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Envelope entires (U), aerogrammes (UC), officials (UO), postal cards (UX-UXC), reply cards (UY), more...

All items are clean, mint entires unless otherwise specified.

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"Entire" = entire cover as issued by P.O.
Our 'Cut Squares' are always a full corner and we will reduce any entire listed
to a cut square upon request.
Imbedded images are for reference only.

 U348-515¢ Columbian, Set of 4 CUT SQUAREs, (nice, fresh colors, hinged, U348-9 full corners, U350-1 single paper layer)18.00
 U4292¢ Washington (12/20/15), SQ (front, single thickness, clean)0.15
 U5465¢ NY Worlds Fair, entire (4/22/64)0.25
 U5481.4¢ Liberty Bell, #10 entire (3/26/68)0.85
 U548A1.6¢ Liberty Bell, #6¾ entire (6/16/69)0.95
 U550-CS5¢ Eagle, CUT SQ.0.35
 U550a5¢ Eagle, bar tagged, #6¾ entire (window) OR #10 entire (regular)2.50
 U551-CS6¢ Liberty Head, CUT SQ.0.50
 U5524¢ + 2¢ Old Ironsides (2/5/68), #6¾ entire3.50
 U553-CS5¢ Eagle, CUT SQ., un-tagged (2/5/68)2.50
 U553a5¢ Eagle (2/5/68), #6¾ or #10 entire, bar tagged2.50
 U553a-CS5¢ Eagle, CUT SQ., bar tagged2.00
 U5546¢ Moby Dick (3/7/70), #6¾ entire0.45
 U5556¢ WH Conference on Youth (2/24/71), #6¾ entire0.70
 U5561.7¢ Liberty Bell, #6¾ or #10 entire (1971)0.30
 U5638¢ Bowling (8/21/71), #6¾ or #10 entires0.60
 U563-CS8¢ Bowling, CUT SQ.0.45
 U5658¢ Transpo '72 (5/2/72), #6¾ entire0.45
 U565-CS8¢ Transpo '72 (5/2/72), #6¾ Right Side (55%) of entire, clean0.40
 U5668¢ + 2¢ Eagle, surcharged (12/1/73), #10 entire with or w/o window0.65
 U56710¢ Liberty Bell (12/5/73), #6¾ or #10 entires0.60
 U5681.8¢ Volunteer Yourself, #6¾ or #10 entire (8/23/74)0.95
 U56910¢ Tennis (8/31/74), #6¾ or #10 entires0.80
 U57110¢ Seafaring (Bicentennial) #6¾ or #10 entire (10/13/75)0.40
 U57213¢ American Homemaker (Bicentennial) (2/2/76)0.50
 U57313¢ American Farmer (Bicentennial) (3/15/76)0.50
 U57413¢ American Doctor (Bicentennial) (6/30/76)0.50
 U57513¢ American Craftsman (Bicentennial) (8/6/76)0.50
 U571-5Set of 5 entires, American Craftsman (Bicentennial)2.25
 U57613¢ Liberty Tree, entire (11/8/75)0.30
 U576-CS13¢ Liberty Tree, CUT SQ.0.25
 U578-CS2.1¢ Green Octogon, non-profit rate (6/3/77)0.20
 U5792.7¢ Non-Profit, entire (1978)0.50
 U58115¢ Uncle Sam, entire (1978)0.40
 U581-CS15¢ Uncle Sam, CUT SQ.0.35
 U583-CS13¢ Golf (4/7/77)0.45
 U584-513¢ Conservation/Development, two entires (1977)0.70
 U585-CS13¢ Energy Development (10/20/77)0.35
 U58615¢ on 16c surcharged USA, entire (1978)0.35
 U58715¢ Auto Racing, #6¾ or #10 entire (9/2/78)0.55
 U58815¢ on 13¢ Liberty Tree, entire (1978)0.35
 U5893.1¢ Non-Profit, #6¾ or #10 entires with or w/o window (1979)0.30
 U5903.5¢ Violins, entire (1980)0.25
 U5915.9¢ Circle (Auth Nonprofit Org), #6¾ or #10 entires with or w/o window (3/15/82)0.30
 U591-CS5.9¢ Circle (Auth Nonprofit Org), CUT SQUARE0.25
