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(updated 3/8/19)
Scott #DescriptionIssue Date
5339Hearts Blossom (FOREVER/50¢), pane of 2001/10/19
5340Year of the Boar (FOREVER/50¢) (in Chinese New Year series), pane of 1201/17/19
5341Uncle Sam's Hats (FOREVER/15¢), additional-ounce rate, coil of 100, BCA, same design as #517401/27/19
5342-5Flag (FOREVER/55¢), DS Booklet of 20 & Coil of 100, two printers01/27/19
  5342   Coil (APU)
5343   Coil (BCA)
5344   DS Booklet (APU)
5345   DS Booklet (BCA)
5346Ca. Dogface Butterfly, 70¢ non-machinable surcharge (1-oz.) rate stamp, pane of 2001/27/19
5347$7.35 Joshua Tree, Priority Mail in Pane of 401/27/19
5348$25.50 Bethesda Fountain, Priority Mail Express, Pane of 401/27/19
5349Gregory Hines (FOREVER/55¢), pane of 20   (Black Heritage series)01/28/19
5350-9Cactus Flowers (FOREVER/55¢), 10 different in DS Booklet02/15/19
5360Alabama statehood (FOREVER/55¢), pane of 2002/23/19
  Tricolored Ribbon Star (FOREVER/55¢), pane of 20, coils of 3K & 10K03/22/19
  Coral Reef (FOREVER/35¢), 4 diff. (postcard rate) in pane of 20/coil of 10003/29/19
  Marvin Gaye (FOREVER/55¢), (Pane of 16, in Music Icons series)04/02/19
  Post Office Murals (FOREVER/55¢), 5 diff. designs in pane of 1004/10/19
  *   "Kiowas Moving Camp" (1936) Anadarko, OK
*   "Mountains and Yucca" (1937) Deming, NM
*   "Antelope" (1939) Florence, CO
*   "Sugarloaf Mountain" (1940) Rockville, MD
*   "Air Mail" (1941) Piggott, AR
  Maureen "Little Mo" Connolly Brinker (FOREVER/55¢) in pane of 2004/23/19
  Transcontinental Railroad (FOREVER/55¢), 3 diff. in pane of 1805/10/19
  *   Steam Locomotive "Jupiter"
*   Golden Spike
*   Steam Locomotive "No. 119"
*   Strip of 3
  Wild & Scenic Rivers (FOREVER/55¢), 12 diff. designs in Pane of 1205/21/19
  *   Merced River
*   Owyhee River
*   Koyukuk River
*   Niobrara River
*   Snake River
*   Flathead River
*   Missouri River
*   Skagit River
*   Deschutes River
*   Tlikakila River
*   OntonagonRiver
*   Clarion River
  Ellsworth Kelly (FOREVER/55¢), 10 diff. in pane of 2005/31/19
  USS Missouri (BB-63) (FOREVER/55¢), pane of 2006/11/19
  George H.W. Bush (FOREVER/55¢), pane of 20(?)06/12/19
  Tyrannosaurus Rex (FOREVER/55¢), 4 different, pane of 1606/28/19
  $25 Wood Duck & Decoy, pane of 1June? 2019
  Walt Whitman (FOREVER/85¢), 3-ounce rate pane of 202019
  Moon Landing 50th Anniv. (FOREVER/55¢), pane of 20?2019
  Frogs (FOREVER/?¢), 4 diff. in DS Booklet ?2019
  Sesame Street characters (FOREVER/55¢), 16 different, pane of 162019
  Military Working Dogs (FOREVER/55¢), 4 diff. in DS Booklet2019
  State/County Fairs (FOREVER/55¢), strip of 4 in pane of 20?2019
  Woodstock (FOREVER/55¢), in pane of 20?2019
  Halloween (FOREVER/55¢), 4 different, format?2019
  Winter Berries (FOREVER/55¢), 4 diff. in DS Booklet ?2019
  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (55¢+?¢), semi-postal in pane of 202019
Scott #DescriptionIssue Date
U698$7.35 Joshua Tree, Priority Mail stamped envelope01/27/19
  Flag (FOREVER/55¢) stamped envelopeMarch? 2019
Postal Cards
Scott #DescriptionIssue Date
  Not Yet Announced (FOREVER/35¢), postcard2019
AP = Ashton Potter USA Ltd       BCA = Banknote Corporation of America

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