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Lunar Year of the Dog

STEM Education

Byodo-In Temple, Hawaii

Sleeping Bear Dunes, Michigan

Scott #DescriptionIssue Date
  Year of the Dog (FOREVER/49¢) (in Chinese New Year series), (pane of 12)01/11/18
  Love Flourishes (FOREVER/49¢), pane of 2001/18/18
  2¢ Lemons, coil of 10K01/19/18
  $6.70 Byodo-In Temple in Hawai'i (Priority Mail rate) pane of 401/21/18
  $24.70 Sleeping Bear Dunes in Michigan (Priority Mail Express rate) pane of 401/21/18
  Lena Horne (FOREVER/50¢), (Black Heritage series)01/30/18
  US Flag (FOREVER/50¢), Coil (?)02/09/18
  Bioluminescent Life (FOREVER/50¢), 10 different in panes of 2002/22/18
  Illinois statehood (FOREVER/50¢)03/05/18
  Mister Rogers (FOREVER/50¢)03/23/18
  Ca. Dogface Butterfly, 71¢ nonmachinable surchage rate stamp, pane of 202018
  STEM Education (FOREVER/50¢), 4 different2018
  Peace Rose (FOREVER/50¢), Coil (?)2018
  Sally Ride (FOREVER/50¢)2018
  Flag Act of 1818 (FOREVER/50¢)2018
  Frozen Treats (FOREVER/50¢), 10 different in DS Booklet2018
      Watermellon / Tri-color Blue
    Chocolate Topped / Lime double
    Peach Bite / Pink-topped tri-color cone
    Pink-topped w/sprinkles / Cone with dots
    Green-Yellow Stripes / Raspberry Topped Peach
    3-Fruit / Raspberry Bite
    Orange-topped tri-color / Blue Stripes
    Fudgesicle / Blueberry top
    2 horizontal Squiggles / Cone with sprinkles
    Grape-topped cone / Pink over Blue cone
    DS Booklet of 20
  O Beautiful (FOREVER/50¢), 20 different in pane2018
  World War I, Turning the Tide (FOREVER/50¢)2018
  Dragons (FOREVER/50¢), 4 different2018
  John Lennon (FOREVER/50¢), (in Music Icons series)2018
  Birds in Winter (FOREVER/50¢), 4 different, DS Booklet(?)2018
  The Art of Magic (FOREVER/50¢), 5 different in pane2018
RW85$25 Waterfowl, pane of 20 (wa), and #RW85A, pane of 1 (sa) 2018
Scott #DescriptionIssue Date
  $6.70 Byodo-In Temple Priority Mail stamped envelope01/21?/18
Postal Cards
Scott #DescriptionIssue Date
  Not Yet Announced (FOREVER/35¢), postcard2018

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