 U592(18¢) "B" Eagle, #6¾ or #10 entires with or w/o window (3/15/81)0.45
 U59318¢ Star, #10 entire (4/2/81)0.45
 U593-CS18¢ Star, CUT SQ.0.35
 U594(20¢) "C" and Eagle, size #6¾ or #10 (10/11/81), also available with window0.50
 U594-CS(20¢) "C" and Eagle, CUT SQ.0.40
 U59515¢ Veterinary Medicine, entire, #6¾ or #10, regular or window (7/24/79)0.80
 U595-CS15¢ Veterinary Medicine, CUT SQ.0.40
 U59615¢ Olympics 1980 - Soccer, entire, #6¾ or #10 (12/10/79)0.65
 U59715¢ Bicycle, entire, #6¾ (1980)0.45
 U59815¢ America's Cup, entire, #6¾ (1980)0.45
 U59915¢ Honeybee, entire, #6¾ (1980)0.45
 U60018¢ Blinded Veterans, #6¾ or #10 entire (8/13/81)0.45
 U600-CS18¢ Blinded Veterans, CUT SQ.0.40
 U60120¢ Capitol Dome, entire (11/13/81)0.45
 U601-CS20¢ Capitol Dome, CUT SQ.0.40
 U60220¢ Great Seal, #6¾ or #10 entire (6/15/82)0.50
 U60320¢ Purple Heart (8/6/82), #6¾ or #10 entires0.90
 U603-CS20¢ Purple Heart, CUT SQ.0.65
 U6045.2¢ USA & branches, non-profit rate (3/21/83), #6¾ or #10 entires with or w/o window0.45
 U607(22¢) "D" Eagle, specify size #6¾ or #10 regular or window (2/1/85)0.55
 U607-CS(22¢) "D" Eagle, CUT SQ.0.50
 U60822¢ Bison, size #6¾ or #10 regular or window (5/3/85)0.60
 U608-CS22¢ Bison, CUT SQ.0.50
 U6096¢ Old Ironsides, Non-Profit (5/3/85)0.30
 U609-CS6¢ Old Ironsides, Non-Profit, CUT SQ.0.25
 U6108.5¢ Mayflower, Non-Profit (12/4/86)0.70
 U610-CS8.5¢ Mayflower, Non-Profit, CUT SQUARE0.60
 U61125¢ Stars, size #6¾ or #10 window (3/26/88)0.60
 U611-CS25¢ Stars, CUT SQ. (3/26/88)0.50
 U6128.4¢ US Frigate Constellation (non-profit) (4/12/88), #6¾ or #10 regular or window0.70
 U612-CS8.4¢ US Frigate Constellation (non-profit), CUT SQUARE0.60
 U61525¢ Stars in circle (7/10/89), issued only as #9 regular, available with left window, right window, & No window0.55
 U61625¢ Love! (9/22/89), issued only as #9 regular0.55
 U61725¢ Space Station Hologram (12/3/89), issued only as #9 regular0.95
 U61725¢ Space Station Hologram, CUT SQ. (12/3/89)0.90
 U617sample25¢ Space Station Hologram with "Buy Space Hologram Envelopes" printed on face (Envelope Order form printed on reverse)0.50
 U61825¢ Football Players Hologram (9/9/90), issued only as #10 regular0.95
 U61929¢ Star (1/24/91), #6¾ or #10 entires with or w/o window0.65
 U619-CS29¢ Star, CUT SQ.0.60
 U62011.1¢ Birds on a Wire, non-profit, #6¾ or #10 (5/3/91)0.55
 U620-CS11.1¢ Birds on a Wire, non-profit, CUT SQ.0.45
 U62129¢ Love (5/9/91), #6¾ or #10 entire or cut sq.1.25
 U621sample29¢ Love with "Sample" overprint on #6¾ or #10 entire (for USPS Stamped Envelope Unit)0.85
 U62329¢ Star (7/20/91), #9 window available0.55
 U62429¢ Country Geese (11/8/91), #10 entire0.60
 U624recycle29¢ Country Geese, Recycled paper version (5/1/92), Cut-Sq only0.60
 U62529¢ Space Station Hologram (1/21/92), issued only as #10 regular0.95
 U62629¢ Western Americana, Saddle (4/10/92), issued only as #10 entiresold
