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Last updated 08/13/21

Stamps which have been added or restocked in the last 45 days are marked as  

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 ARGENTINA452aUSED 10¢ imperforate single with very light cancel 3.50
 ARGENTINAC93USED 18p UPU on cover w/First Day of Issue cancel 0.30

# 590
ARGENTINAvarious22 USED, early (1888-1903) issues, some duplication 0.80
# 805AUSTRIA354, 358USED on card advertising FDC service 0.75
 AUSTRIA650USED, on FDC 0.45
 AUSTRALIA630-5USED - 18¢ Australian Explorers, set of 6 (VF/VF+) 0.65
 AUSTRALIA741a-eUSED - 22¢ Waltzing Matilda, set of 5 (2 stamps w/moderate damage) 0.25
 AUSTRALIA1027USED - 37¢ First Fleet Arrives at Rio de Janeiro, strip of 5, on FDC 1.75
 AUSTRALIA1031MINT - 37¢ The Early Years, strip of 5 (Bicentennial issue)XF, NH1.25
 AUSTRALIA1031USED - 37¢ The Early Years, strip of 5, on FDC 2.00
 AUSTRALIA10531¢ Living Together - Religion 0.11
 AUSTRALIA10542¢ Living Together - Industry 0.12
 AUSTRALIA10553¢ Living Together - Local Government 0.13
 AUSTRALIA10575¢ Living Together - Parliament 0.15
 AUSTRALIA106230¢ Living Together - Welfare 0.45
 AUSTRALIA106440¢ Living Together - Recreation 0.45
 AUSTRALIA106855¢ Living Together - Education 0.75
 AUSTRALIA106960¢ Living Together - Armed Forces 0.90
 AUSTRALIA107063¢ Living Together - Police 1.30
 AUSTRALIA107165¢ Living Together - Telecommunications 0.90
 AUSTRALIA107268¢ Living Together - The Media 1.30
 AUSTRALIA107475¢ Living Together - Visual Arts 1.05
 AUSTRALIA107795¢ Living Together - Law 1.30
 AUSTRALIA107937¢ Queen Elizabeth II, 62nd birthday 0.45
 AUSTRALIA108037¢ Expo '88 0.45
 AUSTRALIA108137¢ Parliament House opened, Canberra 0.45
 AUSTRALIA1079-10813 FDCs, Australia Post cacheted envelopes;  Queen Elizabeth II, Expo '88, Parliament House opened 1.00
 AUSTRALIA1083a37¢ Australia Bicentennial pair (#1082-3) 0.70
         1082-3       37¢ Australia Bicentennial singles 0.65
 AUSTRALIA1085a$1 Australia Bicentennial pair (#1084-5) 1.90
         1084-5       $1 Australia Bicentennial singles 1.85
 AUSTRALIA1694aButterflies, mint strip of 5 2.00
BELGIUM1052-3USED (2), St. Benedict & Margaret of AustriaVF0.15
BELGIUMQ271,276,279-80,282-5,287-90USED (12), Official Railway stampsVF0.15
 BELIZE594-5USED (CTO), Independence, 10ct Flag, 35ct Map (2 lowest values of 1981 set of 6) 0.15
 BERMUDA367-8USED, 8ct Cardinal, 10ct Spiny Lobster (2 values from 1978-9 set of 17)VF+0.30
 BHUTAN220A-GMINT, 5ch - 35ch, Ceremonial Masks, set of 7, simulated 3-D using a plastic overlay (catalog value $2.45)VF0.80
BRAZIL989MINT, NH, 30cr Euclides da CunhaVF+0.80
BRAZIL1469-71USED, Finger PuppetsVF+0.20
BRAZIL2111MINT, Royal Portuguese Cabinet of Literature, 150th Anniv.VF+0.40
 BURUNDI303-5, C107-9USED, Christmas 1969 (complete set, CTO) 0.30
 BURUNDI276-9USED, European and African-Malgache Economic Community (1969 complete set, CTO) 0.30
 CANADA     Listed on separate page
 CAYMAN ISLANDS404a-cUSED, 25th Anniv. of Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, on FDC (embossed cachet, unaddressed)VF0.60
 CHILEC6B, C6DUSED, on coverVF+1.00
 CHILEJ43-7MINT set of 4, Postage Due (3 NH, 1 HR)AVG-VF0.25
 COLOMBIAC664USED, Muisca Culture, First Day Cover, cacheted, unaddressedXF0.30
 CONGOJ35/41, J36/42triangles MINT SINGLEsXF0.20
 CUBA577-81USED, Generals of the LiberationF+/VF+0.40
 CUBAC34, C35USED, on First Day Cover, also #RA3 postal tax stampF-VF3.00
 CUBAC197USED, 12c on 1pVF0.50
nlnDAHOMEYC31USED, (CTO), Dr. Albert Schweitzer (1966)VF0.50
 DENMARK370USED, 30o revalued World Refugee Year SINGLE on FDC (unaddressed)VF+0.30
# 538DENMARK449-52MINT, IndustriesF-VF0.55
 DENMARK563MINT, 90o Balloon & Sailing ShipsXF0.25
 DENMARKB49-52MINT, American BicentennialVF-XF1.90
DJIBOUTI506-8USED, Seashells (catalog value >$1.50)XF0.50
DJIBOUTI510USED, 100fr Lions Club of Djibouti (camels & locomotive)XF0.25
 DOMINICA2060G, 2061-2MINT, Mickey & Minnie's 70th Anniversay S/S of 7 (#2060G); Disney, Mickey & Minnie S/S (#2061); Surprise Party S/S (#2062); All 3 S/S, MNH, no faults 2009 catalog = $24MNH, no faults6.00
 ETHIOPIA268MINT, 5¢ Red CrossVF+, LH0.30
 FINLAND368-9USED, 30m & 40m World Refugee Year on unaddressed FDCXF0.80
 FINLAND768MINT, 3.00 Finnish Settlement in Ameria (joint issue with US #C117)VF+1.00
 FRANCE334USED, 90¢ Mountain road at IseranVF0.08
 FRANCE779USED, 25fr BrouageVF0.10
nlnFRANCE852USED, 16fr, med cancelVF0.10
 FRENCH MOROCCOC1MINT, 5c Biplane over CasablancaVF+0.10

