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Scott #DescriptionIssue Date
4952War of 1812: Battle of New Orleans (FOREVER/49¢), pane of 2001/08/15
4953$1 Abstract “Patriotic” Waves, pane of 1001/12/15
4955-6Forever Love, heart made of scrolled letters, 2 designs (pane of 20 and imperforate press sheet)01/22/15
4954$2 Abstract “Patriotic” Waves, pane of 1001/30/15
4957Year of the Ram (FOREVER/49¢) (in Chinese New Year series), (pane of 12 and imperforate press sheet)02/07/15
4958Robert Robinson Taylor, Architect in Black Heritage series (pane of 20)02/12/15
4959Vintage Rose FOREVER/49¢ Rose, in Pane of 2002/14/15
4960Vintage Tulip 70¢ Tulip, in Pane of 2002/14/15
4672a1¢ Bobcat, coil, "2015" year date (coils of 3K & 10K)02/21/15
4961-3(10¢) Stars & Stripes coil, 3 diff. (10¢ pre-sort rate, in coils of 3K and 10K)02/27/15
  4961 -   stripes @ left, stars @ right
4962 -   stars & one stripe
4963 -   stars @ left, stripes @ right
4964-7Water Lilies, 4 designs (DS Booklet of 20 and imperforate press sheet)3/20/15
  4964 -   pale pink lily
4965 -   red lily
4966 -   purple lily
4967 -   white lily
4968-72Martin Ramirez, artist, 5 diff. in pane of 2003/26/15
  4968 -   horse and rider with trees
4969 -   man riding donkey
4970 -   trains on inclined tracks
4971 -   deer
4972 -   tunnel with cars and buses
4973-7Ferns (FOREVER/49¢), coil, 5 diff. (in coils of 3K and 10K)03/26/15
4978From Me to You (FOREVER/49¢), National Card and Letter Writing Month (with special occasion labels in margin04/01/15
4979Maya Angelou (FOREVER/49¢) (Pane of 12)04/07/15
4980-1Civil War (FOREVER/49¢), 2 different, Battle of Five Forks & Surrender at Appomattox (dbl-sided pane of 12 and imperforate press sheet)04/09/15
4982-5Gifts of Friendship: Dogwood and Cherry Blossoms (FOREVER/49¢), Pane of 1204/10/15
  4982 -   Lincoln Memorial
4983 -   Capitol
4984 -   Japanese Diet, Tokyo
4985 -   Clock Tower, Tokyo
4986Special Olympics, World Games (FOREVER/49¢), (pane of 20)05/09/15
4987Forget-Me-Not Missing Children (FOREVER/49¢)05/18/15
  Medal of Honor (FOREVER/49¢), Vietnam War, 3 diff. (prestige folio of 24)05/25/15
4989Emperor Penguins (FOREVER/22¢), additional ounce rate, Pane of 2006/01/15
4990Emperor Penguins (FOREVER/22¢), Coil of 10006/01/15
4991-4Coastal Birds (FOREVER/35¢), 4 diff., postcard rate, Pane of 2006/01/15
4995-8Coastal Birds (FOREVER/35¢), 4 diff., postcard rate, Coil of 10006/01/15
4999Eastern Tiger Swallowtail (FOREVER/71¢), pane of 2006/01/15
5000Wedding Cake (FOREVER/71¢), "Two Ounce" rate, pane of 2006/01/15
5001Yes I Do (FOREVER/71¢), "Two Ounce" rate, pane of 2006/01/15
5002Vintage Tulip (FOREVER/71¢), "Two Ounce" rate, pane of 2006/01/15
5003Flannery O'Connor (FOREVER/93¢), 3-ounce rate, pane of 20, (Literary Arts series)06/05/15
RW82$25 Ruddy Ducks, Federal migratory waterfowl hunting permit stamp, water-activated pane of 20 & self-adhesive pane of 1 (#RW82A)06/26/15
5004-7Summer Harvest (FOREVER/49¢), 4 different Vintage Advertising artwork with Watermelons, Sweet Corn, Cantaloupes, and Tomatoes, DS Booklet of 2007/11/15
  5004 -   watermelons
5005 -   sweet corn
5006 -   cantaloupes
5007 -   tomatoes
5008Coast Guard (FOREVER/49¢), 100th Anniversary08/04/15
5009Elvis Presley (FOREVER/49¢), (in Music Icons series)08/12/15
5010-1World Stamp Show, NY 2016 (FOREVER/49¢), 2 different in pane of 2008/20/15
  5010 -   red
5011 -   blue
5012Ingrid Bergman, Legends of Hollywood series, Pane of 2008/20/15
5013-8Spectrum Eagles (25¢) presorted rate, coil, 6 different ('2015' yr date)09/2/15
  5013 -   green
5014 -   blue green
5015 -   blue
5016 -   red violet
5017 -   brown orange
5018 -   yellow orange
5019Neon Celebrate (FOREVER/49¢), pane of 20 ('2015' yr date)09/9/15
5020Paul Newman (FOREVER/49¢), pane of 2009/18/15
5021-30Charlie Brown Christmas, 10 different in DS Booklet of 2010/1/15
5031-4Geometric Snowflakes, 4 different in DS Booklet of 2010/23/15
5035Purple Heart (pane of 20, unannounced issue printed by SSP with '2014' year date and microprinting; same design as #4704)October 2015
CVP-?Charlie Brown computer vended in panes of 102015
Scott #DescriptionIssue Date
  Bank Swallow, (same design as U680-1, but with new imprint on back)1/12/15
  Folk Art Eagle, (same design as U682-3, but with new imprint on back, #10)1/12/15
U689$5.75 Glade Creek Grist Mill, Priority Mail envelope1/12/15
U690-1Water Lilies, 2 envelopes, size #104/17/15
  U690   pink lily
U691   white lily
U692Forget-Me-Not Missing Children, size #105/18/15
Postal Cards
Scott #DescriptionIssue Date
UX646Flowers (FOREVER/35¢)07/31/15
UY53Flowers (FOREVER/35¢), Double-Reply card07/31/15

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