 U62729¢ Protect the Environment (4/22/92), issued only as #10 regular0.65
 U62819.8¢ Star, bulk rate (5/19/92), issued only as #10 regularsold
 U62929¢ Disabled Americans (7/22/92), #6¾ or #10 entires0.55
 U63232¢ Liberty Bell (1/3/95), #6¾ or #10 entire or cut sq. available0.55
 U633(32¢) Old Glory (1/3/95), #6¾ entire1.25
 U633-CS(32¢) Old Glory, CUT SQ.0.85
 U635(5¢) Sheep, "Nonprofit USA" #6¾ size (03/10/95)0.30
 U636(10¢) Graphic Eagle entire, "USA BULK RATE" #10 size (03/10/95)0.40
 U63732¢ Spiral Heart (5/12/95), #6¾ entire or (#10 on recycled paper, entire)0.70
 U63932¢ Space Station Hologram (9/22/95), issued only as #10 regular0.70
 U64132¢ Paralympic Games, Atlanta '96, #10 (5/2/96)0.65
 U64233¢ Flag (1/11/99)0.65
 U65137¢ Nurturing Love, #6¾ entire (01/25/03)0.85
 U65939¢ Benjamin Franklin, #6¾ entire (01/25/06)0.85
 U659-CS39¢ Benjamin Franklin, CUT SQ.0.60
 U66241¢ Horses, #6¾ entire (5/12/07)0.85
 U66342¢ Elk, #6¾ entire, printer: APU (straight flap) (5/2/08)sold
 U663a42¢ Elk, #6¾ entire, printer: Westvaco ("V" flap, darker green) (5/2/08)0.85
 U663b42¢ Elk, #6¾ entire, printer:APU (straight flap) (8/16/08)0.85
 U667Liberty Bell (FOREVER/44¢) microprinted: "2009", #6¾ entire (or cut square)   (05/11/09, without 'cradle-to-cradle' logo) (specify water-activated wa or self-adhesive sa flap)1.05
CS: .90
 U667(c2c)Liberty Bell (FOREVER/44¢) microprinted: "2009", #6¾ entire (or cut square)   (2010, with 'cradle-to-cradle' logo on reverse) (specify water-activated -or- self-adhesive flap)1.05
CS: .90
 U667bLiberty Bell (FOREVER/44¢) microprinted: "2011", #10 entire (or cut square)   (01/03/11, water-activated flap)1.05
CS: .90
 U66844¢ Seabiscuit, #6¾ entire (5/11/09, pressure sensitive adhesive, no C2C logo)1.00
 U668-sa-csSeabiscuit, Cut Square (pressure sensitive adhesive)0.90
 U668-wag-csSeabiscuit, Cut Square (water-activated gum)0.90
 U677-wagPurple Martin (FOREVER/45¢), #6¾ entire, WAG (water-activated gum, 1/23/12) small imprint (33x48mm)0.90
 U677-wag-csPurple Martin, Cut Square (water-activated gum)0.85
 U677-saPurple Martin (FOREVER/45¢), #6¾ entire, PSA (pressure-sensitive adhesive, 1/23/12) small imprint (33x48mm)sold
 U678-wagPurple Martin (FOREVER/45¢), #9 entire, WAG (water-activated gum, 1/23/12) large imprint (35x50mm)sold
 U678-saPurple Martin (FOREVER/45¢), #9 entire, PSA (pressure-sensitive adhesive, 1/23/12) large imprint (35x50mm)sold
 U680Bank Swallow (FOREVER/46¢), #6¾ entire, WAG (water-activated gum, 3/1/13) small imprint1.00
 U680-CSBank Swallow, Cut Square (water-activated gum)0.95
 U680vBank Swallow (FOREVER/46¢), #6¾ entire, PSA (pressure-sensitive adhesive, 3/1/13) small imprint1.00
 U680v-sqrBank Swallow, Cut Square (pressure-sensitive adhesive)0.95
 U681sBank Swallow (FOREVER/46¢), #9 entire, WAG (water-activated gum, 3/1/13) large imprint1.00
