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Booklets Many stamps are available as blocks/strips and sheets. Stationery

  B1 (32¢+8¢) Breast Cancer Research semi-postal (8/13/98) VF 0.70
      B1-pane     Breast Cancer, Pane of 20 VF+
NO faults
  B2 (34¢+11¢) Heroes of 9-11, semi-postal (6/07/02) VF 0.75
  B3 (37¢+8¢) Domestic Violence, semi-postal (10/08/03) VF 0.75
      B3-pane     Domestic Violence, Pane of 20 XF
NO faults
      B3-infoTop     Domestic Violence, Top margin Information Strip of 3 VF/XF 2.50
      B3-infoBot     Domestic Violence, Bottom margin Information Strip of 3 VF/XF 2.25
  B4 (44¢+11¢) Wildlife Conservation (09/20/11) VF 0.90
  B5 (49¢+11¢) Breast Cancer Research semi-postal (9/30/14, same design as B1 but with 2014 year date) VF 0.95
  B6 (49¢+11¢) Alzheimer's, semi-postal (11/30/17) VF+/XF 0.95
  B7 Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (55¢+10¢), semi-postal (12/02/19) XF 0.95
To find out how much has been raised through sales of semi-postals, see USPS stats

Computer Vended postage
 CVP3129¢ Variable Rate Coil (computer vending), dull gum0.75
 CVP31a29¢ Variable Rate Coil (computer vending)0.80
 CVP3229¢ Variable Rate Coil (computer vending)0.55
 CVP3332¢ Variable Rate Coil (computer vending)0.55
 CVP90Spiderman (FOREVER) (issued 04/01/14)0.90
 CVP91Flag (FOREVER) (same design as #4228//47, Flag at Dusk, issued 04/01/14)0.80
 CVP92Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (FOREVER) (issued 11/6/14)0.85
 CVP98Charlie Brown computer vended stampSold
 CVP100Holiday Window (FOREVER/47¢) (dated 12/04/16)0.80
     CVP100-Pane    Holiday Window, Pane of 10 (unfolded)Sold
 CVP101Christmas Cookies (FOREVER/49¢)  (issued Oct/Nov '17)0.85
 CVP109Santa (FOREVER/50¢)  (issued Oct/Nov 2018)0.85
     CVP109-Pane    Santa, Pane of 10 (unfolded)8.00
 CVP110Xmas Stocking (FOREVER/55¢)  (issued Oct/Nov 2020)0.90
 CVP111Santa's Sleigh & Moon (FOREVER/58¢)  (similar to #5647, issued 2021)0.90
 CVP112Holiday Elf (FOREVER/60¢)  (similar to #5723, issued 11/15/22)0.90
     CVP112-Pane    Holiday Elf, Pane of 10 (folded)8.30
 CVP113Snowman (FOREVER/66¢)  (design similar to #5816), issue date 11/13/230.95
"POSTAL BUDDY" Computer-Vended Postal Cards
 CVUX115¢ Eagle, printed on First Day of Issue   (7/5/90)4.25
    CVUX1sht    Sheet of 4 cards attached (Exc. condition), printed on First Day of Issue15.00

Special Delivery
  E7 10¢ Mercury (12/12/08) VF, NH 60.00
 E1615¢ Special Delivery (1931)F0.30
 E1713¢ Special Delivery (10/30/44)VF/VF+0.40
 E1920¢ P.O. Truck (11/30/50)XF, NHSold
 E2020¢ Letter & Hands (10/13/54)VF0.30
 E2130¢ Letter & Hands (9/3/57)VF0.55
 E2245¢ Arrows (11/21/69)VF+Sold
 E2360¢ Arrows, Special Delivery (5/10/71) 0.85

Certified Mail
 FA115¢ Letter Carrier, redVF0.30

Postage Due
  J79a ½¢ Postage Due (1931) AVG/F 0.10
  J80b 1¢ Postage Due (1931) F 0.10
  J8410¢ Postage Due (1931) VF 1.50
  J88 ½¢ Postage Due (1959), gum v/slightly disturbed VF 0.40
 J891¢ Postage Due (1959) 0.10
 J902¢ Postage Due (1959) 0.10
 J913¢ Postage Due (1959) 0.10
 J924¢ Postage Due (1959) 0.20
 J946¢ Postage Due (1959) 0.13
 J957¢ Postage Due (1959) 0.15

Official Stamp products
Most of these Officials are VF or better (except where noted)
 O1284¢ Eagle0.15
 O12913¢ Eagle0.35
 O13017¢ Eagle0.40
 O132$1.00 Eagle1.60
 O133$5.00 Eagle6.85
 O1431¢ Eagle0.15
 O1464¢ Eagle0.15
      O146     4¢ Eagle, PANE of 100 (F+/VF+)3.85
 O152(32¢) "G" Eagle (only FINE centering)0.38
 O1541¢ Eagle0.10
      O154     1¢ Eagle, PANE of 100 (VF+/XF)2.50
 O16039¢ Eagle, Coil0.90
 O16241¢ Eagle, Coil0.60
 O1631¢ Eagle, self-adhesive   (2/24/09)0.15
      O163-pane     1¢ Eagle, PANE of 200.90
 OX22Officially Sealed   SINGLE from pane (F+)0.15
602     OX22-pane    Officially Sealed   Booklet PANE (F+)0.70

Parcel Post Stamps
 Q610¢ Steamship & Tender (HR, XF centering)Sold

Special Handling Stamps
 QE1a10¢ Green, dry printed (XF centering, NH)5.00
 QE2a15¢ Green, dry printed (VF/VF+, NH)3.50
 QE3a20¢ Green, dry printed (F+ centering, NH)2.50
 QE4a20¢ Green, dry printed (VF centering, NH)9.50

