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Many of the stamps listed are available in quantities and blocks.
All stamps are MINT, NH, VF - XF. A very small number of stamps with lesser quality may be listed, but will always be identified appropriately, e.g. Fine (F) centering, lightly hinged (LH), etc. All self-adhesive stamps are provided on their original backing.

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 5154Chinese Year of the Rooster (FOREVER/47¢), (01/05/17) [Chinese New Year series]0.80
 5155Love Skywriting (FOREVER/47¢), (01/07/17)0.80
 5158Flag (FOREVER/49¢, Coil, Banknote Corp of America (BCA), micro-printed "USPS" lower right), (01/27/17)0.80
 5159Flag (FOREVER/49¢, Coil, Ashton-Potter (AP), micro-printed "USPS" upper right), (01/27/17)0.80
 5160Flag (FOREVER/49¢, f/ DSBooklet (20), Banknote Corp of America (BCA), micro-printed "USPS" lower right), (01/27/17)0.90
 5160-varFlag (FOREVER/49¢, f/ Booklet pane of 10, BCA, same as #5160 but with different backing), (01/27/17)0.80
 5161Flag (FOREVER/49¢, f/ DSBooklet (20), Ashton-Potter, micro-printed "USPS" upper right), (01/27/17)0.90
 5166a(v)Seashells (FOREVER/34¢), Vertical Strip of 4 (f/ pane, catalog no. sequence, 01/28/17)2.55
 5166a(h)Seashells (FOREVER/34¢), Horizontal Strip of 4 (f/ pane, catalog no. sequence)2.65
 5163-6-sglsSeashells (FOREVER/34¢), Singles (4)1.95
 5163-6-vSeashells, Vertical Strip, not in catalog sequence1.75
 5163-6-hSeashells, Horizontal Strip, not in catalog sequence1.75
 5170aSeashells (FOREVER/34¢), COIL Strip of 4 (begins w/Alphabet Cone)2.15
 5167-70sglSeashells (FOREVER/34¢), Singles (4)2.25
 5171Dorothy Height (FOREVER/49¢), (02/01/17, Black Heritage series)0.85
 5171-marginDorothy Height, Top Margin Strip of 54.30
 5172(5¢) USA coil (2/10/17, non-profit rate); available as pairs (25¢) & triplets (35¢)0.15
 5173Oscar de la Renta (FOREVER/49¢), mini-pane of 11 (01/27/17)Sold
 5173a-kOscar de la Renta (FOREVER/49¢), Singles (11)8.00
 5174Uncle Sam's Hats (21¢ additional ounce), (02/20/17)0.40
 5175John F. Kennedy (FOREVER/49¢), (02/20/17, singles are sliced through gutter between stamps to preserve full image)0.80
 JFK-marginJFK, Top Margin Strip of 32.45
 51775¢ Grapes (02/24/17)0.15
 517810¢ Pears (03/23/17, single f/pane, same design as #5039 coil)0.20
 5179Nebraska statehood (FOREVER/49¢), (03/01/17)0.80
 5190Mississippi (FOREVER/49¢)  (03/31/17)0.80
 5190guttersMississippi, 2 Gutter Pairs, 1 horiz. + 1 vert. (4 stamps from Press Sheet)4.50
 5191Robert Panara (FOREVER/70¢ 2-oz rate) (#16 in Distinguished Americans series) (04/11/17)1.15
 5197aDelicioso (FOREVER/49¢), Block of 6 (#5192-7 single-sided) from DS Booklet (04/20/17)5.35
 5192-7sglDelicioso, Singles (6) from DS Booklet5.50
 5197bDelicioso, DS Booklet of 20 (04/20/17)13.60
 5198Succulent Cactus (FOREVER/$1.15), Global (04/28/17)1.75
 5198-paneSucculent Cactus (FOREVER/$1.15) Pane of 1014.90
 5199Boutonniere (FOREVER/49¢), (05/02/17)0.80
 5200Corsage (FOREVER/70¢), (05/02/17)1.10
 52013¢ Strawberries, coil (05/05/17, pairs .18, triplets .22)0.13
 5202Henry David Thoreau (FOREVER/49¢)  (05/23/17)0.80
 5210aSports Balls (FOREVER/49¢), horizontal Block of 8 (with margins trimmed off, catalog sequence) (06/14/17)6.40