 U681s-sqrBank Swallow, Cut Square (water-activated gum) large imprint0.95
 U682Folk Art Eagle (FOREVER/46¢), #6¾ entire (water-activated gum, 8/9/13)0.95
 U682sFolk Art Eagle (FOREVER/46¢), #9 entire, PSA (pressure-sensitive adhesive, 8/9/13)0.95
 U682vFolk Art Eagle (FOREVER/46¢), #6¾ entire, PSA (pressure-sensitive adhesive, 8/9/13)0.95
 U684Poinsettia (FOREVER/49¢), Single #10 entire (PSA) (10/1/14)1.60
 U684-sqrPoinsettia (FOREVER/49¢), Cut Square1.55
 U687-8Winter Fun (FOREVER/49¢), Set of 2, #10 entire (PSA) (10/1/14)3.00
 U687-8-sqrWinter Fun (FOREVER/49¢), Cut Squares (2)3.15
 U694Winter Cardinal (FOREVER/49¢), #10 entire (PSA) (January 2017)1.55
 U696Barn Swallows (FOREVER/55¢), #6¾ entire (WAG) (01/21/18)sold
 U700Flag (FOREVER/55¢), #6¾ entire (PSA) (06/15/20)0.90
 UC256¢ Eagle in Flight (5/2/56), #6¾ entire0.70
 UC418¢ Jet triangle (UC37) + 2¢ Surcharge, #6¾ or #10 entire (2/5/68)0.90
 UC43cs11¢ Three Circles. CUT SQ. (5/6/71)0.23
 UC4415¢ Birds in flight AIR LETTER SHEET, unfolded (1971)1.40
 UC44-CS15¢ Birds in flight AIR LETTER SHEET (5/28/71)0.50
 UC4510¢ + (1¢) Jet Liner, Revalued (6/28/71), #6¾ or #10 entire2.25
 UC4713¢ Stylized Bird (12/1/73), #10 entire0.35
 UC5330¢ Tour The United States, AIR LETTER SHEET, unfolded (12/29/80)0.85
 UC5730¢ Olympics 84, AIR LETTER SHEET, unfolded (10/14/83)0.85
 UC5836¢ Landsat, AIR LETTER SHEET, unfolded (2/14/85)1.10
 UC5936¢ Celebrate America, AIR LETTER SHEET, unfolded (5/21/85)1.30
 UC6345¢ Eagle, AIR LETTER SHEET, Blue paper, unfolded (5/17/91)1.30
 UC63a45¢ Eagle, AIR LETTER SHEET, White paper, unfolded (5/17/91)1.00
 UO7320¢ Great Seal (01/12/83)0.85
 UO7422¢ Official Mail, Great Seal (eagle), size #10 regular or window (2/26/85)0.70
 UO74-CS22¢ Official Mail, CUT SQUARE0.55
 UO7725¢ Great Seal #10 size, reg or window (04/11/88)0.70
 UO77-CS25¢ Great Seal, CUT SQUARE0.40
 UO7825¢ Great Seal, window (04/11/88)0.85
 UO8429¢ Official Mail, Great Seal (eagle), sizes #10 regular/window (04/06/91)0.70
 UO84-CS29¢ Official Mail, Great Seal (eagle), CUT SQUARE0.60
 UO9137¢ Official Mail Great Seal, #10 (8/02/02)0.90

 UX442¢ FIPEX (1956)sold
 UX463¢ Liberty (8/1/58)0.30
 UX484¢ Lincoln precancel (1962)0.15
 UX504¢ US Customs Service (2/22/64)0.45
 UX514¢ Social Security (9/26/64)0.30
 UX524¢ Coast Guard Flag (8/4/65)0.25
 UX548¢ USA Map (12/4/67; SCV = $4.50)3.25
 UX54 (pencil)8¢ USA Map (soft pencil word on back, erased)1.95
 UX555¢ Linclon (1/4/68)sold
 UX565¢ Women Marines (7/26/68)0.30
 UX575¢ Weather Services (9/1/70)0.25
UX61-63, UXC12-135 Tourism Year pictorial postal cards, in original souvenir envelope (06/29/72)2.75
 UX656¢ Liberty Centenary (1973)0.20
 UX668¢ Samuel Adams (1973)0.30
 UX6712¢ Ship's Figurehead (1/4/74)sold
 UX687¢ Charles Thomson (1975)0.25
 UX687¢ Charles Thomson, CUT SQUARE0.20
 UX699¢ John Witherspoon (11/10/75)sold
 UX709¢ Caesar Rodney (7/1/76)sold
 UX719¢ Galveston (1977)0.25