 GABONC109-11MINT, complete set of 6, Attractive & Colorful Flowers and AircraftF+/XF3.25
 GDR149-50MINT, NH, short set of 2 for 6th International Bicycle Peace RaceF/VF0.80
 GDR504/8USED, CTO, short set of 4 (missing #506) for eissen porcelain worksVF0.15
 GDR1032-6USED, CTO, short set of 5, Paintings from Dresden GalleryF/VF0.80
 GDR1105/10USED, CTO, short set of 5 (missing #1109), MineralsVF+0.20
 GDR1160/5USED, CTO, short set of 5 (missing #1163), Russian Paintings from Dresden Gallery of Modern MastersVF+0.80
 GDR1184,5,7USED, CTO, short set of 3, Beautifully colored - Treasures from the Halle MuseumVF+0.40
 GDR1306/11USED, CTO, short set of 5 (missing #1310), Beautiful Antiquities from the Green Vault, DresdenVF+0.20
 GDR1318-20, 1322-3USED, Ships, nh, 10pf, 15pf, 20pf, 40pf, 50pf (partial set, CTO)F+/XF0.30
 GDR1444-8USED, CTO, short set of 5, Beautifully colored - Fossils from Natural Histroy MuseumVF+0.25
 GDR1678-82USED, CTO, Full set of 5, Traffic Police serving & instructing the publicF+/VF+0.90
 GDR1729-34Orchids, USED (cto) nh, Complete Set of beautiful full color European orchidsVF+1.35
 GDR1769-74USED, CTO, Full set of 6, Fish - GuppiesVF/VF+1.00
 GDR1817-21USED, CTO, Full set of 5, Vogtland Musical Instruments from Markneukirchen MuseumVF+1.25
 GDR2000Automobiles, USED 20pf + 35pf sheet of 2 + label picturing a Horch 8, 1911 and a Trabant 601S De Luxe 1978, with (CTO) First Day cancel (lightly folded along perfs)XF0.65
 GDR2254-9Poisonous Plants, USED (cto) nh, Complete Set of attractive full color poisonous plantsVF+2.00
 GERMANY574-7MINT NH Set of 4 Singles, Germany Reaching for PeaceVF2.00
 GERMANY807-8USED 10pf & 40pf World Refugee Year on unaddressed FDCVF1.50
nlnGERMANY1102USED Single, FDC, unaddresssed, cachetedXF0.45
 GHANA1-4Ghana Independence 6TH March 1957", CTO, full setF+/XF0.30
 GHANA5-13, 25-6Gold Coast overprinted "Ghana Independence 6TH March 1957", CTO, partial set (missing #27)F-XF0.80
  GREAT BRITAIN460USED, 1s3p World Cup 1966 [on paper with 1970 England Last Day as Holders (of World Cup) cancel]VF0.15
 GREAT BRITAIN466-9USED, British Technology (complete set) (on paper with 1st Day cancel)F-VF0.45
 GREAT BRITAIN518-21USED, British Discoveries (complete set; Radar, Penicillin, Jet engines, Television camera) (on FDC)F-VF0.45
  GREAT BRITAIN581, 584USED, Concorde (581), Vickers Vimy Plane (584) (on paper)F-VF0.40
  GREAT BRITAIN843-6USED set of 4, Bicycling Organizations (on FDC - addressed)VF-XF0.55
 GREAT BRITAIN859-62USED, Flags of Member Nations as Ballots (complete set)VF0.35
  GREAT BRITAIN1000-1USED set of 2, Information Technology (on FDC - addressed)F-VF0.50
#115GREAT BRITAIN1031-4MINT set of 4, British Fairs (in Presentation Folder)F-XF2.00
 GREAT BRITAIN1053-6USED PAIRs, Europa (on FDC)VF1.00
#118GREAT BRITAIN1058-61MINT set of 4, Greenwich Meridian centenary (in Presentation Folder)VF-XF2.20
#125GREAT BRITAIN1331-5MINT set of 5, Gallantry Awards (in Presentation Folder)VF2.25
#170GREAT BRITAIN1360-3MINT set, Scientific Achievements (in Presentation Folder, incl. complimentary ticket to Science Museum, London)F-XF2.50
#172GREAT BRITAIN1382-6MINT set of 5, Roses (in Presentation Folder)VF+/XF3.00
#176GREAT BRITAIN1392-5MINT set of 4, Ordnance Survey Maps (in Presentation Folder)VF+2.85
#179GREAT BRITAIN1436-40MINT strip of 5 (#1440a), Queen Elisabeth II's Accession to the Throne, 40th Anniv. (in Presentation Folder)VF+2.50
#180GREAT BRITAIN1449-53MINT, 2 sets, Discovery of America by Columbus (#1449-50), Summer Olympics (#1451-3) (5 stamps in Europa '92 Presentation Folder)F-XF3.25
#202GREAT BRITAIN1454-7MINT set of 4, The English Civil War (in Presentation Folder)VF-XF2.75
 GREAT BRITAIN1458-62MINT set of 5, Gilbert and SullivanF+/VF2.25
212GREAT BRITAIN1458-62MINT set of 5, Gilbert and Sullivan (in Presentation Folder)VF+/XF3.00
217GREAT BRITAIN1493-7MINT set of 5, Orchids (in Presentation Folder)VF-XF3.00
545GREAT BRITAIN1502-5MINT set of 4, Roman Britain (Roman artifacts) (in Presentation Folder)F+/VF+2.50
553GREAT BRITAIN1506-9MINT set of 4, Inland Waterways (British Canals) (in Presentation Folder)VF2.90
556GREAT BRITAIN1506-9MINT strip of 5 (#1519a), Sherlock Holmes (in Presentation Folder)VF2.60
604GREAT BRITAIN1548-52MINT set of 5, Investiture of Prince of Wales (watercolor landscapes by Prince Charles) (in Presentation Folder)VF3.00
605GREAT BRITAIN1562-6MINT strip of 5, D-Day, 50th Anniversary (in Presentation Folder)VF+2.75
608GREAT BRITAIN1763-6MINT set of 4, The Queen's Horses (in Presentation Folder)VF3.50

