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catalog # 4721 - 5153

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10   Apr 201647¢

Many of the stamps listed are available in quantities and blocks.
All stamps are MINT, NH, VF - XF. A very small number of stamps with lesser quality may be listed, but will always be identified appropriately, e.g. Fine (F) centering, lightly hinged (LH), etc. All self-adhesive stamps are provided on their original backing.

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 4721Emancipation Proclamation (FOREVER/45¢)   (01/01/13)0.80
 4721aEmancipation Proclamation, IMPERFORATE (Horiz. Pair @ $1.90)1.10
 4725a46¢ Kaleidoscope Flowers, Strip (4) (Scott#seq)   (01/14/13)3.00
 4722-546¢ Kaleidoscope Flowers, SINGLEs (4)2.85
 4726Chinese New Year (Snake), Firecrackers (FOREVER/45¢)   (01/16/13) [Chinese New Year series]0.85
 4726aYear of the Snake, IMPERFORATE (gold border on 3 sides; also Strip of 3 @ $4.15)1.40
 4730a33¢ Apples, Block (4)   (01/17/13)2.10
 4727-3033¢ Apples, Singles (4)2.15
 4730b33¢ Apples, IMPERFORATE Block of 43.50
 4730b-strp33¢ Apples, IMPERFORATE Vertical STRIP of 4 (not in catalog seq.)3.65
 4730b-sgl33¢ Apples, IMPERFORATE SINGLEs (4)3.50
 4734a33¢ Apples, Coil Strip of 4 (Scott#seq)Sold Out
 473566¢ Wedding Cake   (01/18/13)1.25
 4735a66¢ Wedding Cake, IMPERFORATE1.55
 4735a-GtrPr66¢ Wedding Cake, IMPERFORATE, horizontal (or vertical) Gutter Pair3.15
  4736 66¢ Spicebush Swallowtail   (01/23/13) 1.20
  4736a 66¢ Spicebush Swallowtail, IMPERFORATE 1.60
  4736a Spicebush Swallowtail, full Margin STRIP of 4, IMPERFORATE, (includes plt #s and text). Must specify TOP ("SPICEBUSH SWALLOWTAIL") or BOTTOM ("FIRST-CLASS SURCHARGE RATE") 6.30
 473786¢ Tufted Puffins   (01/23/13)1.20
 4737b86¢ Tufted Puffins, IMPERFORATE1.60
 4737A86¢ Tufted Puffins, REPRINT1.35
 4737A-plt86¢ Tufted Puffins, REPRINT, Plate # Single2.00
 4740Global 'Earth' (FOREVER/$1.10/global rate series)   (01/28/13)1.85
 4740aGlobal 'Earth', IMPERFORATE Single   (pairs/blocks available)2.25
 4740-GutGlobal 'Earth', IMPERFORATE Horizontal Gutter Pair4.60
 4741Sealed with Love (FOREVER/46¢)   (01/31/13)0.80
 4741aSealed with Love, IMPERFORATE Single   (pairs/blocks available)1.30
 4741a-GtrSealed with Love, IMPERFORATE Gutter Pair   (specify horizontal or vertical)2.80
 4741a-XGtrSealed with Love, IMPERFORATE Cross Gutter Block of 46.60
 4742Rosa Parks (FOREVER/46¢)   (02/04/13)0.80
 4742aRosa Parks, IMPERFORATE Single   (pairs/blocks available)1.30
 4747aMuscle Cars (FOREVER/46¢), #4743-7 vert. Strip of 5   (02/22/13)3.80
 4747a-SeqMuscle Cars, Left-hand Strip of 5 (in Scott catalog sequence)4.55
 4743-7-SglsMuscle Cars, SINGLEs (5)3.85
 4747bMuscle Cars, IMPERFORATE STRIP (5)5.50
 4747b-seqMuscle Cars, Left IMPERFORATE STRIP (in catalog sequence)6.80
 4743b-7bMuscle Cars, IMPERFORATE SINGLEs (5)5.80
 4747b-PaneMuscle Cars, IMPERFORATE PANE of 2024.50
 4748Modern Art (FOREVER/46¢), Pane of 12   (03/07/13)11.85
 4748a-lModern Art (FOREVER/46¢), SINGLEs (12)12.85
 474946¢ Patriotic Star, coil   (03/19/13)Sold
  4753a La Florida (FOREVER/46¢), Block of 4   (04/03/13) 3.15
  4753b La Florida, IMPERFORATE Block of 4 5.10
 4764Where Dreams Blossom (FOREVER/46¢)   (04/11/13, with '2013' year date)0.85