 UX7310¢ Music Hall, Cincinnati, Ohio (5/12/78)0.25
 UX74(10¢) John Hancock (1978)0.25
 UX7510¢ John Hancock (1978)0.25
 UX7614¢ Coast Guard "Eagle" (8/4/78)0.40
 UX7710¢ Molly Pitcher, Monmouth 1778 (9/8/78)sold
 UX7810¢ George Rogers Clark (1979)0.25
 UX7910¢ C. Pulaski (1979)0.25
 UX8010¢ Olympic Sprinter (9/17/79)0.60
 UX8110¢ Iolani Palace (1979)0.25
 UX8214¢ Winter Olympics (1980)sold
 UX8310¢ Salt Lake Temple (1980)0.25
 UX8410¢ Rochambeau (1980)0.25
 UX8510¢ Battle of Kings Mountain (1980)sold
 UX8619¢ Drake's Golden Hinde (11/21/80)0.70
 UX8710¢ Battle of Cowpens (1/17/81)sold
 UX88(12¢) "B" Eagle (1981)0.30
 UX9012¢ Nathaniel Greene (1981)0.25
 UX9313¢ Robert Morris (11/10/81)0.25
 UX9413¢ Swamp Fox, Francis Marion (1982)0.30
 UX9513¢ La Salle claims Louisiana (4/7/82)0.30
 UX9613¢ Academy of Music, Philadelphia (6/18/82)0.30
 UX9713¢ Old Post Office, St. Louis (10/14/82)0.30
 UX9813¢ Landing of Oglethorpe (1983)0.30
 UX9913¢ Old Post Office, Washington D.C. (4/19/83)0.30
 UX10013¢ Yachting - Olympics (8/5/83)0.30
 UX10113¢ Ark & Dove, Maryland (1984)Sold
 UX10213¢ Olympic Torch (4/30/84)0.30
 UX10413¢ California Ranchos (9/16/84, pencil notation erased from back, not visible frm front)sold
 UX105(14¢) Charles Carroll (1985)0.35
 UX10725¢ Flying Cloud (1985)0.70
 UX107-cup25¢ Flying Cloud, CUP-PEX 87 cachet (pencil notation erased from back, not visible frm front)sold
 UX10814¢ George Wythe0.35
 UX10914¢ Settling of Connecticut (4/18/86)0.30
 UX11314¢ Wisconsin Territory 1836 (7/3/86)0.30
 UX11514¢ Self-scouring steel plow (5/22/87)0.30
 UX11614¢ Constitutional Convention 1787 (5/25/87)0.30
 UX11714¢ Flag (6/14/87)0.30
 UX12015¢ America the Beautiful, bison & mountains (03/28/88)sold
 UX12228¢ Yorkshire, Square-rigged packet boat (06/29/88)sold
 UX12315¢ Iowa Territory, 1838 (11/30/89)sold
 UX12415¢ Settling of Ohio (7/15/88)0.30
 UX12615¢ Federalist Papers, pressman (10/27/88)sold
 UX12715¢ America the Beautiful, hawk over desert (1989)0.30
 UX13315¢ America the Beautiful, deer & waterfall (08/26/89)sold
 UX13415¢ Jane Addams' Hull House (09/16/89)sold
 UX13515¢ Independence Hall, Philadelphia (09/25/89)sold
 UX13615¢ Baltimore Inner Harbor, tall sailing ship (10/07/89)sold
 UX13715¢ Manhatten Skyline, 59th Street Bridge (11/08/89)sold
 UX13815¢ America the Beautiful, US Capitol (11/26/89)sold
 UX14315¢ White House (11/30/89)sold
 UX14415¢ Jefferson Memorial (12/02/89)sold
 UX15015¢ Stanford University (09/30/90)sold
 UX15215¢ Orchestra Hall, Chicago (10/19/90)sold
 UX15319¢ Flag (1/24/91)0.40
 UX15519¢ Old Red, Univ. of Texas (6/14/91)0.40
 UX15619¢ Bill of Rights (9/25/91)0.40
 UX15719¢ Notre Dame, Admin Bldg. (10/15/91)0.40
 UX15919¢ The Old Mill, Univ. of Vermont (10/29/91)0.40
 UX16019¢ Wadsworth Atheneum (1/16/92)0.40
 UX16219¢ Waller Hall, Willamette University (02/01/92)sold
 UX16319¢ America's Cup (05/06/92)1.50
