberty   (1/11/74)0.30
 C8826¢ Mt. Rushmore   (1/2/74)0.60
 C8925¢ Plane and Globes   (1/2/76)0.40
 C9031¢ Plane, Globes and Flag (1/2/76)0.50
 C92a31¢ Wright Bros., att'd (VF) (9/23/78)1.10
 C91-231¢ Wright Bros., Singles (2)1.05
 C94a21¢ Octave Chanute, Attached Pair   (3/29/79)1.20
 C93-4sgls21¢ Octave Chanute, Singles (2)Sold
 C96a25¢ Wiley Post, Attached Pair   (11/20/79)2.20
 C95-6sgls25¢ Wiley Post, Singles (2)2.10
 C9731¢ Olympics - High Jump (11/1/79)0.50
 C9840¢ Philip Mazzei (10/13/80)0.65
 C9928¢ Blanche Stuart Scott   (12/30/80)0.50
 C10035¢ Glenn Curtiss   (12/30/80)0.55
 C104a28¢ Summer Olympics block (#C101-4)   (6/17/83)3.75
 C108b40¢ Summer Olympics, block (#C105-8) (4/8/83)3.25
 C105-840¢ Summer Olympics, Singles3.15
 C105-8-Pane40¢ Summer Olympics, PANE of 50 (VF/VF+)25.00
 C112a35¢ Summer Olympics, block of #C109-112   (11/4/83)Sold
 C109-1235¢ Summer Olympics, Singles3.25
 C11333¢ Alfred Verville (2/13/85)0.45
 C11439¢ Lawrence & Elmer Sperry (2/13/85)0.60
 C11544¢ Trans-Pacific Airmail, "China Clipper" (2/15/85)0.65
 C11644¢ Father Junipero Serra   (3/29/88)1.10
 C11744¢ New Sweden   (3/29/88 - Joint issue with Sweden and Finland)0.85
3m Finnish Settlement in America (similar design as C117)0.95
New Sweden, Booklet Pane of 6 diff. commemorating American achievements (one stamp same design as C117)7.50
 C11845¢ Samuel Langley (5/14/88)0.80
 C11936¢ Igor Sikorsky   (6/23/88)0.75
 C12045¢ French Revolution (7/14/89)0.85
 C12145¢ Pre-Columbian carved figure (10/12/89)1.00
 C122-5 Futuristic Mail Delivery, SINGLEs (4)3.90
 C12645¢ Future Mail Delivery S/S, imperforate   (11/24/89)Sold
 C12745¢ America, Caribbean Coast (10/12/90)0.75
 C12850¢ Harriet Quimby, perf 11 (4/27/91)0.85
 C12940¢ William T. Piper   (5/17/91)0.75
 C13050¢ Antarctic Treaty   (6/21/91)Sold
 C13150¢ Pre-Columbian America   (10/12/91)1.00
 C13240¢ William T. Piper, redesigned (1993)Sold
 C13348¢ Niagara Falls   (self-adhesive, 5/12/99)0.85
 C13440¢ Rio Grande   (self-adhesive, 7/30/99)Sold
 C13560¢ Grand Canyon   (self-adhesive, 1/20/00)Sold
 C13670¢ Nine Mile Prairie   (self-adhesive, 03/06/01)1.30
 C13780¢ Mount McKinley   (self-adhesive, 04/17/01)1.35
 C137-pane80¢ Mount McKinley,  PANE of 20 (VF+) 19.00
 C13860¢ Acadia National Park   (05/30/01)1.25
 C138b60¢ Acadia National Park ("2005" year date)1.15
 C13963¢ Bryce Canyon (self-adhesive, 2/24/06)1.00
 C14075¢ Great Smoky Mountains (self-adhesive, 2/24/06)1.10
 C14184¢ Yosemite National Park (self-adhesive, 2/24/06)1.20
 C14269¢ Okefenokee Swamp (6/01/07)1.15
 C14472¢ 13 Mile Woods, New Hampshire (5/16/08)1.15
 C14594¢ St. John, Virgin Islands   (5/16/08)Sold
 C14679¢ Zion National Park (6/28/09)1.35
 C14798¢ Grand Teton National Park (6/28/09)1.60
 C14880¢ Voyageurs National Park (04/11/11)1.35
 C148-pane80¢ Voyageurs National Park, PANE of 20 VF+28.50
 C14985¢ Glacier National Park   (12/07/19)1.40
 C149-pane85¢ Glacier National Park, PANE of 20 (VF+/XF)35.00
 C150$1.05 Lancaster County, PA   (01/20/12)1.70
 C150-pane$1.05 Lancaster County, PANE of 20 (VF+/XF)39.00

Airmail Special Delivery
 CE216¢ Great Seal, red & blue (2/10/36)0.40
 CE2(LH)16¢ Great Seal, LH0.25
 CE2(CL)16¢ Great Seal, Center Line Block of 4 (VF, NH)3.75

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