 4764aWhere Dreams Blossom (FOREVER/46¢)   (05/2/14, with '2014' year date)0.85
 476566¢ Yes, I Do   (04/11/13)1.15
 4769aFlag for All Seasons (FOREVER/46¢) Coil Strip, #4766-9 (05/03/13, ptr: AVR, begins with - Autumn)Sold
 4773aFlag for All Seasons (FOREVER/46¢) Coil Strip, #4770-3 (05/03/13, ptr: APU, begins with - Autumn)4.50
 4777aFlag for All Seasons (FOREVER/46¢) Coil Strip, #4774-7 (05/03/13, ptr: SSP, begins with - Winter)Sold
 4781aFlag for All Seasons (FOREVER/46¢) Block (#4778-81 f/ DS-Bkt, 05/17/13, ptr: APU)Sold
 4785cFlag for All Seasons (FOREVER/46¢) Block (#4782-5 f/ DS-Bkt, 05/17/13, ptr: SSP)Sold
 4785eFlag for All Seasons (FOREVER/46¢) Block (#4782a-85a f/ Booklet Pane of 10, 08/16/13, ptr: SSP)3.60
 4785fFlag for All Seasons, Booklet Pane of 10, #4782a-85a7.45
 4785gFlag for All Seasons (FOREVER/49¢) Block (#4782b-85b) from DS Booklet Pane   (03/17/14)3.70
 4785hFlag for All Seasons, full DS Booklet Pane (#4782b-85b)14.75
 4786Lydia Mendoza (FOREVER/46¢)   (05/15/13)0.90
 4786aLydia Mendoza (FOREVER/46¢), IMPERF. Single1.30
 4786a-GtrPrLydia Mendoza (FOREVER/46¢), IMPERF. horizontal Gutter Pair2.75
 4788a(h)1863: Civil War (FOREVER/46¢) Vicksburg/Gettysburg,
Horizontal Pair   (05/23/13)
 4788a(v)1863: Civil War (FOREVER/46¢) Vicksburg/Gettysburg,
Vertical Pair   (05/23/13)
 4787-8sgls1863: Civil War (FOREVER/46¢) Vicksburg/Gettysburg, Singles1.75
 4787-8pane1863: Civil War, Vicksburg/Gettysburg, full Pane of 129.60
 4787-8-iSgls1863: Civil War, IMPERFORATE SINGLEs, set of 22.30
 4789Johnny Cash (FOREVER/46¢)   (06/05/13)0.85
 4789aJohnny Cash, IMPERFORATE Single (horiz. pairs available)1.20
 4789a-PaneJohnny Cash, IMPERFORATE Pane of 1616.50
 4790West Virginia statehood (FOREVER/46¢)   (06/20/13)0.80
 4790aWest Virginia statehood, IMPERFORATE (available as pairs)1.15
 4790-GutrWest Virginia statehood, IMPERFORATE Gutter Pair, specify either (H)orizontal or (V)ertical stamps, or get one of each2.55
 4790-XGutrWest Virginia statehood, IMPERFORATE Cross-Gutter Block5.65
 4795aNew England Coast Lighthouses (FOREVER/46¢), #4791-5 Strip (5)   (07/13/13)3.60
 4795a-SeqLighthouses (FOREVER/46¢), Top Strip (in catalog sequence)4.35
 4795bLighthouses, #4791-5 IMPERFORATE Strip (not catalog seq)5.20
 4799aFlag for All Seasons (FOREVER/46¢) Block (from DSBkt, 08/08/13, ptr: AVY)3.65
 4796-9Flag for All Seasons, Singles (4) + Label3.75
 4800Eid 2013 (FOREVER/46¢)0.80
 48021¢ Bobcat, wa, '2013' yr date   (08/09/13, same design as #4672, No inventory #s on back)0.11
 4803Althea Gibson (FOREVER/46¢), 'Black Heritage' series   (08/23/13)0.85
 4803-PaneAlthea Gibson (FOREVER/46¢), Pane of 2015.50
 4803aAlthea Gibson (FOREVER/46¢), IMPERFORATE Single1.10
 4803a-PaneAlthea Gibson (FOREVER/46¢), IMPERFORATE Pane of 2020.00
 4804March on Washington (FOREVER/46¢)   (08/23/13)0.80
 4805War of 1812 (FOREVER/46¢): Battle of Lake Erie   (09/10/13)0.80
 4805aBattle of Lake Erie, IMPERF. Single1.30
 4805a-GtrPrBattle of Lake Erie, IMPERF. vertical Gutter Pair2.70
 4806a$2 Inverted Jenny, Single   (9/22/13, with VF or better centering)2.70
 4806$2 Inverted Jenny, S/S of 6 (with VF or better centering)14.00
 4807Ray Charles (FOREVER/46¢)   (9/23/13)0.90
 4807aRay Charles, IMPERFORATE1.20
 4807a-paneRay Charles, IMPERFORATE Pane of 1616.50