 UX16419¢ Columbia River Gorge (5/9/92)0.40
 UX16519¢ Ellis Island (05/11/92)sold
 UX16819¢ Holocaust Mem. Museum, Washington, D.C. (03/23/93)sold
 UX16919¢ Ft. Recovery, OH (6/13/93)0.40
 UX17119¢ O'Kane Hall, Holy Cross (9/17/93)0.40
 UX17219¢ Beecher Hall (10/9/93)0.40
 UX17419¢ Abraham Lincoln Home (2/12/94)0.40
 UX17519¢ Myers Hall (3/11/94)0.40
 UX19820¢ Red Barn (1/3/95)0.40
 UX199(20¢) Old Glory (1995)2.50
 UX219A50¢ Eagle in Flight (8/24/95)sold
 UX28120¢ Bugs Bunny (5/22/97)1.00
 UX285-920¢ Classic Movie Monsters, set of 5 (9/30/97)sold
 UX29120¢ Sylvester & Tweety (4/27/98)sold
 UX293-620¢ Tropical Birds, set of 4 (7/29/98)4.25
 UX29720¢ American Ballet (9/16/98)1.20
 UX30420¢ Daffy Duck (4/16/99)sold
 UX31520¢ Adoption (5/10/00)1.30
 UX38123¢ Carlsbad Caverns (06/07/02)0.40
 UX40023¢ Ohio University (10/10/03)sold
 UX40523¢ Low Memorial Library, Columbia University (03/25/04)0.45
 UX40623¢ Harriton House (06/10/04)0.40
 UX407-1023¢ Disney Friendship, set of 4 (06/23/04)3.75
 UX420a-coversArt of the American Indian, Booklet Covers, front & back0.30
 UX436-923¢ Disney Celebrations set of 4 (06/30/05)3.00
 UX445-823¢ Let's Dance set of 4 from booklet (09/17/05)3.10
 UX44924¢ Pike's Peak (01/09/06)0.45
 UX450-324¢ Disney Romance, Set of 4 (4/21/06)3.10
 UX453a-coversDisney Romance, Booklet Covers, front & back0.30
 UX454-724¢ Baseball Sluggers, set of 4 (7/15/06)3.00
 UX454-7covers24¢ Baseball Sluggers, Front and Rear Covers from postal card booklet0.25
 UX489-50326¢ Star Wars Book of 15 postal cards, shrink-wrapped (5/25/07)sold
 UX508a-coversPacific Lighthouses, Booklet Covers, front & back0.30
 UX529-3226¢ Disney Magic set of 4 from booklet (8/16/07)3.25
 UX53327¢ Mount St. Mary's University (4/26/08)0.55
 UX535-827¢ Disney Imagination, Set of 4 (8/7/08)3.75
 UX549-5327¢ Tail Fins & Chrome, Set of 5 (10/3/08)4.50
 UX555-628¢ Koi, Set of 2 (4/17/09)1.10
 UX555-6c2c  28¢ Koi, Set of 2 with "Cradletocradle" recycle logo (2010)Sold
 UX555-6-uncut28¢ Koi, attached Pair from uncut printer's sheet of 40. (attached vertical pair)2.30
 KOI set of 628¢ Koi, all three original varieties! two Singles (ux555-6) one paid Reply (uy48), and one attached Pair from uncut printer's sheet of 40.4.20
 UX557-6128¢ The Simpsons, Set of 5 (5/7/09)5.00
 UX597-60028¢ Cowboys of the Silver Screen, Set of 4 (4/17/10)4.10
 UX597-600-coversCowboys of the Silver Screen, Covers, front & back0.30
 UX601-1028¢ Scenic American Landscapes postal card set of 10 (4/20/10)15.00
 UX611-2044¢ Hawaiian Rain Forest, Set of 10 oversized postal cards (09/01/10)Sold Out
 UX62129¢ Common Terns   (4/7/11)0.55
 UX622-629¢ Pixar Send A Hello, Set of 5 (08/19/11)5.25
 UX622-6-coversPixar Send A Hello, Covers, front & back0.30
 UX627Sailboat (FOREVER/32¢) postal card (1/22/12, 'Cradletocradle' logo)0.50
 UX628-32(FOREVER/32¢) Pixar Mail a Smile, Set of 5 (06/01/12)sold
