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The weight of the cancel is given as light, medium, or heavy (or somewhere in between)
Stamps have NO damage unless noted

Some self-adhesive stamps cannot be successfully removed from mailers by soaking in water.
These stamps are only sold on paper and marked with the following symbol  

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  Images for items with a Lot# is the actual item for sale. Otherwise, images should be considered as reference only.
063210¢ G. Washington, SINGLE, v/light, black cancelVF155.00
073612¢ G. Washington, SINGLE, v/light, red cancelF80.00
 2301¢ Columbus, BLOCK, light cancel, "SAN JUAN P.R. NOV 25 1937" (some perf separations between stamps 1 & 3, image is of actual item)F1.00
  2952¢ Locomotive, Block of 4, light dupex cancel, few perf seps reinforced with hingeAvg/F1.00
 3292¢ Jamestown, BLOCK, heavy cancel (HR reinforcing perf separations, image is of actual item)Good+3.00
 3971¢ Balboa, light cancel (discoloration to the tips of a few perforations; a very nice 'filler')F (barely)0.20
 3971¢ Balboa, BLOCK, medium (1 stamp)/heavy (3 stamps) double-oval cancelsF1.00
  5481¢ Mayflower, Block of 4, very light cancelGood/Avg1.00
 5492¢ Landing of the Pilgrims, BLOCK, med (duplex) cancel "1921", image is of actual itemVF-XF6.00
  56514¢ Am. Indian, Block of 4 with bottom plate #14526 (light/med wavy line roller cancel)Avg (perfs touch design)0.50
 6152¢ Huguenot-Walloon, BLOCK, med/heavy cancel, image is of actual itemVF-XF12.50
 6171¢ Lexington-Concord, BLOCK, very light cancel & remarkably well-centered, image is of actual itemXF15.00
 6195¢ Lexington-Concord 'Minute Man', SINGLE, light cancelVF6.50
 6202¢ Sloop, BLOCK, lt/med cancel, image is of actual itemF5.00
  6512¢ George Rogers Clark, Block of 4, very light cancelF1.00
 69717¢ Wilson, BLOCK, medium (wavy-line New York, NY) cancelAvg/F0.50
 730a1¢ Chicago Century of Progress, UR corner BLOCK, light/med. double-oval cancel, image is of actual itemVF2.25
 7456¢ Crater Lake, SINGLE, lt-med cancelF+0.50
  767a3¢ Century of Progress, UR margin Block of 4 (2 medium cancel strikes)VF1.00
 7783¢ TIPEX S/S, light mute oval cancel, image is of actual itemVF1.00
  81914¢ Franklin Pierce, single w/light cancelVF0.15
  899-901Defense set of 3F-XF0.20
  9095¢ Overrun Nations, Poland, single w/light cancelVF0.15
  9115¢ Overrun Nations, Norway, single w/light cancelVF0.15
  9125¢ Overrun Nations, Luxembourg, single w/light cancelVF+0.15
1949125¢ Overrun Nations, Luxembourg, (plate) NAME SINGLE w/light cancel, no faultsVF1.00
  9145¢ Overrun Nations, Belgium, single w/light-medium cancelVF0.15
  9155¢ Overrun Nations, France, single w/light cancelVF0.15
  9165¢ Overrun Nations, Greece, single w/light-medium cancelVF0.15
  9165¢ Overrun Nations, Greece, (plate) NAME SINGLE w/light-medium oval cancel, perf separations and creaseVF0.25
  9205¢ Overrun Nations, Denmark, single w/light FD cancelVF+0.15
  9485¢ & 10¢ CIPEX S/S, very light "NY" oval cancelXF0.75
  9783¢ Gettysburg Address, BLOCK, light FD cancel, one pulled perfVF0.15
  10668¢ Rotary International, BLOCK, light/medium FD cancelVF+0.40
  1075a3¢ Liberty, light, modern cancel, closely cropped with 1.5 mm marginsVF+0.20