 4812a(10¢) Snowflakes, Strip of 5, #4808-12 not folded  (10/11/13)0.80
 4809-back(10¢) Snowflake, single with #10000 on reverse2.50
 4813Holy Family (FOREVER/46¢), Single (from Pane, 10/11/13)0.85
 4814Global 'Christmas Wreath' (FOREVER/$1.10*)   (10/24/13)1.85
 4814aGlobal 'Wreath', IMPERFORATE Single (pairs/blocks available)2.40
 4814a-paneGlobal 'Wreath', IMPERFORATE PANE of 1021.50
 4816Poinsettia (FOREVER/46¢), Single (from DS Bkt, 10/10/13)0.90
 4816bPoinsettia (FOREVER/49¢) (from DS Bkt, 8/21/14 with 2014 yr date)0.90
 4820aGingerbread Houses (FOREVER/46¢), #4817-20 Block   (11/6/13)Sold
 4820cGingerbread Houses, IMPERFORATE, Block5.10
 4821Poinsettia (FOREVER/46¢), Single (from ATM pane, 10/10/13)0.85
 4823c(WWII) Medal of Honor (FOREVER/46¢), #4822-3 PAIR   (11/11/13, "2013" yr date)1.55
 4822-3(WWII) Medal of Honor (FOREVER/46¢), Singles (2)1.60
 4823c-RH(WWII) Medal of Honor, RH folio page w/#4823c surrounded by photos of MoH recipients1.75
 4823eMedal of Honor, IMPERFORATE Pair (#4822-3)2.80
 4822-3-IMP-RSMedal of Honor, IMPERFORATE Right-Side Pane of 2 (w/wide margins)4.00
 4823d(Korea) Medal of Honor (FOREVER/49¢), #4822a-3a PAIR   (same design as #4822-3 but with "2014" yr date, issued: 07/26/14)1.55
 4822a-3a-sglsMedal of Honor, SINGLEs (2)1.55
 4823fMedal of Honor, IMPERFORATE #4822a-3a Pair2.90
 4824Hanukkah (FOREVER/46¢), SINGLE   (11/19/13)0.85
 4825-44Harry Potter (FOREVER/46¢), miniature FOLIO  (#BK307 - 11/19/13)Sold
 4845Kwanzaa (FOREVER/46¢), SINGLE   (11/26/13)0.85
 4846Year of the Horse (FOREVER/46¢), Chinese New Year, Drums/Drumsticks   (01/15/14, also available as strip of 3 @ $2.20) [Chinese New Year series]0.85
 4846aYear of the Horse, IMPERFORATE Single (taken from left or right end and will have gold border on 3 sides)1.65
 4846a-strpYear of the Horse, IMPERFORATE Strip of 3 (presents well when paired with a normal die-cut strip of 3)4.65
 4847Love: Pink Paper Heart (FOREVER/46¢), (1/21/14)0.80
 4847aLove: Pink Paper Heart, Imperforate SINGLE (Gutter Pair, vert. or horz. @ $3.10)1.50
 4852a49¢ Ferns, coil strip of 5 (1/27/14)3.90
 4848-5249¢ Ferns, SINGLEs (5)4.00
  4853 Ft. McHenry Flag/Fireworks (FOREVER/49¢), COIL (CCL Label, 1/28/14) 0.80
  4854 Ft. McHenry Flag/Fireworks (FOREVER/49¢), COIL (Ashton-Potter, 1/28/14) 0.80
  4855 Ft. McHenry Flag/Fireworks (FOREVER/49¢), from DS-Booklet (Ashton-Potter, 01/28/14) 0.95
 4856Shirley Chisholm (FOREVER/49¢), Congresswoman, Black Heritage series (1/31/14)0.75
  4857 34¢ Hummingbird, f/pane (2/07/14) 0.55
 485834¢ Hummingbird coil (yellowish tagging, from plate # P11111)0.50
 4858a34¢ Hummingbird coil, reprint (slightly darker background color and lighter text, white tagging, from plt# P22222)0.55
 485970¢ Great Spangled Fritillary Butterfly (2/10/14)1.20
 4859-topGreat Spangled Fritillary Butterfly, Top Margin Strip of 4 w/"GREAT SPANGLED FRITILLARY"4.80
 4859aGreat Spangled Fritillary Butterfly, IMPERFORATE Single (horiz. {or vert.} Pair @ $3.55)1.80
 4859a-GtrGreat Spangled Fritillary Butterfly, IMPERFORATE (Horizontal) Gutter Pair3.60
 4859a-topGreat Spangled Fritillary Butterfly, IMPERF, Top Margin Strip of 4 w/"GREAT SPANGLED FRITILLARY"7.10
 486021¢ A. Lincoln (2/12/14)0.40
 4860aLincoln, IMPERFORATE Single (horiz. Pair @ $1.75)0.90