 5210a-PBtopSports Balls, Block of 8 (top half of pane w/full margins & plate #s, catalog sequence)6.40
 5203-10-sglsSports Balls, Singles (8)6.80
 5203-10-paneSports Balls, full Pane of 16 (current face=$9.28)10.90
 5211Solar Eclipse (FOREVER/49¢)  (06/20/17   printed with 'thermochromic' ink that changes with the heat of your finger, from dark disc covering sun – with the corona still visible – to an image of the moon with the sun's corona behind it.)0.85
 5211-paneSolar Eclipse, Pane of 16   ( + USPS protective envelope)12.40
 5212Andrew Wyeth (FOREVER/49¢), Pane of 12   (06/20/17)Sold
 5212a-lAndrew Wyeth, Singles (12)9.25
 5222aDisney Villains (FOREVER/49¢), Block of 10   (07/15/17)7.50
 5213-22-sglsDisney Villains Singles (10)7.70
 5223-7Sharks (FOREVER/49¢), vertical Strip of 5   (07/26/17)3.75
 5227a-seqSharks, Strip of 5 in catalog sequence (left-most strip)4.45
 5223-7-sglsSharks, SINGLEs (5)3.85
 5228-32-stripPollinators (FOREVER/49¢), Strip of 5   (08/03/17)3.70
 5232aPollinators, Strip of 5 in Catalog Sequence (left-most strip)4.40
 5228-32-sglsPollinators, SINGLEs (5)3.60
 5236aGarden Flowers (FOREVER/49¢) coil, Strip of 4 (#5233-6) (starts with Roses)3.15
 5240aGarden Flowers (FOREVER/49¢), Block of 4 (#5237-40) from Booklet   (08/16/17)3.50
 5237-40Garden Flowers, Singles (4 from booklet)   (single-sided)3.75
 5241Father Theodore Hesburgh (FOREVER/49¢), Single from pane   (09/01/17)0.80
 5241-hgtrFather Theodore Hesburgh, Horizontal Gutter Pair (vertical gutter)1.75
 5241-vgtrFather Theodore Hesburgh, Vertical Gutter Pair (horizontal gutter)1.75
 5242Father Theodore Hesburgh (FOREVER/49¢), COIL Single   (09/01/17)0.80
 5246aThe Snowy Day (FOREVER/49¢), Block of 4 (10/04/17)3.50
 5246bThe Snowy Day, Full DS Booklet of 2013.60
 5243-6The Snowy Day, SINGLES (4) + booklet Label3.70
 5250aChristmas Carols (FOREVER/49¢), Block of 4 (10/05/17)3.40
 5250bChristmas Carols, Full DS Booklet of 2013.50
 5247-50Christmas Carols, SINGLES (4) + booklet Label3.65
 5251African-American Museum (FOREVER/49¢),   (09/24/17)0.85
 5253bHistory of Hockey (FOREVER/49¢), #5252-3, Vertical PAIR (10/20/17, sliced through gutter between stamps to preserve full image) (Singles - same price)1.80
 CAN-hockeyCANADA History of Hockey, Vertical PAIR (10/20/17)2.50
 CAN-hockeyBktCANADA History of Hockey, Full Booklet of 5 pairs9.00
 5253cHistory of Hockey (FOREVER/49¢), Souvenir Sheet of 2Sold
 B6Alzheimer's 49¢ + 11¢, semi-postal (11/30/17)0.95
 5254Lunar New Year of the Dog (FOREVER/49¢*) (01/11/18) [Chinese New Year series]0.80
 5255Love Flourishes (FOREVER/49¢*) (01/18/18)0.80
 52562¢ Meyer Lemons (01/19/18) available as pairs (15¢) & triplets (18¢)0.12
 5257$6.70 Byodo-In Temple (Priority Mail) (01/21/18)7.90
 5259Lena Horne (FOREVER/50¢) (01/30/18)0.80
 5260Trifold US Flag (FOREVER/50¢) Coil (printer Ashton Potter, 02/09/18, microprinted at center of 1st fold, die-cut 9.4) (pair 1.60, triplet 2.35)0.85
 5261Trifold US Flag (FOREVER/50¢) Coil (printer Banknote Corporation of America, 02/09/18, microprinted at bottom of 1st fold, die-cut 11) (pair 1.60, triplet 2.35)0.85
 5262Trifold US Flag (FOREVER/50¢), f/DS Booklet (printer Ashton Potter, 02/09/18)0.95
 5263Trifold US Flag (FOREVER/50¢), f/DS Booklet (printer Banknote Corporation of America, 02/09/18)0.95