  1113-6Set of 4 Lincoln commemoratives, light cancelsVF0.30
 11334¢ Soil Conservation, BLOCK, light cancelVF0.20
 11404¢ Credo B. Franklin, BLOCK, med. cancelVF0.20
  11574¢ Mexican Independence, BLOCK, medium/heavy cancelVF+0.15
  11644¢ 1st Automated P. O., BLOCK w/First Day cancel on paperVF0.20
  12715¢ 400th Anniversary of Florida, BLOCK, light FD cancelVF+0.35
  1305b-LP6¢ FDR, Bureau Precancel, joint line pairVF100.00
  13195¢ Great River Road BLOCK w/light First Day cancelVF0.30
  1365-86¢ Beautification of America BLOCK w/light-med FD cancelVF0.90
  13696¢ American Legion, BLOCK of 4 w/First Day cancelVF0.25
  13816¢ Professional Baseball w/light cancelVF0.15
  14256¢ Blood Donation, BLOCK of 4 w/First Day cancelF0.20
  1451a2¢ Cape Hatteras Seashore, BLOCK of 4 w/First Day cancelVF0.15
  1483a8¢ Boston Tea Party, BLOCK of 4 w/First Day cancelVF0.35
  1480-38¢ Boston Tea Party, SINGLEs (4)light, period cancelsVF0.25
  150610¢ Rural America - Wheat, BLOCK medium cancelF0.05
  1538-4110¢ Mineral Heritage set of singles w/light cancelsVF0.25
  156410¢ Battle of Bunker Hill, light/med cancelVF+0.05
  1569-7010¢ Apollo-Soyuz att'd PAIR w/medium cancelVF0.15
  1612$5 Railroad Lantern, light cancelVF+1.00
2451623b13¢ Flag over Capital, SINGLE on cover w/5-15-78 med. cancel, image is of actual item 0.45
700163213¢ Interphil ZIP SINGLES matched set of 4--0.65
701168313¢ Telephone Centennial ZIP SINGLES matched set of 4, image is of actual item--0.65
  1733b13¢ Captain Cook, att'd pair (#1732-3), light/med slogan cancelVF0.40
  175713¢ CAPEX S/S, block of 8, very light wavy line cancelVF1.15
  1757a-h13¢ CAPEX S/S, SINGLEs (8) light, in period cancelsVF0.95
  1819a(15¢) "B" Eagle pane of 8 w/tab light/med, blue, double circle cancels, '2005' not in period VF1.00
  18441¢ Dorothea Dix, full First Day cancel cut from souvenir pageVF.15
5431909$9.35 Eagle & Moon, SINGLE, light cancelVF13.00
5441909$9.35 Eagle & Moon, SINGLE, med. cancelVF11.00
  227522¢ United Way, plate # block of 4, very light red cancelVF+0.45
  2486a29¢ African Violet PANE of 10 (with margin tab, medium FD cancel)VF+2.75
  2542$14 Eagle in Flight (still on portion of USPS folio with light FD cancel)VF2.00
  2837a-cWorld Cup USA 94, attached strip of 3, very light, red cancel (single strike catches all 3 stamps)VF+2.00
  2785-8Set of 4 Children's Classics, light/medium cancelsVF0.85
  3036$1 Red Fox, light cancelVF+0.35
1143068a-t32¢ Atlanta '96 Summer Olympics full sheet on card with First Day cancelsVF5.00
  347734¢ Liberty, medium cancelVF0.10
  3931-537¢ Sporty Cars SET of 5VF0.70
  4076a-f39¢ Distinguished Diplomats, SET of 6, light cancels in periodVF+1.75
426542¢ Frank Sinatra, light cancel, on paper very closely croppedVF0.15
426542¢ Frank Sinatra, medium cancelVF0.10
434742¢ Sunflower, light cancel, on paper very closely croppedVF0.15
 4384a-f42¢ Civil Rights Pioneers, Set of 6 covers w/2009 cancels, light cancelsVF+3.00
5574806a$2 Jenny Invert, on corner w/medium '2016' cancelVF+1.00
 5058(FOREVER/$1.15) Moon (global rate) issued 2/22/16, on white paper w/light-med. sprayed-on cancelXF0.55
 5306a(FOREVER/50¢) Art of Magic, lenticular "moving" bunny, on paper w/ v.light sprayed-on cancelVF0.55