 486121¢ A. Lincoln, Coil (2/12/14)0.40
 4865aWinter Flowers (FOREVER/49¢), #4862-5 Block of 4   (2/14/14)3.60
 4862-5-sglWinter Flowers (FOREVER/49¢), Singles (4) + Label3.75
 486691¢ Ralph Ellison (Literary Arts series, 2/18/14)1.60
 4866a91¢ Ralph Ellison, IMPERFORATE Single2.20
 4866a-XGtr91¢ Ralph Ellison, IMPERFORATE, Cross-Gutter Block of 410.00
 486770¢ Wedding Cake   (2/22/14)1.15
 4868Ft. McHenry Flag/Fireworks (FOREVER/49¢), COIL (Sennett Security Products, 3/3/14)0.80
 4869Ft. McHenry Flag/Fireworks (FOREVER/49¢), from DS-Booklet (CCL Label, 03/3/14)0.90
 4870Ft. McHenry Flag/Fireworks (FOREVER/49¢), from DS-Booklet (Sennett Security Products, 03/3/14)0.90
 4871Ft. McHenry Flag/Fireworks (FOREVER/49¢), ATM single (SSP, 3/3/14)0.80
 4878aFerns (FOREVER/49¢), coil strip of 5 (#4874-8, 3/6/14)4.50
 4874-8Ferns (FOREVER/49¢), SINGLEs (5)4.55
 487970¢ C. Alfred "Chief" Anderson (3/13/14)1.15
 4880Jimi Hendrix (FOREVER/49¢),   (Music Icons series, 3/13/14, sliced between stamps to preserve full image)   Block of 4 available @ $3.800.95
 4880-paneJimi Hendrix, full Pane of 1615.60
 4880aJimi Hendrix, Imperforate   Block of 4 available @ $5.601.50
 488170¢ Yes, I Do   (3/21/14)1.15
 4892Charlton Heston (FOREVER/49¢) (4/11/14)0.80
 4892aCharlton Heston, Imperforate   (Also available as pairs, blocks, pane(20))1.35
 4892a-GtrCharlton Heston, Imperforate Gutter Pair (vertical)2.80
  4893 Global 'Ocean Temperatures' (FOREVER/$1.15/global rate series)   (04/22/14) Sold
  4893a Global 'Ocean Temperatures', IMPERFORATE Single (pair/block available) 2.20
  4893a Global 'Ocean Temperatures', IMPERFORATE PANE of 10 20.85
  4897a Flags (FOREVER/49¢), Red, White, & Blue, Strip (4) (4/25/14) 3.10
  4894-7 Flags (FOREVER/49¢), Red, White, & Blue, Singles (4) 3.10
 4905aVintage Circus Posters (FOREVER/49¢), BLOCK of 8 in catalog sequence; either vertical (as shown) or horizontal (5/5/14)6.30
 4898-905Vintage Circus Posters, SINGLEs (8)6.30
 4905bVintage Circus Posters, IMPERFORATE vertical (or horizontal) Block of 89.25
 4905b-SglsVintage Circus Posters, IMPERFORATE Singles (8)9.75
4905cVintage Circus Posters Souvenir Sheet (12/10/14), from press sheet, without Die-cuts5.35
 4905d50¢ Circus Wagon, single, Imperforate 1.85
 4905e$1 Vintage Circus Poster, single, Imperforate 2.80
Circus-SSYBVintage Circus Posters Souvenir Sheet with Die-cuts, from 2014 Yearbook (includes clear mount)65.00
 4907Nevada statehood (FOREVER/49¢) (5/29/14)0.80
 4907aNevada statehood, IMPERFORATE, Single1.30
4907a-GtrPrNevada statehood, IMPERFORATE, Gutter PAIR (vertical or horizontal gutter)2.65
 4909aHot Rods (FOREVER/49¢), horiz. PAIR, (6/6/14)Sold
 4911a(v)1864: Civil War (FOREVER/49¢), Petersburg/Mobile Bay, Vertical Pair (#4910-1) (7/30/14)1.85
 4911a(h)1864: Civil War (FOREVER/49¢), Petersburg/Mobile Bay, Horizontal Pair (7/30/14)1.95
 4910-1-sgls1864: Civil War, Petersburg/Mobile Bay, Singles1.75
 4911b-Sgls1864: Civil War, IMPERFORATE SINGLEs, set of 22.30
 4911a-HPr1864: Civil War, IMPERFORATE Horizontal wide-spaced PAIR from front of pane3.25
 4915aFarmer's Market (FOREVER/49¢), STRIP of 4 (#4912-5) (8/7/14)3.10
 4915a-topFarmer's Market, STRIP of 4 with Top Margin "Farmers Markets"3.20
 4916Janis Joplin (FOREVER/49¢), (8/8/14)0.85