 5273aBioluminescent Life (FOREVER/50¢), Block of 10 (#5264-73) (02/22/18)Sold
 5274Illinois statehood (FOREVER/50¢) (03/05/18)0.80
 5275Mister Rogers (FOREVER/50¢) (03/23/18)0.80
 5275-gtrMister Rogers, horiz. Pair / vert. gtr (f/press sht)1.70
 5279aSTEM (FOREVER/50¢), vertical STRIP of 4 (#5276-9) (04/06/18)3.00
 5276-9sglsSTEM (FOREVER/50¢), SINGLES (4)3.10
 5280"Peace" Rose (FOREVER/50¢) (04/21/18)0.90
 5281U.S. Airmail Centennial (FOREVER/50¢), blue (05/01/18)0.80
 5282U.S. Airmail Centennial (FOREVER/50¢), red (08/11/18)0.80
 5281-2U.S. Airmail Centennial, 2 Headers, top margin strips of 4 (8 stamps total)6.40
 5283Sally Ride (FOREVER/50¢) (05/23/18)0.80
 5284Flag Act of 1818 (FOREVER/50¢) (06/09/18)0.75
 5295$1 Statue of Freedom (06/27/18)1.70
 5296$2 Statue of Freedom (06/27/18)2.90
 5297$5 Statue of Freedom (06/27/18)6.30
 5299Scooby-Doo, Do Good! (FOREVER/50¢*) (07/14/18)0.80
 Scooby-4Scooby-Doo, Margin Strip of 43.15
 5300World War I: Turning the Tide (FOREVER/50¢) (07/27/18)0.80
 5300-gtrWorld War I, horizontal gutter Pair (vertical gutter)1.75
 5301-5Art of Magic, Strip of 5 (FOREVER/50¢) (08/07/18, strip is not in catalog seq.)3.70
 5306Art of Magic, Souvenir Sheet of 3 (FOREVER/50¢) (with lenticular design, bunny moves in and out of hat)2.35
 5306aArt of Magic, Single from Souvenir Sheet (with lenticular design, bunny moves in and out of hat)1.05
 5307-10Dragons, Strip of 4 or Block (FOREVER/50¢) (08/09/18, STRIP provided unless Block is specified; not in catalog seq.)3.05
 5307-10-sglsDragons, Singles (4)3.15
 5310aDragons, (#5307-10, in Scott catalog seq.)3.55
 5310a-TopDragons, Top Strip including decorative top & side margins3.55
 5311Pointsettia, global (FOREVER/$1.15) (08/26/18, round stamp)1.80
 5315aJohn Lennon, vertical Strip of 4 (FOREVER/50¢) (09/07/18, sliced through gutter between stamps)3.05
 5312-5-sglsJohn Lennon, 4 Singles (sliced through gutter between stamps)3.20
 5316Honoring First Responders (FOREVER/50¢) (09/13/18)0.80
 5320aBirds in Winter (FOREVER/50¢), Block of 4 from DSBkt (09/22/18)Sold
 5321-30Hot Wheels (FOREVER/50¢), SINGLEs (10) (sliced through gutter between stamps)7.95
 5331Madonna & Child (FOREVER/50¢), from DSBkt (10/3/18)0.90
 5335aSparkling Holidays, 4 Santas (FOREVER/50¢*), Block of 4 from DSBkt (#5332-5) (10/11/18)3.50
 5332-5sglsSparkling Holidays, Singles (4) from DSBkt + Label3.75
 5336Sparkling Holidays Santa Souvenir Sheet of 1 (3¾" sq)1.00
 5336-sglSparkling Holidays Santa Single from SS1.15
 5337Kwanzaa (FOREVER/50¢*), from pane (10/10/18)0.80
 5339Hearts Blossom (FOREVER/50¢*), from pane of 20 (01/10/19)0.80
 5340Year of the Boar (FOREVER/50¢*), from pane of 12 (01/17/19)0.80
 5341Uncle Sam's Hats (FOREVER/15¢), Coil, (issued 01/27/19, pair @ .55, triple @ .80)0.30
 5342Flag (FOREVER/55¢), coil (APU, gray yeardate, microprinted to left of flag) (01/27/19)0.85
 5343Flag (FOREVER/55¢), coil (BCA, black yeardate, microprinted to right of flag) (01/27/19)0.85
 5344Flag (FOREVER/55¢), Single from DSBkt (APU, gray yeardate, microprinted to left of flag, Plt#P1111) (01/27/19)0.90
 5344-varFlag (FOREVER/55¢), Single from DSBkt w/Plt#P2222 (new paper/tagging)0.90
 5345Flag (FOREVER/55¢), Single from DSBkt (BCA, black yeardate, microprinted to right of flag) (01/27/19)0.95