 UX628-32-coversPixar Mail a Smile, Covers, front & back0.30
 UX633Sailboat (FOREVER/32¢) postal card (6/22/12, no logo)0.50
 UX633shtSailboat (FOREVER/32¢) postal card Sheet of four (6/22/12)2.25
 UX645Tree (FOREVER/34¢) (3/28/14)0.60
 UX646Flowers (FOREVER/35¢) (3/28/14)0.60
 UX647Azulillo Chilean Blue Crocus (FOREVER/34¢) (8/11/17)0.60
 UX647-uncutAzulillo Chilean Blue Crocus, (vertical) PAIR from uncut printers sheet of 402.50

 UXC511¢ Map & Flag, Visit the USA (5/27/66)0.60
 UXC6-CS6¢ Virgin Islands, CUT SQUARE0.35
 UXC76¢ Boy Scout World Jamboree (7/4/67)0.70
 UXC813¢ Map & Flag, Visit the USA (9/8/67)sold
 UXC9a8¢ Stylized Eagle, Tagged (3/19/69)sold
 UXC1411¢ Eagle Weathervane (1/4/74)1.00
 UXC1518¢ Eagle Weathervane (1/4/74)1.00
 UXC1621¢ Angel Weathervane - Visit USA (1975)0.80
 UXC1721¢ Curtiss Jenny (1978)0.70
 UXC1821¢ 22nd Olympic Games, Moscow (12/01/79)sold
 UXC1928¢ First Trans-Pacific Flight (1/2/81)sold
 UXC2028¢ Soaring (1982)sold
 UXC2128¢ Olympic Speedskater (12/29/83)0.90
 UXC2233¢ China Clipper seaplane (2/15/85)1.00
 UXC2333¢ Ameripex 86, Chicago Skyline (02/01/86)sold
 UXC2436¢ DC-3 (05/14/88)sold
 UXC2870¢ Badlands National Park, South Dakota (2/22/01)1.20

(attached and no damage)
 UY71¢ + 1¢ G. & M. Washington (9/18/15), unused/unfolded, preprinted, fair/good conditionsold
 UY164¢ + 4¢ Liberty (11/16/56)sold
 UY208¢ + 8¢ Map of USA (12/4/67)1.85
 UY248¢ + 8¢ Samuel Adams (12/16/73)sold
 UY33(13¢ + 13¢) Robert Morris (10/11/81)sold
 UY3814¢ + 14¢ Flag (6/14/87)sold
 UY3915¢ + 15¢ American Buffalo & Prairie (3/28/88)Sold Out
 UY4019¢ + 19¢ Flag (1/24/91)sold
 UY4626¢ + 26¢ Pineapple (folded) (5/12/07)Sold Out
 UY4828¢ + 28¢ Koi (4/17/09)1.45
 UY4929¢ Common Terns, Double Reply card (4/11/11)1.20
 UY52Tree (FOREVER/34¢) Double Reply card (3/28/14)sold
 UY53Fanciful Flowers (FOREVER/35¢) Double Reply card (3/28/14)1.30

 UZ314¢ Official Mail, Great Seal (02/26/85)0.60
 UZ415¢ Official Mail, Great Seal (06/10/88)0.60
 UZ519¢ Official Mail, Great Seal (06/10/88)0.65

 CVUX115¢ Eagle, printed/vended on First Day of Issue   (7/5/90)4.25
 CVUX1shtSheet of 4 cards attached (Exc. condition, vended on First Day of Issue)15.00

 U5382+2¢ Washington CUT SQ (1958)0.12
 U5638¢ Bowling CUT SQ (1971)0.15
 U56910¢ Tennis, CUT SQ, lt. FD cancel (1974)0.15
 U60120¢ Capitol Dome CUT SQ, med cancel (1982)0.12
 U61125¢ Circle of Stars CUT SQ, med cancel (1988)0.12
 U63232¢ Liberty Bell CUT SQ, med cancel (1995)0.15
 UO7825¢ Official Mail CUT SQ, lt cancel (1988)11.00
 UX271¢ Jefferson, full commercial postcard, light "1946" cancel0.15
 UX7910¢ Casimir Pulaski, Savannah, CUT SQ, lt. cancel (1979)0.10
 UX14415¢ Jefferson Memorial, entire w/First Day Cancel (1989)1.00

 U5505¢ Eagle, mint entire, ALBINO (barely discernible line of purple ink under high-magnification, <0.1%) (1965)6.00

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