 4916aJanis Joplin, IMPERFORATE SINGLE (also avail. as Block of 4)1.40
  4921 War of 1812: Ft. McHenry (FOREVER/49¢) (9/13/14) 0.80
  4921a War of 1812: Ft. McHenry, IMPERFORATE Single Sold
4926aCelebrity Chefs (FOREVER/49¢) STRIP of 5 (9/26/14)3.90
4926a-topCelebrity Chefs (FOREVER/49¢) Top Margin STRIP4.00
4926bCelebrity Chefs, IMPERFORATE STRIP of 55.60
 4927$5.75 Glade Creek Grist Mill8.35
 4927a$5.75 Glade Creek Grist Mill, IMPERFORATE8.50
 4927a-Gtr$5.75 Glade Creek Grist Mill, IMPERFORATE, horizontal gutter pair (vertical gutter)17.00
4935a-leftBatman (FOREVER/49¢) Left side of Pane with vertical STRIP of 8 (#4928-35) (9/26/14)Sold
4935a-ctrBatman Vertical STRIP of 8 from center of pane (as shown here)8.00
4935b-ctrBatman, IMPERFORATE Vertical Strip of 8 f/center of pane16.00
4935b-sglsBatman, IMPERFORATE Singles (8)15.50
4936Silver Bells (FOREVER/$1.15)  (10/23/14)1.95
4936-GutrPrsSilver Bells, 2 Gutter Pairs from Press Sheet (1 horizontal, 1 vertical, 4 stamps)8.50
4936aSilver Bells, IMPERFORATE, SINGLE2.30
4940aWinter Fun (FOREVER/49¢) Block (4) (10/23/14)Sold
 4940cWinter Fun, IMPERFORATE BLOCK of 45.50
 4940c-dsWinter Fun, IMPERFORATE double-sided BLOCK of 48.25
4940dWinter Fun, IMPERFORATE DS BOOKLET of 2016.50
 4941-4Winter Fun, Block (4) from ATM pane of 18 (in catalog sequence)Sold
 4945Christmas Magi (FOREVER/49¢) Single (11/19/14)1.40
 4945bMagi, IMPERFORATE, Single1.30
  4949a Rudolph, Red-Nosed Reindeer (FOREVER/49¢) #4946-9 Block (11/6/14) 4.00
 4949cRudolph the Red, IMPERFORATE Block of 45.20
 4949a-dsRudolph the Red, IMPERFORATE double-sided Block of 48.00
  4951a Wilt Chamberlain (FOREVER/49¢) Pair, horizontal (or vertical) (12/5/14) 1.85
  4950-51 Wilt Chamberlain, SINGLEs 1.85
  4950-51-pane Wilt Chamberlain, PANE of 18 (VF+, no faults) 20.00
  4951b Wilt Chamberlain (FOREVER/49¢) horizontal Pair, IMPERFORATE 2.45
  4951b-sgls Wilt Chamberlain (FOREVER/49¢) Singles, IMPERFORATE 2.55
 4952War of 1812 (FOREVER/49¢) Battle of New Orleans (01/08/15)0.85
 4952aWar of 1812, Battle of New Orleans, IMPERFORATE Single1.25
 4952a-GtrWar of 1812, Battle of New Orleans, IMPERFORATE vertical Gutter Pair2.60
 4953$1 Patriotic Waves (01/12/15, stamps are separated by slicing between stamps to preserve entire image, see graphic)1.50
  4953a $1 Patriotic Waves, margin IMPERFORATE 2.20
  4954 $2 Patriotic Waves (01/30/15, stamps are separated by slicing between stamps to preserve entire image) 2.70
  4954a $2 Patriotic Waves, IMPERFORATE Single 3.30
  4954a-GtrPr $2 Patriotic Waves, IMPERFORATE horizontal Gutter Pair 6.60
  4956a Forever Love Hearts (FOREVER/49¢), PAIR   (01/22/15, sliced between stamps to preserve full image) 1.70
  4955-6-sgls Forever Love Hearts, SINGLEs (2) 1.70
  4956b Forever Love Hearts, IMPERFORATE Pair, specify Horizontal (or Vertical) 2.30
  4956b-sgls Forever Love Hearts, IMPERFORATE Singles (2) 2.35
  4956b-GtrBlk Forever Love Hearts, IMPERFORATE Gutter Block of 4 (with plt #s) 5.20
 4957Year of the Ram (FOREVER/49¢), Tray of Togetherness   (02/07/15) [Chinese New Year series]0.80
 4957aYear of the Ram, IMPERFORATE Single (taken from left or right end and will have gold border on 3 sides)1.55
 4957a-2Year of the Ram, IMPERFORATE Pair, w/Ram in margin3.10