GREAT BRITAIN1800aMINT strip of 5, 26p The Queen's Beasts (Royal Arms) (in Presentation Pack #285)VF2.40
 GREECE325USED SINGLE, on postcard of the ParthenonVF0.20
 GREECE667-8USED 2.50d & 4.50d World Refugee Year on unaddressed FDCXF1.00
 GRENADA-Grenadines67-73USED, CTO, complete set of 7, Works by MichelangeloF/VF+0.70
 GRENADA-Grenadines91-8USED, CTO, complete set of 8, American BicentennialVF0.60
 GRENADA-Grenadines91-5MINT, partial set of 5, American BicentennialVF-XF0.20
 GRENADA-Grenadines109-13MINT, partial set of 5, YachtsVF-XF0.20
#540GUERNSEY--4½ pence Registered Letter embossed cover, cancelled 1928 w/cancels on reverse make offer--?
  GUINEA-BISSAU442-7USED (CTO), Beautiful Short Set of 6 Hot Air BalloonsVF0.75
  GUINEA-BISSAU611//616USED (CTO), Olympic Winners (sports), partial set 5 out of 7VF0.30
 HAITI444-6, C139-141USED, issued in memory of Pope Pius XII. Full Set of 6.VF/XF1.00
 HAITI448-50, C145-7USED, issued for 3rd Pan-American Games held in Chicago 1959. Complete set of 6 stamps.VF/XF1.50
 HAITIMISC.USED, #424-7 Geophysical Yr., #545-7 Gemini VI & VII rendezvous, #638 hydro-electric dam, #C351 Martin Luther King, Jr.VF/XF0.30
 HONDURASvarious6 MINT & 2 USED, Airmail and Official stamps (incl. #C222-4, C326, CO98-100)VF/XF0.20
 HONG KONG286aUSED, $5 QueenVF+0.75
 HUNGARY1203-07USED SINGLEs, 5 vals. Table Tennis, Wrestling, & SwimmingVF-XF0.30
 HUNGARY1381Space, USED, depicts rocket Launching Vostok 1F+0.45
 HUNGARY1233-5Birds, USED (3)VF+0.15
 HUNGARY1465-9Roses, USED, partial set of 5 (CTO)VF/XF0.20
 HUNGARY1740-5Flowers, USED (CTO), attractive complete set of 6VF+/XF0.75
 HUNGARY1829-33Flags/Ships/Castles/Shipyard, USED (CTO), very attractive partial set of 5VF+/XF0.80
 HUNGARY2097-9Horse Racing, USED (3)VF+0.15
 HUNGARY2156-60town of Szekesfehervar, USED (CTO), colorful partial set of 5VF/XF0.20
 HUNGARY2289-91Chess, USED (cto), partial set w/colorful images of 13th/15th C. artworkVF+0.20
 HUNGARY2421American Revolution Bicentennial, US Stamp on Stamp, USED on FDC (clean & addressed)VF0.60
 ICELAND325-6USED 2.50k & 4.50k World Refugee Year on unaddressed FDCVF1.00
 ICELAND517Jon Sigurdssn, Icelandic statesman and leader in independence movement (on FDC, clean/unaddressed)VF0.30
 IFNI78-9, B25-6MINT SET, Flowers1-F/3-VF0.30
 IRELAND1149a#1146-9 Postboxes, Strip of 4 w/top margin "Irish Postboxes"VF+2.75
#830IRELAND1149a#1146-9 Postboxes, Strip of 4 w/top margin "Irish Postboxes"VF+3.00
#842ISRAEL312, 313-7, 385FDCs, w/tabs, unaddressed. #312 £1 Knesset Bldg, Jerusalem, #313-7 Traffic Safety (5), #385 60a 8th MaccabiahVF1.00
 ISRAEL724a£10 Peace Treaty with Egypt, S/SXF0.40
 ITALY1586MINT 400L 2nd European Parliament ElectionsXF0.35
 ITALY1644MINT 600L 7th Intl. Congress for Crime PreventionXF0.60

