U.S. Covers
Last updated 09/01/22

823 710 5¢ Washington, FDC, addressed   5.00
  737 3¢ Mothers of America, FDC, addressed, Uncacheted clean 1.00
  786 2¢ Army, FDC, Cacheted, neatly addressed in pen   1.00
  830 30¢ T. Roosevelt, FDC, w/#825, 826, 827, 828, & 829. Cacheted, clean, crisp cover with neatly typewritten address   7.00
707 852, 853 Combination FDC for 3¢ Golden Gate Int. Expo & 3¢ NY World's Fair, addressed, no cachet clean 1.00
018 858 3¢ Statehood for Washington/Montana/N. & S. Dakota, FDC, addressed, cachet label (bright gold foil label did not scan well) toning of seams 0.75
1278752¢ Dr. Crawford W. Long, PAIR, FDC, color cachet, erased pencil addressaverage2.00
 104615¢ John Jay, FDC, ArtCraft cachet, addressed in pencil 0.50
 1059A25¢ Paul Revere, FDC, ArtMaster cachet, un-addressedclean, crisp1.00
  1097 3¢ Lafayette, FDC, Artmaster, type-written address clean, crisp 0.80
  1190 4¢ Nursing, FDC, Artmaster cachet, addressed, small stain on back, but front is very clean and fresh clean, fresh 2.50
 1393b6¢ Eisenhower booklet pane of 5 + label, Art Craft cachet & addressedclean, stamps are VF/VF+0.80
 1569-70FDC, Art Craft, unaddressedclean but wrinkled0.45
 1572-5FDC, Art Craft, unaddressedclean1.75
 159412¢ Torch coil, FDC, typewriter addressed (also franked w/#1581, 1582, 1584)clean0.50
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Maximum Card, First Day Cancelled stamps, unaddressedcleansold
 1712-513¢ Butterflies, 4 FDCs, Fleetwood cachet & unaddressedclean3.50
 1732-313¢ Capt. Cook, single stamp on 2 FDCs, ArtCraft cachet (2 diff.) & unaddressed covers 1.35
 174413¢ Harriet Tubman, FDC, ArtCraft cachet & unaddressed cover 1.20
 1745-813¢ Quilts, Set of 2 FDC, ArtCraft cachet & unaddressed, 2 stamps/cover 1.75
 175413¢ Cancer Detection, Pap Test, FDC, ArtCraft cachet, UN-addressed 0.40
 175413¢ Cancer Detection, Pap Test, FDC, 'Postmasters of America' cachet, addressed, size #9 0.50
 1757a-h13¢ CAPEX, 8 FDCs, Fleetwood cachet & unaddressedclean7.00
 1760-315¢ Owls, Set of 2 FDCs, ArtCraft cachet & unaddressed, 2 stamps/cover 1.75
 1760-315¢ Owls, 4 FDCs, Fleetwood cachet & unaddressedclean2.25
 1764-715¢ Trees, Set of 2 FDC, ArtCraft cachet & unaddressed, 2 stamps/cover 1.75
 1779-8215¢ Architecture, Set of 2 FDC, ArtCraft cachet & unaddressed, 2 stamps/cover 1.75
 18133.5¢ Violins (pair), FDC, Fleetwood cachet & unaddressed, 1813 pair + 1615C 0.50
 1895Maximum Card, First Day Cancelled 20¢ Flag o/Supreme Courtcleansold
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Maximum Card, First Day Cancelled 4¢ Stagecoach strip of 4clean0.95
 1900Maximum Card, First Day Cancelled 5.3¢ Sleigh strip of 3cleansold
 1921-418¢ Wildlife Habitats, 4 FDCs, Fleetwood cachet & unaddressedclean3.00
 1924a18¢ Wildlife Habitats, block on FDC, Fleetwood cachet & unaddressedclean2.50
 192718¢ Alcoholism, FDC, Artmaster, unaddressedclean1.00
 193218¢ Babe Zaharias, FDC, Postmasters of America cachet, addressed, size #9clean1.50
 221022¢ Public Hosipitals, FDC, ArtCraft, addressed 0.30
 234825¢ Rhode Island, FDC, ArtCraft, addressedclean0.50
 2348-max25¢ Rhode Island statehood, First Day of Issue Maximum Card (postcard of Slater Mill)clean0.50
6492426Pre-Columbian Art, FDC, Artmaster, unaddressedvery small indent on face0.50