 4957a-3Year of the Ram, IMPERFORATE Strip of 3 (presents well when paired with a normal die-cut strip of 3)4.40
 4957a-paneYear of the Ram, IMPERFORATE Pane of 12 (from uncut press sheet)14.50
  4958 Robert Robinson Taylor (FOREVER/49¢)   (02/12/15) 0.85
 4958aRobert Robinson Taylor, IMPERFORATE Single1.30
 4958a-GtrPrVintage Rose, IMPERF. Gutter Pair (horizontal)2.65
  4959 Vintage Rose (FOREVER/49¢)   (02/14/15, singles are sliced through gutter between stamps to preserve full image) 3.00
  4959a Vintage Rose, IMPERF. Single 1.25
  4959a-GtrPr Vintage Rose, IMPERF. Gutter Pair (specify horizontal or vertical) 2.50
  4959a-XGtr Vintage Rose, IMPERF. Cross Gutter Block of 4 5.70
 496070¢ Vintage Tulip   (02/14/15)Sold
 4963a(10¢) Stars & Stripes (#4961-3), coil strip of 3   (02/27/15)0.50
 4961-3(10¢) Stars & Stripes, singles (3)0.50
 4967aWater Lilies (FOREVER/49¢), Block of 4 (#4964-7)   (03/20/15)3.65
 4964-7-sglWater Lilies (FOREVER/49¢), Singles (4) + Label3.85
 4967cWater Lilies, IMPERFORATE Block of 4  (from press sheet)5.00
 4967c-DSWater Lilies, IMPERFORATE Double-Sided Block of 4  (8 stamps)7.80
 4972aMartín Ramírez (FOREVER/49¢), STRIP of 5 (#4968-72)   (03/26/15)Sold
 4972bMartín Ramírez, IMPERFORATE vertical STRIP of 55.10
 4973-7Ferns (FOREVER/49¢), Strip of 5 (w/2014 date, proper Scott# sequence)Sold
 4977cFerns (FOREVER/49¢), Strip of 5 (#4973a-7a) (03/27/15, w/2015 date, proper Scott# sequence, no folds between stamps)4.10
  4978 From ME to YOU (FOREVER/49¢), Single (04/01/15, specify if you want one with a random side/bottom margin tab with symbols) 0.80
  4978a From ME to YOU, IMPERFORATE Single (specify if you want one with a random side/bottom margin included - with symbols) 1.20
  4979 Maya Angelou (FOREVER/49¢), Single (04/07/15) 0.85
  4979a Maya Angelou, IMPERFORATE Single 1.25
  4979a-Gtr Maya Angelou, IMPERFORATE Pair horizontal gutter pair 2.50
  4981a(v) 1865: Civil War (FOREVER/49¢) Five Forks/Appomattox,
Vertical Pair (#4980-1)   (04/09/15)
  4981a(h) 1865: Civil War (FOREVER/49¢) Five Forks/Appomattox,
Horizontal Pair   (04/09/15)
  4980-1 1865: Civil War, Battle of Five Forks/Surrender at Appomattox, Singles 1.90
  4982-5 Gifts of Friendship: Dogwood and Cherry Blossoms (FOREVER/49¢), 2 Pairs (4 different stamps)  (04/10/15) 6.50
  4982-5-Pane Dogwood and Cherry Blossoms, PANE of 12 (04/10/15) 9.25
  4986 Special Olympics, World Games (FOREVER/49¢) (05/09/15) 0.80
  4986a Special Olympics, World Games IMPERF. 1.20
  4986a-GtrPr Special Olympics, IMPERF. horizontal Gutter Pair (vertical gutter) 2.45
  4987 Forget-Me-Not Missing Children (FOREVER/49¢) (05/18/15) 0.85
  4987a Forget-Me-Not Missing Children IMPERF. Single 1.25
  4987a-GtrPr Forget-Me-Not Missing Children IMPERF. horizontal gutter pair (or vertical pair w/horiz. gutter) 2.60
  4988a Medal of Honor (FOREVER/49¢), Vietnam, Strip of 3 (05/25/15) 2.70
  4988b Medal of Honor (FOREVER/49¢), Vietnam, IMPERFORATE Strip of 3 3.70
  4989 Emperor Penguins (FOREVER/22¢) from pane (06/01/15) 0.40
  4989a Emperor Penguins, IMPERFORATE Single 0.80
  4989a-GtrPrs Emperor Penguins, IMPERFORATE Gutter Pairs, 1 horizontal pr. + 1 vertical pr. 3.20
  4989a-#GtrPrs IMPERF Gutter Pairs, 1 horizontal/1 vertical, with plate nos. on both 3.30