 JAPAN3695 copies, USED on COVER, lightly cancelled 1.20
 JAPAN867MINT SINGLE, Chum SalmonVF0.15
 LAOS42-3MINT, 10ct and 30ct Elephants (2 values from 1958 set of 7)VF+0.40
 LIBERIA675-7USED, World Cup Soccer Championship, Munich'74, partial set,VF0.20
 LIECHTENSTEIN32-8, 42MINT, 1920, 8 varieties, Coat of Arms and Chapel of St. Mamertus (catalog value >$3.10)F-VF0.70
"Liechtenstein Thrives on Stamps"
(National Geographic Magazine, July 1948, 8 pgs, 4 pics)
actual magazine pages 0.75
 LUXEMBOURG357-8USED 2.50fr & 5fr World Refugee Year on unaddressed FDCVF+0.50
 MALIC277-9USED, American Bicentennial & Interphil '76, Complete Set,VF/VF+1.00
 MEXICO709, 712USED on COVER--0.20
 MONACO447USED 25c World Refugee Year on unaddressed FDCVF+0.35
 MONACO592-5MINT, complete set of 4, 18th Olympic Games, TokyoVF0.30
 MONACOJ40, J49MINT, 2f Pair Sailing Vessel & S.S. United StatesXF0.20
 MONGOLIA160-4USED, Mongol Sports (5). Partial SetF+/VF+0.25
 MONGOLIA214-8USED, Songbirds (5), triangles. Partial SetVF/XF0.25
 MONGOLIA285-7USED, World Soccer Championship,Chile. Partial SetVF+/XF0.15
ALLMONGOLIA All Mongolia stamps listed above (13) 0.55
 MOROCCO1-4,6USED partial set of 5, Sultan MohammedLH0.40
 MOROCCO642MINT, US/Moroccan Friendship, Joint Issue (see US #2349)NH0.25
 NETHERLANDS180USED, 12½ct Queen Wilhelmina, great condition - on paperFV+0.20
 NETHERLANDS989aMINT, 80¢ Growing Fruit in the four seasons, Complete Booklet in perfect conditionFV2.50
# 558NEW ZEALAND323-4, 326-8, 330-1USED assortment of 7 stamps from 1958-9F/VF0.25
 NICARAGUA1038-40MINT SINGLES, Rare stampsVF+0.30
 NICARAGUAC215a-216aUNUSED SINGLES, imperfF/F+0.15
ALLNICARAGUA All Nicaragua stamps listed above (5) 0.35
 NIGERC273-8USED, Complete set, 75th Anniversary of Zeppelins, including Souvenir Sheet (very colorful)VF+0.55
 NORWAYB64-5USED 45o+25o & 90o+25o World Refugee Year on unaddressed FDCVF/VF+11.00
 PANAMA452, 452AMINT, Partial set, 1964 Summer Olympics, TokyoXF0.20
 PANAMA493-493EUSED (cto), Complete set of 6, Hunting on Horseback (paintings), 1968VF+/XF0.90
 PARAGUAY1694a-g, 1695USED (cto), Complete set, 1976 Strip of 7 + single commemorating the U.S. Bicentennial with reproductions of famous U.S. Western Paintings (a beautiful set!)VF-XF1.20
 POLAND917aUSED BLOCK, 17th Olympic Games, RomeVF+ (perf seps)0.15
 POLAND1098-1100USED (cto), Partial set, 1962 Dr. Janusz Korczak book illustrationsVF+0.35
 POLAND1532-4USED, Russian Revolution, 50th anniversary; Cruiser Aurora (miitary ship), Lenin, Luna 10 (spacecraft)VF+ / 1 w/GD0.15
 POLAND2075a-7aUSED, Kestrels & Falcons, 2 Att'd Pairs (partial set of 4)VF+0.20
 POLAND2075a-7a, 2078USED, 1z Kestrels & 1.50z Falcons (2 Att'd Pairs) + 2z Hobby Falcon (partial set of 5)VF+0.25
 POLAND2111-3USED, Cartoon characters from TV programs f/children (partial set)VF+0.15
 POLAND2227-30USED, (4 large) Butterflies (partial set)VF+0.15
 POLAND2250aUSED, FDC, 6th World Iceboating Championships (pair #2249-50 + label)VF+0.35