 248030¢ Cardinal, FDC, Fleetwood cachet, UN-addressedclean0.55
  2509 25¢ Sea Lion, FDC, Commercial pamphlet with nice pictoral FD cancel   0.75
  2542 $14 Eagle in Flight, FDC, USPS folio opened, front pristine 6.50
 255129¢ Desert Shield/Desert Storm, FDC, ArtCraft, addressedclean0.50
 286929¢ Legends of the West, Full pane with First Day Cancellation, in USPS booklet, incl. First Day program pages. (this item may require up to $3.50 additional shipping charge)cleansold
 2912(25¢) Juke Box (pair), Colorano "Silk" cachet & unaddressedclean, stamps VF0.80
 444544¢ Bill Mauldin FDC, uncacheted, unaddressedVF-clean1.00
 4945(FOREVER/49¢) Magi FDC, color cancel, uncacheted, unaddressedVF-clean1.50
 C416¢ Transport coil, Artmaster cachet & neatly addressed in inkclean0.55
 C7610¢ First Man on Moon, FDC, private cachet addressed to Kenmore Stamp Co.clean1.00
 C91-231¢ Wright Bros., one stamp each on two (2) Art Craft covers, unaddressed 1.00
 C92a31¢ Wright Bros., zip code margin PAIR, with FD cancel on nice Library of Congress postcard, maximum card 1.00
Stationery with First Day Cancels but
without cachets are listed on   US Used   web page.
  U556 1.7¢ Liberty Bell, FDC, Art Craft, unaddressed   0.75
  U567 10¢ Liberty Bell, FDC, Art Craft, unaddressed clean 0.70
644UC4311¢ Jet & Circles, FDC, Artcraft, unaddressedclean1.00
 UC4415¢ Aerogramme, FDC, plain, unaddressedclean0.25
 UC5222¢ Olympics 1980, discus thrower, FDC, unaddressed entireclean0.65
 UO83(29¢) "F" Eagle 'Savings Bond' size, cacheted, unaddressedVF-clean1.00
 UX432¢ Lincoln, FDC, Art Craft cachet, unaddressedclean0.75
 UX524¢ Coast Guard, FDC AUG 4 1965, no cachet, unaddressedclean0.15
512UX534¢ Census, FDC, unaddressedclean0.10
515UX5910¢ USA, FDC, unaddressedclean1.00
516UX59FDC, CACHETED, unaddressedclean2.00
519UX656¢ Liberty, FDC, unaddressedclean0.15
520UX6712¢ Visit USA, FDC, unaddressedclean0.20
 UX709¢ Caeser Rodney, FDC, Cacheted, UNaddressedclean0.40
 UX10213¢ Olympics 84, Fleetwood cachet, cancelled at Los Angeles, CA, 4/30/84. Crisp, clean on front with heavy pencil notation erased from back, barely visible on front 0.25
053UX10213¢ Olympics 84, Set of 4 postal cards, each with an Olympic Torch Station cancel. One each cancelled at Washington 5/14/84; Oklahoma City 6/11/84; Dallas 6/13/84; Albuquerque 6/19/13. Clean & crisp cards with neatly struck cancels 2.00
  UXC6 6¢ Virgin Islands, FDC MAR 31 1967, no cachet, unaddressed clean 0.20
 UXC511¢ Visit the USA, FDC, CACHET, unaddressedclean0.90
524UXC66¢ Virgin Islands, FDC, Artmaster CACHET, unaddressedclean1.00
 UXC109¢ Eagle, precancelled FDC, no cachet, unaddressedclean0.15
528UXC109¢ Eagle, precancelled FDC, ArtCraft CACHET, unaddressedclean1.00
530UXC1115¢ Travel, FDC, ArtCraft CACHET, unaddressedclean1.00
 UXC1411¢ Mail Early, FDC, Art Craft cachet, unaddressedclean, crisp1.20
534UY257¢ + 7¢ Thomson, FDC, ArtCraft CACHET, unaddressedclean1.00
703--"Postique" grand opening in Memphis, 4-17-72 franked w/Scott #1431 on a 3-7/8" x 7½" envelopeclean0.40

* Most of these covers are clean and undamaged. If interested in one without a condition listed,
just email to inquire and I will be happy to look it up and send you details on it's condition.

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