155 5336(FOREVER/50¢) Santa single from S/S issued 10/11/18, on white paper w/light sprayed-on cancelXF0.60
501C8PLATE BLOCK of 4(!), 15¢ MapF-VF13.00
 C2020¢ Clipper, BLOCK, med/heavy (duplex) cancel, "NEW YORK NY JUN 10 1936 GPO"F-VF2.00
 C2120¢ Clipper, BLOCK, med (duplex) cancel, "HONOLULU HAWAII DEC 4 1939"F2.00
 C2420¢ Transatlantic Winged Globe, BLOCK, med (double-oval) cancelVF4.00
 C268¢ Transport Plane, BLOCK, medium (Salt Lake City, Mar 5, 1946) cancelF/F+0.50
 C4680¢ Hawaii, BLOCK, med. cancelF2.00
 C517¢ Jet Silhouette, light cancelVF0.10
 C517¢ Jet Silhouette, BLOCK, light (round, "1961") cancelF+/VF0.25
 C517¢ Jet Silhouette, on first flight cover, dated July 1, 1959, light cancelXF0.20
 C527¢ Jet Silhouette coil, on piece w/light FD cancelF0.12
  C698¢ Goddard, light cancelVF+0.10
  C8718¢ LibertyVF0.20
  J88½¢ Postage Due, very light cancelVF0.30
  J88½¢ Postage Due BLOCK, very light cancelVF1.70
  J891¢ Postage Due, Sheet of 100 (full margins), light oval cancelsVF3.75
  J902¢ Postage Due, very light cancel (also available as BLOCK @ 4x price)VF0.05
 O158 (& O146A)(combination) 34¢ & 10¢ Official Mail with June 2011 machine cancel, cut corner, heavy cancelVF0.75

  "CUT SQUARES" are full corners with top flap and backside cut from envelope. Images with Lot# is the actual item for sale. Otherwise, images should be considered as reference only.
  U4811½¢ Washington, entire, lt/med cancelN/A0.20
  U5222¢ Liberty Bell, CUT SQ., medium cancelN/A0.25
 U5382¢ + 2¢ Washington, CUT SQUARE, (not full corner) med. cancelN/A0.15
 U538a2¢ + 2¢ Washington, die 2, entire (#10), med. cancel, envelope opened at top with clean, shallow cutN/A0.75
 U548A1.6¢ Liberty Bell, FDC, unaddressed (w/#1283B)clean0.20
 U5546¢ Moby Dick, FDC, unaddressed, uncacheted 0.20
 U5556¢ Youth, FDC, unaddressed, uncacheted 0.15
 U5561.7¢ Liberty Bell, CUT SQ., with FD cancel (5/10/71) and #1283aclean0.15
 U5578¢ Eagle, full FDC, good cancel strike, unaddressedclean0.20
  U5638¢ Bowling, CUT SQ., light FD cancelN/A0.15
  U56910¢ Tennis, CUT SQ., light FD cancelN/A0.15
  U57613¢ Liberty Tree, CUT SQ., light cancelclean0.15
  U59318¢ Star, CUT SQ., med. cancelN/A0.15
  U60120¢ Capitol Dome, CUT SQ., med. cancelN/A0.15
  U60220¢ Great Seal, CUT SQ., med. cancelN/A0.15
  U60822¢ Bison, CUT SQ., med. cancelN/A0.20
  U61125¢ Stars in Circle, CUT SQ., med. cancelN/A0.20
  U63232¢ Liberty Bell, CUT SQ., med. cancelN/A0.20
  UC306¢+1¢ Skymaster, #10, med. cancel in period "1959"N/A0.25
 UC4311¢ Jet & Circles, FDC, uncacheted, unaddressedclean0.25
 UC4415¢ Birds in Flight, Aerogramme, FDC, plain, unaddressedclean0.25
 UX391¢ Jefferson revalued to 2¢, used entire, addressed business - Carlisle, PA Livestock Market quotesgood0.15
 UX442¢ FIPEX, FDC, no cachet, unaddressedclean0.25
 UX709¢ Caeser Rodney, FDC, NO cachet, unaddressedclean0.15
  UX15319¢ Flag, CUT SQ., light cancelN/A0.15
  UX38123¢ Carlsbad Caverns National Park, CUT SQ., med cancelN/A0.10
 UX53327¢ Mount St. Mary's Univ., FDC, NO cachet, unaddressedclean0.55
 UX53427¢ Corinthian Column, FDC, NO cachet, unaddressedclean0.55
529UXC1115¢ Travel, FDC, no cachet, unaddressedclean0.20
532UXC1518¢ Visit USA, FDC, no cachet, unaddressedclean0.30

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