  4990 Emperor Penguins (FOREVER/22¢) from coil (06/01/15, additional ounce rate) 0.40
  4994a Coastal Birds (FOREVER/35¢), Block #4991-4 (06/01/15, postcard rate) 2.50
  4994b Coastal Birds, IMPERFORATE Block of 4 (cat seq) 3.10
  4994b-strp Coastal Birds, IMPERFORATE v. Strip of 4 3.10
  4994b-sgls Coastal Birds, IMPERFORATE Singles (4) 3.20
  4998a Coastal Birds (FOREVER/35¢), coil Strip (4) #4995-8, (beginning with 'Spoonbill') (06/01/15) 2.50
  4995-8-sgls Coastal Birds (FOREVER/35¢), coil Singles (4) 2.60
  4999 Eastern Tiger Swallowtail butterfly (FOREVER/71¢) (06/01/15) 1.35
  4999-pane Eastern Tiger Swallowtail butterfly, PANE of 20 (xf, no faults) 24.00
 4999-topEastern Tiger Swallowtail butterfly, Top Margin Strip of 4 w/"EASTERN TIGER SWALLOWTAIL"4.90
  4999a Eastern Tiger Swallowtail butterfly (FOREVER/71¢), IMPERF. Single 1.65
  4999a-Gtr Eastern Tiger Swallowtail butterfly (FOREVER/71¢), IMPERF. Gutter Pair (horizontal stamps, vertical gutter)
(Gutter Pair with plate numbers = $3.60)
  5000 Wedding Cake (FOREVER/71¢) (06/01/15) 1.25
  5001 Yes I Do (FOREVER/71¢) (06/01/15) 1.35
  5003 Flannery O'Connor (FOREVER/93¢) (06/01/15)  (Literary Arts series) 1.65
 5003aFlannery O'Connor (FOREVER/93¢), IMPERF. Single2.00
 5003a-GtrFlannery O'Connor, IMPERF. horizontal Gutter Pair (vertical gutter)4.20
  5007aSummer Harvest (FOREVER/49¢), Block of 4 (#5004-7) (07/11/15)Sold
  5007c Summer Harvest IMPERFORATE Block of 4 from press sheet 5.30
 5007c-dsSummer Harvest IMPERFORATE double-sided Block of 4 (8 stamps)7.40
 5007dSummer Harvest IMPERFORATE full DS Booklet of 2020.00
 5008Coast Guard (FOREVER/49¢)   (08/4/15)0.80
  5008a Coast Guard, IMPERFORATE (also pairs, blocks, & gutter pairs available) 1.20
 5009Elvis Presley (FOREVER/49¢)   (Music Icons series, 08/12/15, singles are sliced through gutter between stamps to preserve full image)0.85
 5011aWorld Stamp Show - NY 2016 (FOREVER/49¢), horiz. Pair   (08/20/15)1.60
 5010-1World Stamp Show - NY 2016, Singles1.50
 5012Ingrid Bergman (FOREVER/49¢)   (08/20/15)0.80
 5012-RSIngrid Bergman, Right-side Margin with Strip of 4 stamps3.30
 5020Paul Newman (FOREVER/49¢)   (09/18/15)0.80
 5020-topPaul Newman, top Margin Strip of 54.10
 5020aPaul Newman, IMPERFORATE Single1.20
 5030aCharlie Brown Xmas (FOREVER/49¢), DS booklet of 20   (10/01/15)Sold Out
 CVP-98Charlie Brown computer vended stamp0.85
 5034aGeometric Snowflakes (FOREVER/49¢), Block (#5031-4) (10/23/15)Sold
 5034cGeometric Snowflakes, IMPERF. Block of 44.75
 5034c-DSGeometric Snowflakes, IMPERF. DS Block of 86.80
 5034dGeometric Snowflakes, IMPERF. DS Booklet of 2018.00
 5035Purple Heart (FOREVER/49¢) (Oct 2015, microprinted at left of ribbon, "2014")0.80
 5036Quilled Paper Heart (FOREVER/49¢),   (1/12/16)0.75
 5036aQuilled Paper Heart, IMPERFORATE Single1.10
 5036a-GtrQuilled Paper Heart, IMPERFORATE Gutter Pairs, set of 25.00
 5036ImpGtr#Quilled Paper Heart, IMPERFORATE Gutter Pairs (2), same as above but with plate numbers on a wider margin5.40
 50371¢ Apples, coil   (8/12/16) available as pairs (13¢) & triplets (15¢)0.10
 5037-back#1¢ Apples, single with back #30000.85
 50385¢ Grapes, coil   (2/19/16) available as pairs (25¢) & triplets (30¢)0.15
 503910¢ Pears, coil   (1/17/16) available as pairs (35¢) & triplets (45¢)0.20