Revenue Stamps
 RVB2$3.00 Federal Boating Stamp (pair) (NH, VF+ centering)Sold

Duck Hunting Permit Stamps
573 RW31 $3 Hawaiian Nene (F+) 50.00
218 RW36 $3 White-winged Scoters (F+, very minor gum disturbance) 22.00
  RW38 $3 Cinnamon Teals (VF) 25.00
  RW39 $3 Emporer Geese (F+) 15.00
241 RW41 $5 Wood Ducks, plt # sgl, UL #172500 (F) 19.00
242 RW45 $5 Hooded Merganser Drake, plt # sgl, UL #173331 (F) 7.50
  RW70 $15 Snow Geese (VF+) 21.00

Test/Dummy Stamps
 TD96SINGLE, Framed Rectangle Coil, violetVF0.95
 TD107bSINGLE, "FOR TESTING PURPOSES ONLY" Coil, Black, shiny gum, tagged (multiples available at 10% discount--see image at top of page)VF+0.45
 TDB12a$1 Dummy Booklet w/"Minute Man" inside front cover (contains four blank, gummed panes of six. Booklet is in fantastic new. Brookman cat price: $19.50)Perfect7.00

Savings Stamps
 WS825¢ Minuteman (NH, Avg-F, priced below face)0.20

Souvenir Cards
Souvenir CardsANA - American Numismatic Association
ASDA - American Stamp Dealers Association
BEP - Bureau of Engraving and Printing
IPMS - International Paper Money Show
692NSC2Fresno Numismatic Society, Fresno CA, printed by BEP--200.00
693SC5SANDIPEX '69 printed by BEP--35.00
NLNNSC1ANA '69, Philadelphia, printed by BEP--40.00
634SC6ASDA '69, New York, printed by BEP--12.00
635SC15EXFILIMA '71, Lima, Peru, printed by USPS--1.10
NLNSC18INTERPEX '72, New York, printed by BEP--1.25
636SC20BELGICA '72, Brussels, Belgium, printed by USPS--1.10
637SC21Olympia Philatelie Munchen '72, Munich, Germany, printed by USPS--1.25
NLNSC29COMPEX '73, Chicago, printed by BEP--2.50
638SC31POLSKA '73, Poznan, Poland, printed by USPS--1.00
639SC40ESPANA '75, Madrid, Spain, printed by USPS--1.10
640SC42ARPHILA '75, Paris, France, printed by USPS--1.50
 SC46INTERPHIL '76, Philadelphia, printed by BEP, bound into Interphil76 Program book. Specify souvenir card only or entire book (which may increase shipping cost)--5.00
NLNSC59ASDA '77, New York, printed by BEP--2.00
NLNNSC10ANA '77, New York, printed by BEP--10.00
NLNNSC15ANA '81, New Orleans, printed by BEP--12.50
NLNNSC16IPMS '82, Memphis, printed by BEP--13.00
641SC97AUSIPEX '84, Melbourne, Australia, printed by USPS--2.50
NLN1977Easter Seals sheet of 20, NHF+0.25
NLN1979Easter Seals sheet of 72, folded, NH, printed by Barton-CottonF+0.30
NLN1981Easter Seals sheet of 16, NHVF0.25

USED  —  Misc.
 CVP86Balloons, Computer Vended Postage (light Hawaii cancel)VF+sold

Errors, Freaks, & Oddities
167627PNS (bot #18570), NH stamp, H margin, small spot of missing ink caused by fly-speck on paper during printingF4.00
NLN12044¢ Dag Hammerskjold color invert
      Margin Single (w/inverted design)
      Margin Block of 4 (w/inverted design)
NLN1265Plate Block, black ink offset about 1mm low--0.30
NLN1338Plate Block, 6¢ Flag over White House, second row of vertical perfs offset by 1 mm. 2 stamps are 21mm wide (AVG) and 2 stamps are 22mm wide (F)--0.40
NLN1338AJoint Line, 6¢ Flag over White House, pair with red/blue/green medium wt. joint lineVF+0.50
NLN1372Full Gutter, 6¢ WC Handy (VF+) LL Zip block w/full+ bottom gutterVF+0.50
2231391Full Gutter, 6¢ Maine statehood, corner block of 4VF+0.50
1641420GHOSTING. Plate Blocks x2, 6¢ Landing of the Pilgrims, suffering from a worn (or poorly adjusted) wiper blade (also called "doctor blade"). Ghosting affects design, and more noticably, the plate numbers. Plt #32271 over #32272, plt #32272 over #32271.VF1.00
5691574BABY BLOB. This sheet had a noticeable shift of one red color. After tearing up the sheet for postage I noticed one stamp with a little red ink blob.VF0.85
6781579More blobs. This time blue on the center stamp in this strip of 3.VF+0.95
1731894eAn Ink Smear affects two stamps of this zip block of 6, Flag over Supreme Court.VF+1.95
5472170Foreign Object on paper fell off AFTER printing of this 3¢ Paul Dudley White MD stamp.VF+0.55
5322543Foreign Object or Bubble on this $2.90 Futuristic Space Shuttle stamp.VF, MNH3.75
 2609afully IMPERFORATE PAIR 29¢ Flag o/White House VF+8.50
NLNC11333¢ Alfred Verville Plate Block with partial ink streak due to another inefficient wiper bladeVF+2.45
661U550ALBINO entire, size #6¾, just a barely perceptible hint of purple ink on one edge of design (you need a strong magnifier to find the ink!)clean7.00

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