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Lunar Year of the Rat

Big Bend

Grand Island Ice Caves, MI

Great Outdoors

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Earth Day

(updated 01/28/20)
Scott #DescriptionIssue Date
5428Lunar New Year, Rat mask (FOREVER/55¢) (in Chinese New Year series), pane of 2001/11/20
5429$7.75 Big Bend Texas, Priority Mail, Pane of 401/18/20
5430$26.35 Grand Island Ice Caves, Priority Mail Express, Pane of 401/18/20
5431Love: Made of Hearts (FOREVER/55¢), pane of 2001/23/20
5432Gwen Ifill (FOREVER/55¢), Journalist, pane of 20   (Black Heritage series)01/30/20
5433Star coil, Presorted rate (10¢), rolls of 3K & 10K02/03/20
  Let's Celebrate (FOREVER/55¢), pane of 2002/14/20
  Wild Orchids (FOREVER/55¢), 10 different in DS Booklet and Coils02/21/20
  ?   Cypripedium californicum
?   Hexalectris spicata
?   Cypripedium reginae
?   Spiranthes odorata
?   Triphora tranthophoros
?   Platanthera grandiflora
?   Cyrtopodium polyphyllum
?   Calopogon tuberosus
?   Platanthera leucophaea
?   another one
  Arnold Palmer (FOREVER/55¢), pane of 2003/04/20
  Maine Statehood (FOREVER/55¢), 200th anniv., pane of 2003/14/20
  Cactus Boutonniere (FOREVER/55¢), pane of 2004/02/20
  Corsage (FOREVER/70¢), two-ounce rate, pane of 2004/02/20
  Earth Day (FOREVER/55¢), pane of 2004/18/20
  Pink Chrysanthemum (FOREVER/$1.20), pane of 10, AP04/24/20
  American Gardens (FOREVER/55¢), 10 different in Panes of 2005/13/20
  ?   Brooklyn Botanic Garden, NY
?   Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens, OH
?   Dumbarton Oaks Garden, DC
?   Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, ME
?   Chicago Botanic Garden, IL
?   Winterthur Garden, DE
?   Biltmore Estate Gardens, NC
?   Alfred B Maclay Gardens State Park, FL
?   Huntington Botanical Gardens, CA
?   Norfolk Botanical Garden, VA
  Voices of the Harlem Renaissance (FOREVER/55¢), 4 diff. in pane of 2005/21/20
  ?   Nella Larsen
?   Arturo Schomburg
?   Anne Spencer
?   Alain Locke
  $25(?) Whistling Ducks2020
  Enjoy the Great Outdoors (FOREVER/55¢), 5 diff. in pane of 20(?)2020
  ?   building a sandcastle
?   canoeing
?   hiking
?   biking
?   cross-country skiing
  Hip Hop (FOREVER/55¢), 4 diff. in pane of 202020
  ?   MCing (rapping)
?   b-boying (breakdancing)
?   DJing
?   graffiti art
  Fruits and Vegetables (FOREVER/55¢), 10 different in still-life paintings in DS Booklet of 202020
  ?   plums
?   tomatoes
?   carrots
?   lemons
?   blueberries
?   grapes
?   lettuce
?   strawberries
?   eggplant
?   figs
  Thank You (FOREVER/55¢), 4 different colors DS Booklet of 202020
  19th Amendment (FOREVER/55¢), Women get to Vote (...and yet they still allow men to dominate politics...really?), pane of 202020
  Mayflower (FOREVER/55¢), arrives in Plymouth Harbor in 1620, pane of 202020
  Drug Free USA (FOREVER/55¢), pane of 20October '20
  Hanukkah (FOREVER/55¢), pane of 20October '20
  Kwanzaa (FOREVER/55¢), pane of 20October '20
Scott #DescriptionIssue Date
  $7.75 Big Bend Texas, Priority Mail stamped envelope01/18/20
  Flag (FOREVER/55¢) stamped envelope2020(?)
Postal Cards
Scott #DescriptionIssue Date
  Not Yet Announced (FOREVER/35¢), postcard2020
AP = Ashton Potter USA Ltd       BCA = Banknote Corporation of America

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