 POLAND2423MINT, XF/NH, 8.40z Girl embracing dove, UN emblemXF0.25
 POLANDN83/946 USED & MINT MIX, Adolph Hitler, German Occupation of PolandF//VF+0.25
ALLPOLAND All Polish stamps listed above (29, not including duplicate listings) 1.95
#129PORTUGALVarious126 older USED (with duplication - about 26 different) from years 1895 to 1943 0.75
#671PORTUGAL996USED on coverVF1.00
 QUEENSLAND124MINT, ½p Victoria (vlh)F2.00
 QUEENSLAND131MINT, 1 penny Victoria (vlh)Good1.25
 REUNION63, 67USED, Map of Reunion (nice copies!)VF+0.15
# 834
ROMANIAvarious52 Different ROMANIA (commemoratives/pictorials)VF3.00
 ROMANIA489-90MINT, Complete set, 1939 New York World's FairF/VF0.30
ROMANIA491-2MINT, Set of 2. (Cat = $2.50)F/VF0.50
 ROMANIA504-5MINT, Complete set, 1940 The Balkan EntenteVF0.35
ROMANIA1149-51USED (cto), Medicine, Partial set 3 of 4. (Cat = $2.20)F/VF0.40
ROMANIA1719-28USED (cto), Reptiles, large & colorful, Complete set of 10. (Cat = $2.05)VF/XF0.50
ROMANIA1779-88USED (cto), Flowers, colorful, Complete set of 10. (Cat = $2.15)VF/XF0.45
 ROMANIA2387-93USED (cto), Partial set, 1972 highlights of US Apollo space programF/VF0.30
ROMANIA2583-8USED (cto), Rugs, large, colorful peasant rugs, Complete set of 6. (Cat = $1.20)VF/XF0.35
 ROMANIA2995-9USED (cto), Partial set, 1981 European Danube CommissionVF0.20
 ROMANIAB41-3USED, Complete set, 1934 Weaving ExpositionVF1.50
 ROMANIAB55MINT, 1936 King Carol II, 70th Anniversary of the Imperial DynastyVF0.50
 RUSSIA4440-4CTO, attractive complete set of autos, trucks and bus (catalog value >$1.00)XF0.30
 SAMOA31-8MINT, Provisional Government OverprintsFair-Fine (h/hr)2.00
 SAMOA114-5, 127USED (114-5)/MINT (127), SAMOA. overprintsVF (LH)0.20
 SPAIN1947USED Single, Celebrating the U.S. Bicentennial, FDC, addressedVF0.25
 SWEDEN553-4USED 20o (x1) & 40o (x3) World Refugee Year on unaddressed FDCVF0.55
 SWEDEN719MINT 35o "The Fjeld" by Sixten LundbohmXF0.20
 SWEDEN721MINT 4.50k Uppsala CathedralVF1.90
 SWEDEN754MINT SINGLE, v. minor GDXF0.95
 SWEDEN934MINT 65o "Only One Earth" Environment EmblemVF0.20
 SWEDEN935MINT 85o "Spring" Bror HjorthVF0.30
 SWEDEN1001-2MINT Set of 2, 65o Swedish Weather OrganizationVF0.50
 SWEDEN103645o sulphite pulp process XF0.20
 SWEDEN1100aMint, Booklet of 5, Shipping IndustryXF, MNH2.50
 SWEDEN1473USED Musik I Sverige, S/S completeVF2.00
 SWEDEN1588aMINT Stockholmia '86 Booklet (pane of 4, #1585-8)VF+4.00
 SWEDEN1586USED 2kr Stockholmia '86, Stamp Engraver on unaddressed FDC on Maximum Card (postcard size)VF+0.55
 SWEDEN2415eMINT Swedish Nobel Prize (Joint Issue), full Booklet of 4 (issued 3/22/01, excellent condition)VF+6.25
 SWEDENcat# ?1 MINT/1 USED Picture Postal Cards with Spirit of St. Louis and indicium of 1.10Kr single-engine plane with pontoons, one mint card and one First Day Cancelled card (10/8/77)clean0.75
 SWITZERLAND5O29-5O30, 5O32World Health Organization, USED partial set of 3 on FDC (clean/cacheted/unaddressed)