 5345-varFlag (FOREVER/55¢), Single from DSBkt w/Plt#B2222 (new paper/tagging)0.95
 5346California Dogface Butterfly (FOREVER/70¢, 1 oz. non-machineable rate), (01/27/19)1.10
 5349Gregory Hines (FOREVER/55¢), from pane of 20 (01/28/19)0.80
 5359aCactus Flowers (FOREVER/55¢), Block of 10 (#5350-9), DSBkt (02/15/19)Sold
 5350-9Cactus Flowers (FOREVER/55¢), Singles (10)9.00
 5360Alabama statehood (FOREVER/55¢), from pane of 20 (02/23/19)0.80
 5361Ribbon Star (FOREVER/55¢), (03/22/19)0.80
 5362Ribbon Star Coil (FOREVER/55¢), (03/22/19)0.80
 5366aCoral Reefs (FOREVER/35¢), horiz. Strip of 4 from Pane (in Scott catalog sequence, 03/29/19)2.85
 5363-6Coral Reefs (FOREVER/35¢), v. or h. Strip (NOT in catalog sequence)2.35
 5363-6Coral Reefs (FOREVER/35¢), Singles (4)2.30
 5370aCoral Reefs (FOREVER/35¢), Coil Strip of 42.30
 5367-70Coral Reefs (FOREVER/35¢), Coil Singles (4)2.30
 5371Marvin Gaye (FOREVER/55¢), Music Icons series) (04/02/19, sliced through gutter between stamps)0.80
 5376aP.O. Murals (FOREVER/55¢), vert. Strip of 5 (#5372-6) (04/10/19)Sold
 5377Maureen "Little Mo" Connolly Brinker (FOREVER/55¢), (04/23/19)0.80
 5381Wild and Scenic Rivers (FOREVER/55¢), Pane of 12 (05/21/19)8.45
 5381a-l-sglsWild and Scenic Rivers, Singles (12)8.75
 5391aEllsworth Kelly (FOREVER/55¢), Block of 10 (#5382-91) (05/31/19)7.85
 5382-91Ellsworth Kelly, Singles (10)8.25
 5392USS Missouri (BB-63) (FOREVER/55¢), (06/11/19)0.80
 5393George H.W. Bush (FOREVER/55¢), (06/12/19)0.75
 5394Sesame Street (FOREVER/55¢), full Pane of 16 (06/22/19)11.30
 5394a-pSesame St., SINGLEs (16)12.05
 5398aFrogs (FOREVER/55¢), Block of 4 from DSBkt (07/09/19)3.60
 5395-8Frogs, Singles (4) from DSBkt + Label3.80
 5400aApollo 11 Moon Landing (FOREVER/55¢), PAIR (07/19/19)2.00
 5399-5400Apollo 11 Moon Landing, SINGLEs (2)2.20
 CAN-Apollo-paneCANADA, Apollo 11 Moon Landing, (w/a) Pair from pane2.00
 CAN-Apollo-bktCANADA, Apollo 11 Moon Landing, (s/a) Pair from booklet2.10
 5404aState and County Fairs (FOREVER/55¢), horiz. Strip of 4 (07/25/19, sliced through gutter between strips to preserve full image)3.00
 5401-4State and County Fairs, SINGLEs (4) (with gutters removed)3.20
 5404a-topState and County Fairs, Strip of 4 with top margin3.10
 5408a-dblMilitary Dogs (FOREVER/55¢), "Pop art", Double-sided block of 4 (8 stamps, $4.40 FV; 08/01/19)5.80
 5408a-sglMilitary Dogs, "Pop art", Single-sided Block of 43.60
 5409Woodstock (FOREVER/55¢), 50th Anniv. (08/08/19)0.80
 5413aTyrannosaurus Rex (FOREVER/55¢), Block of 4 (08/29/19)3.60
 5410-3Tyrannosaurus Rex, Singles (4) (painstakingly separated along die-cuts)4.70
 5414Walt Whitman (FOREVER/85¢), 3-oz rate (09/12/19)1.35
 5418aWinter Berries (FOREVER/55¢), Block of 4 from DSBkt (09/17/19)Sold
 5419Purple Heart Medal (FOREVER/55¢), (10/04/19)0.80
 5423aSpooky Silhouettes (FOREVER/55¢), Block of 4 from pane (10/11/19)3.10
 5420-3strpSpooky Silhouettes, Vertical Strip of 4 (not Scott # sequence)3.20
 5420-3Spooky Silhouettes, Singles (4)3.15
 5427aHoliday Wreaths (FOREVER/55¢), Block of 4 from DSBkt (10/25/19)Sold
 B7Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (55¢+10¢), semi-postal (12/02/19)0.90
*  effective denomination of stamp when issued (value subsequently changed by USPS rate change)

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