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(updated 12/21/20 )
Scott #DescriptionIssue Date
5428Lunar New Year, Rat mask (FOREVER/55¢) (in Chinese New Year series), pane of 20 & press sheet, ptr: BCA, lithographed w/foil application01/11/20
5429$7.75 Big Bend National Park, Texas, Priority Mail, Pane of 4, ptr: AP01/18/20
5430$26.35 Grand Island Ice Caves, Michigan, Priority Mail Express, Pane of 4, ptr: AP01/18/20
5431Love: Made of Hearts (FOREVER/55¢), pane of 20 & press sheet, ptr: AP01/23/20
5432Gwen Ifill (FOREVER/55¢), Journalist, pane of 20 & partial press sheet   (Black Heritage series), ptr: BCA01/30/20
5433Star coil, Presorted rate (10¢), rolls of 3K & 10K, ptr: BCA02/03/20
5434Let's Celebrate (FOREVER/55¢), pane of 2002/14/20
5435-54Wild Orchids (FOREVER/55¢), 10 different in DS Booklet and Coils (of 3K & 10K)02/21/20
  5445 pane, 5439 coil   Triphora tranthophoros
5446 pane, 5440 coil   Cypripedium californicum
5447 pane, 5441 coil   Hexalectris spicata
5448 pane, 5442 coil   Cypripedium reginae
5449 pane, 5438 coil   Spiranthes odorata
5450 pane, 5443 coil   Platanthera leucophaea
5451 pane, 5444 coil   Triphora tranthophora
5452 pane, 5435 coil   Platanthera grandiflora
5453 pane, 5436 coil   Cyrtopodium polyphyllum
5454 pane, 5437 coil   Calopogon tuberosus
5455Arnold Palmer (FOREVER/55¢), pane of 20 & partial Press Sheets03/04/20
5456Maine Statehood (FOREVER/55¢), 200th anniv., pane of 2003/14/20
5457Cactus Boutonniere (FOREVER/55¢), pane of 20, ptr: AP04/02/20
5458Corsage (FOREVER/70¢), two-ounce rate, pane of 20, ptr: AP04/02/20
5459Earth Day (FOREVER/55¢), #5459a, DS Booklet pane of 20, BCA04/18/20
5460Pink Chrysanthemum (FOREVER/$1.20), pane of 10, AP04/24/20
5461-70American Gardens (FOREVER/55¢), 10 different in Panes of 20 & press sheet, ptr: BCA05/13/20
  5461   Brooklyn Botanic Garden, NY
5462   Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens, OH
5463   Dumbarton Oaks Garden, DC
5464   Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, ME
5465   Chicago Botanic Garden, IL
5466   Winterthur Garden, DE
5467   Biltmore Estate Gardens, NC
5468   Alfred B Maclay Gardens State Park, FL
5469   Huntington Botanical Gardens, CA
5470   Norfolk Botanical Garden, VA
5470a   Block of 10
5471-4Voices of the Harlem Renaissance (FOREVER/55¢), 4 diff. in pane of 20 & press sheet, ptr: BCA05/21/20
  5471   Nella Larsen
5472   Arturo Schomburg
5473   Anne Spencer
5474   Alain Locke
5474a   Strip of 4
5475-9Enjoy the Great Outdoors (FOREVER/55¢), 5 diff. in pane of 2006/13/20
  5475   building a sandcastle
5476   canoeing
5477   hiking
5478   biking
5479   cross-country skiing
5479a   v. Strip of 5
RW87$25 Whistling Ducks (formats: pane of 20 & Sheetlet of 1, #RW87A)06/26/20
5480-3Hip Hop (FOREVER/55¢), 4 diff. in pane of 2007/01/20
  5480   MCing (rapping)
5481   b-boying (breakdancing)
5482   graffiti art
5483   DJing
5483a   Block of 4
5484-93Fruits and Vegetables (FOREVER/55¢), 10 different in still-life paintings in DS Booklet of 2007/17/20
  5484   plums
5485   tomatoes
5486   carrots
5487   lemons
5488   blueberries
5489   grapes
5490   lettuce
5491   strawberries
5492   eggplants
5493   figs
5493a   Block of 10
5493b   Booklet Pane of 20
5494-503Bugs Bunny (FOREVER/55¢), Panes of 20 & press sheet, ptr: BCA07/27/20
  5494   Barber (from "Rabbit of Seville")
5495   Basketball Player (from "Space Jam")
5496   Hollywood Celebrity (from "A Hare Grows in Manhattan")
5497   Court Jester (from "Knighty Knight Bugs")
5498   Brunhilde (from "What's Opera, Doc?")
5499   Mermaid (from "Hare Ribbin'")
5500   Piano Player (from "Rhapsody Rabbit")
5501   Super-Rabbit
5502   Baseball Player (from "Baseball Bugs")
5503   Soldier from WWII
5503a   Block of 10
5504-13Ruth Aiko Asawa (FOREVER/55¢), artist & sculptor, 10 different in Panes of 2008/13/20
  #?   three looped wire sculptures
#?   five spiraling columns
#?   two lobes w/three layers
#?   single lobe in front of two lobes
#?   nine bubbles
#?   three-layered circular form w/darker center
#?   five interlocking double trumpets
#?   multiple cones suspended vertically
#?   three-lobed form above suspended open sphere
#?   six looped wire sculptures
#5513a   Block of 10
5514-8Innovations (FOREVER/55¢), 5 different in Panes of 2008/20/20
  #5514   computing
#5515   biomedicine
#5516   genome sequencing
#5517   robotics
#5518   solar tech.
#5518a   v. Strip of 5
5519-22Thank You (FOREVER/55¢), 4 different colors Pane of 2008/21/20
  #5519   color: lake
#5520   color: yellow-green
#5521   color: slate
#5522   color: violet
#5522a   Block of 4
552319th Amendment (FOREVER/55¢), Women get to Vote (...and they still vote for men?...really?), pane of 2008/22/20
5524Mayflower (FOREVER/55¢), arrives in Plymouth Harbor in 1620, pane of 2009/13/20
5526-9Holiday Delights (FOREVER/55¢), 4 different in DS Booklet of 2009/24/20
CVP-?Christmas Stocking (FOREVER/55¢), Computer-Vended Pane of 10Oct/Nov 2020
5530Hanukkah (FOREVER/55¢), pane of 20, ptr: AP10/06/20
5531Kwanzaa (FOREVER/55¢), pane of 20, ptr: BCA10/13/20
5532-41Winter Scenes (FOREVER/55¢), 10 different in DS Booklet of 20, ptr: AP10/16/20
  #5532   two deer
#5533   Northern Cardinal
#5534   trees/gold sky
#5535   red barn w/wreath
#5536   Barred Owl
#5537   Blue Jay
#5538   barn w/snowy roof
#5539   rabbit
#5540   snowy path in woods
#5541   two horses
#5541a   Block of 10
#5541b   DS Booklet of 20
5525Christmas: Our Lady of Guapulo (FOREVER/55¢), in DS Booklet of 20, ptr: BCA10/20/20
5542Drug Free USA (FOREVER/55¢), Panes of 20 & press sheet, ptr: AP10/27/20
Scott #DescriptionIssue Date
U699$7.75 Big Bend National Park, Priority Mail stamped envelope (sold in packs of 5 or 10)01/18/20
U700Flag (FOREVER/55¢) stamped envelope (10 diff. formats)06/15/20
Postal Cards
Scott #DescriptionIssue Date
  Not Yet Announced (FOREVER/35¢), postcard2020
AP = Ashton Potter USA Ltd       BCA = Banknote Corporation of America

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