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Lunar Year of the Dog, #5254

STEM Education

Byodo-In Temple, Hawaii, #5257

Sleeping Bear Dunes, Michigan, #5258

Scott #DescriptionIssue Date
5254Year of the Dog (FOREVER/49¢) (in Chinese New Year series), pane of 1201/11/18
5255Love Flourishes (FOREVER/49¢), pane of 20, BCA01/18/18
52562¢ Lemons, coil of 10K01/19/18
5257$6.70 Byodo-In Temple in Hawai'i (Priority Mail rate), pane of 401/21/18
5258$24.70 Sleeping Bear Dunes in Michigan (Priority Mail Express rate), pane of 401/21/18
5259Lena Horne (FOREVER/50¢), pane of 20   (Black Heritage series)01/30/18
5260-3US Flag (FOREVER/50¢), DS Booklet and Coil, (2 printers: APU & BCA)02/09/18
  5260   APU coil
5261   BCA coil
5262   APU booklet
5263   BCA booklet
5264-73Bioluminescent Life (FOREVER/50¢), 10 diff, pane of 2002/22/18
5274Illinois statehood (FOREVER/50¢), pane of 2003/05/18
5275Mister Rogers (FOREVER/50¢)03/23/18
5276-9STEM Education (FOREVER/50¢), 4 different, pane of 2004/06/18
  5276   Science
5277   Technology
5278   Engineering
5279   Mathematics
5279a   vertical strip of 4
5280Peace Rose (FOREVER/50¢), DS Booklet (#5280a)04/21/18
5281U.S. Airmail, 1st of 2 issues, blue, pane of 2005/01/18
5283Sally Ride (FOREVER/50¢)05/23/18
5284Flag Act of 1818 (FOREVER/50¢)06/09/18
5285-94Frozen Treats (FOREVER/50¢), 10 different, Scratch and Sniff, DS Booklet06/20/18
      Watermellon / Tri-color Blue
    Chocolate Topped / Lime double
    Peach Bite / Pink-topped tri-color cone
    Pink-topped w/sprinkles / Cone with dots
    Green-Yellow Stripes / Raspberry Topped Peach
    3-Fruit / Raspberry Bite
    Orange-topped tri-color / Blue Stripes
    Fudgesicle / Blueberry top
    2 horizontal Squiggles / Cone with sprinkles
    Grape-topped cone / Pink over Blue cone
    DS Booklet of 20
5295-7$1,   $2,   $5 Statue of Freedom panes of 10 ($1 & $2), pane of 4 ($5)06/27/18
RW85$25 Mallards, pane of 20 (sa), pane of 1 (#RW85A), S/S of 4 (sa) 06/29/18
5298O Beautiful (FOREVER/50¢), 20 different, pane of 2007/04/18
  5298a   Death Valley
5298b   Three Fingers Mountain
5298c   double rainbow in Kansas
5298d   Great Smoky Mountains
5298e   wheatfield in Wisconsin
5298f   plowed field in Washington
5298g   grasslands w/windmill
5298h   wheatfield in Montana
5298i   Yosemite National Park
5298j   Crater Lake National Park
5298k   Monument Valley
5298l   Maroon Bells in Colorado
5298m   sunrise in California
5298n   Pigeon Point, California
5298o   Edna Valley, California
5298p   Livermore, California
5298q   Napali Coast, Hawaii
5298r   Lone Ranch Beach, Oregon
5298s   Canaveral National Seashore
5298t   Bailey Island, Maine
5299Scooby-Doo!, Doo Good (FOREVER/50¢), pane of 1207/14/18
5300World War I, Turning the Tide (FOREVER/50¢)07/27/18
5301-5The Art of Magic (FOREVER/50¢), 5 different, pane of 2008/07/18
  5301   Rabbit in a Hat
5302   Fortune Teller/Crystal Ball
5303   Woman floating in air
5304   Empty bird cage
5305   Bird emerging from Flower
5305a   horizontal (top) Strip of 5
5306Disappearing Rabbit in a Hat (Art of Magic) (FOREVER/50¢), Souvenir Sheet of 308/07/18
  5306a   Single from S/S
5307-10Dragons (FOREVER/50¢), 4 different, pane of 1608/09/18
  5307   green dragon
5308   purple dragon
5309   black dragon
5310   orange dragon
5310a   strip or block of 4
5282U.S. Airmail, 2nd of 2 issues, carmine red, pane of 2008/11/18
CVP108Flag (FOREVER/50¢), Computer-Vended pane of 1008/23/18
5311Pointsettia (FOREVER/$1.15) Global, pane of 1008/26/18
5312-5John Lennon (FOREVER/50¢), (Pane of 16, single design, 4 different colors, in Music Icons series)09/07/18
  5312   red
5313   red lilac
5314   dark violet
5315   blue
5315a   vertical strip of 4
5316Honoring First Responders (FOREVER/50¢), pane of 2009/13/18
5317-20Birds in Winter (FOREVER/50¢), 4 different, DS Booklet09/22/18
  5317   Chickadee
5318   Cardinal
5319   Woodpecker
5320   Blue Jay
5320a   block of 4
5320b   DS Booklet of 20
5321-30Hot Wheels (FOREVER/50¢), 10 different, pane of 2009/29/18
  5321   Purple Passion
5322   Rocket-Bye-Baby
5323   Rigor Motor
5324   Rodger Dodger
5325   Mach Speeder
5326   Twin Mill
5327   Bone Shaker
5328   HW40
5329   Deora II
5330   Sharkruiser
5331Madonna & Child (FOREVER/50¢), DS Booklet10/03/18
5332-5Sparkling Holiday (Coca-Cola Santas) (FOREVER/50¢), 4 different, DS Booklet10/11/18
  5332   Santa w/Glasses on Forehead
5333   Santa and Wreath
5334   Santa and Book
5335   Santa and Card
5335a   block of 4
5335b   DS Booklet of 20
5336Sparkling Holiday Santa Souvenir Sheet of 1 (FOREVER/50¢)10/11/18
5337Kwanzaa (FOREVER/50¢), pane of 2010/10/18
5338Hannukah (FOREVER/50¢), pane of 20, joint issue with Israel10/16/18
CVP109Santa Claus (FOREVER/50¢), Computer-Vended pane of 1010/21/18
Scott #DescriptionIssue Date
U697$6.70 Byodo-In Temple Priority Mail stamped envelope01/21/18
Postal Cards
Scott #DescriptionIssue Date
  None Issued for 20182018
AP = Ashton Potter USA Ltd       BCA = Banknote Corporation of America

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