8O4-8O5, 8O7World Meteorological Organization, USED partial set of 3 on FDC (clean/cacheted/unaddressed)

10O4-10O5, 10O7International Telecommunication Union, USED partial set of 3 on FDC (clean/cacheted/unaddressed)

 All Three (3) First Day Covers listed above (9 stamps) 1.50
 SWITZERLAND10O1-10O2, 10O4-10O5, 10O7-10O9International Telecommunication Union, USED partial set of 7 on FDC (clean/unaddressed)

 TOGO493-4, C43USED (CTO) partial set, 18th Olympic games, Tokyo--0.40
 UNITED NATIONS14520th Anniversary S/S of 2F-VF0.10
 UNITED NATIONS215-22511 vars of 1971, MNHVF/XF1.95
 UNITED NATIONS226-2338 vars of 1972, MNHF/XF1.35
146-7 (Geneva)
62-3 (Vienna)
6 USED Singles, Stamp Collecting, First Day cancelled on cardVF1.25
 UNITED NATIONS598USED, UN Postal Administration 40th Anniversary (cat val=$1.25)VF+0.25
 UNITED NATIONSC15-18Airmails of 1972, MNHF+/VF+0.75
# 835UNITED NATIONSUX45¢ postal cardclean0.15
 URUGUAY695/751/C251Birds, USED (3)F-VF+0.10
 URUGUAY695/751/C251Trains, Mint pairVF+0.15
ALLURUGUAY All 5 Uruguay stamps listed aboveF-VF+0.20
VATICAN CITY433-8MINT SET of 6, King Mieszko I and Queen DabrowkaVF-XF0.35
VENEZUELA374, 394USED on cover, #374 xf, #394 fF-XF0.25
 YUGOSLAVIA1685-6European Nature Protection, 26d Flower/40d Beetle, USED on FDC (clean/unaddressed)VF+0.30

549BIRDSVarious  25 Birds, USED (CTOs)VF-XF0.20

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