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Lunar Yr of the Dragon (#5829)

2024 Love (#5826)

Constance Baker Motley (#5830)

Pillars of Creation (#5827)

Bluegrass music (#?)

(updated 04/02/24 )
Cat #DescriptionIssued
5826Love, stylized Bird (FOREVER/66¢), issued in panes of 201/12/24
  Rate Increase on January 21, 66¢ >>> 68¢1/21/24
5827$9.85 Pillars of Creation, Priority Mail in pane of 41/22/24
5828$30.45 Cosmic Cliffs of the Carina nebula, Priority Express Mail in pane of 41/22/24
5829Lunar New Year of the Dragon (FOREVER/68¢) (Chinese New Year series), Pane of 201/25/24
5830Constance Baker Motley (FOREVER/68¢), judge (Black Heritage series, #47), Pane of 201/31/24
5831Saul Bellow (FOREVER/$1.16, 3-ounce rate), Literary Arts series issued in panes of 202/6/24
5832Radiant Star (10¢ Coil, pre-sort standard rate)2/19/24
5833John Wooden (FOREVER/68¢), (legendary head coach UCLA Bruins basketball team) Pane of 202/25/24
  Underground Railroad (FOREVER/68¢), 10 different in Pane of 203/9/24
  x   Catharine Coffin
x   Frederick Douglass
x   Thomas Garrett
x   Laura Haviland
x   Lewis Hayden
x   Harriet Jacobs
x   William Lambert
x   Jermain Loguen
x   William Still
x   Harriet Tubman
xxxx   Pane of 20 (w/die cuts)
xxxx   Pane of 20 (w/o die cuts?)
  Bluegrass music (FOREVER/68¢), Pane of 203/15/24
  Hummingbirds ("Garden Delights") (FOREVER/68¢), 4 different DS Booklet of 203/16/24
  Celebration Blooms (FOREVER/68¢) Pane of 203/22/24
  Wedding Blooms (FOREVER/92¢), 2-ounce rate Pane of 203/22/24
  Save Manatees (FOREVER/68¢), DS Booklet of 203/27/24
  Betty Ford (FOREVER/68¢), Pane of 204/5/24
  1¢ Fringed Tulip, pane & coil2024
  2¢ Daffodils, pane & coil2024
  3¢ Peonies, pane & coil2024
  5¢ Red Tulips, pane & coil2024
  10¢ Poppies and Coneflowers, pane & coil2024
  $1 Floral Geometry, pane of 10 (same design as #5700-1)4/26/24
  ?Ansel Adams, (FOREVER/68¢), Pane of 205/15/24
  ?Carnival Nights, (FOREVER/68¢), 10 diff. in Pane of 206/6/24
  Protect Sea Turtles (FOREVER/68¢), 6 different, Pane of 18?6/11/24
  x   green sea turtle
x   Hawksbill sea turtle
x   Kemp's Ridley sea turtle
x   Leatherback sea turtle
x   Loggerhead sea turtle
x   Olive Ridley sea turtle
x   block

x   Imperforate
  Flags, 4 diff (FOREVER/68¢), issued in panes of 20, DS booklets, and coils of 100/3K/10K, die-cut ~10¾6/15/24
  x Pane, ptr: BCA
x Coil, ptr: APU
x Coil, ptr: BCA
x DS Booklet, ptr: APU
x DS Booklet, ptr: BCA
  Horses (FOREVER/68¢), 5 different, issued in pane of 206/17/24
  x   white horse on green bg
x   brown/white horse on black bg
x   brown/white horse
x   black/brown/white horse
x   brown/white horse on green bg
x   Strip of 5 (die-cut)
x   Strip of 5 (imperforate)?
  Shaker Design (FOREVER/68¢), pane of 12 (12 different)6/20/24
  a   church pew
b   barn
c   spinning wheel
d   staircase
e   interior design
f   textiles
g   rocking chair
h   ?
i   stove
j   cabinetry
k   baskets
l   basket/furniture
xxxx   Pane
?   Imperforate Singles
  Pinback Buttons (sentiments) (FOREVER/68¢), 10 different round stamps, issued in panes of 208/15/24
  x   Smile
x   Hello!
x   Peace
x   Love
x   Fun
x   Sweet
x   Yes!
x   Cheers!
x   Kudos!
x   Happy
x   Imperforate Singles?
x   Block of 10 (die-cut)
x   Block of 10 (imperforate)?
  Autumn Colors (FOREVER/68¢), in Pane of 10 diff.8/16/24
  a   lavendar
b   tree-lined driveway
c   grass/flowers
d   orange leaves
e   more orange leaves
f   yellow leaves
g   blue flowers
h   even more orange leaves
i   green/yellow leaves
j   really? orange leaves again?
x   block
x-x   Imperforate sgls?
  First Continental Congress, 250th Anniv. (FOREVER/68¢), Panes of 202024
RW91$25 Big Bird (formats: pane of 20 & Sheetlet of 1, #RW91A)2024
  Madonna & Child (FOREVER/68¢), DS Booklet of 202024
  Geometric Patterns (snowflakes) (FOREVER/68¢), 4 different, DS Booklet of 202024
  x   fake snowflake 1
x   fake snowflake 2
x   fake snowflake 3
x   fake snowflake 4
xa   Block of 4
xb   DS Booklet of 20
  Hanukkah, (FOREVER/68¢), Pane of 202024
  Kwanzaa, (FOREVER/68¢), Pane of 202024
  ?Dungeons and Dragons, (FOREVER/68¢), 10 diff. in Pane of 202024
  ?Holiday Joy, (FOREVER/68¢), DS Bkt of 202024
Scott #DescriptionIssue Date
  possibly another bird? (FOREVER/68¢)2024
Postal Cards
Scott #DescriptionIssue Date
 Not Yet Announced 
APU = Ashton Potter USA Ltd       BCA = Banknote Corporation of America

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