  5052 Flag (FOREVER/49¢*), Coil   (1/29/16, Printer: SSP, microprinted along flagpole) 0.80
  5053 Flag (FOREVER/49¢*), Coil   (1/29/16, Printer: APU, microprinted on right side of flag) 0.80
  5054 Flag (FOREVER/49¢*), from DS Booklet   (1/29/16, Printer: SSP, colors darker than #5055) 0.90
  5054-var Flag (FOREVER/49¢*), from Booklet of 10   (Printer: SSP) 0.80
  5055 Flag (FOREVER/49¢*), from DS Booklet   (1/29/16, Printer: APU, colors lighter than #5054) 0.90
 5056Richard Allen (FOREVER/49¢*), Black Heritage series   (2/2/16)0.75
 5057Chinese New Year (Monkey) (FOREVER/49¢*), Peonies   (2/5/16)0.80
 5057-tabChinese New Year (Monkey) (FOREVER/49¢*), Peonies   margin single with Monkey in margin0.85
 5057aLunar New Year of the Monkey, IMPERFORATE Single1.25
  5058 Moon (FOREVER/$1.20*/global rate series)   (2/22/16) 1.85
  5058-pane Moon (FOREVER/$1.20*) Pane of 10 17.50
 5059Sarah Vaughan (FOREVER/49¢*),  (Music Icons series, 3/29/16, pane image)0.75
 5059paneSarah Vaughan (FOREVER/49¢*), Pane of 16  (pane image)11.00
  5060 Shirley Temple (FOREVER/47¢),  Legends of Hollywood series, 4/18/16, pane image) 0.80
 5061(5¢) USA coil (4/28/16, non-profit rate); available as pairs (25¢) & triplets (35¢)   (in use for only 10 months before being replaced with #5172)0.18
 5062-3World Stamp Show - NY 2016 (FOREVER/47¢) Singles (2) (5/29/16)1.50
 5062-3-gtrWorld Stamp Show - NY 2016, GUTTER PAIR1.70
 5064Repeal of the Stamp Act, 1766 (FOREVER/47¢) (5/29/16)0.75
 5068aService Cross Medals (FOREVER/47¢), Strip (or Block) of 4 (#5065-8 in catalog seq.) (5/30/16)3.40
 5065-8Service Cross Medals, SINGLES (4)3.25
 5076aView of Our Planets (FOREVER/47¢), Block of 8 (5/31/16)Sold
 5077-8-SSPluto Explored! (FOREVER/47¢), Souvenir Sheet of 4 (5/31/16)   (image of reverse)3.00
 5078aPluto Explored!, horizontal Pair (specify "vertical" pair if preferred)1.75
 5077-8sglPluto Explored!, Singles (2)1.60
 5079Stamp Classics (FOREVER/47¢), Souvenir Sheet of 6 (6/01/16)4.45
 5079a-fStamp Classics (FOREVER/47¢), SINGLEs (6)4.65
 5080National Parks (FOREVER/47¢), Pane of 16 (6/02/16)Sold
 5080a-pNational Parks, SINGLEs (16) (6/02/16)11.50
  5091 Indiana (FOREVER/47¢)   (6/07/16) 0.80
  5092 Eid Greetings (FOREVER/47¢) (6/10/16) 0.75
  5092-GtrPrs Eid Greetings, 2 Gutter Pairs 4 stamps from Press Sheet (1 horizontal pair, 1 vertical pair) 3.50
  5092-XGtrBlk Eid Greetings, Cross-Gutter Block of 4 from Press Sheet 4.50
  5097a Soda Fountain Favorites, Strip of 5 (6/30/16)   (not in Scott catalog seq) 3.85
  5093-7 Soda Fountain Favorites, SINGLEs (5) 4.10
  5093-7+var Soda Fountain Favorites, 6 SINGLEs (as above, but includes BOTH Banana Split die-cut varieties) 5.25
  5097a-top Soda Fountain Favorites (FOREVER/47¢), top Strip of 5 (#5093-7 in catalog sequence) Sold
 5099aStar Quilts (25¢) Presorted rate, Pair (#5098-9)   (7/6/16, specify Singles if preferred)0.80
  5100 Jaime Escalante (FOREVER/47¢)   (7/13/16) 0.75
  5104a Pick-Up Trucks (FOREVER/47¢), Block of 4 (#5101-4) (7/15/16) 3.80
  5101-4-sgls Pick-Up Trucks, SINGLEs (4) (7/15/16) 4.00
  5104b Pick-Up Trucks (FOREVER/47¢), full DS Booklet Pane of 20 15.00
  5105 Henry James (FOREVER/89¢) 3-ounce rate   (7/31/16)  (Literary Arts series) 1.60
 5105-GtrPrHenry James, horiz. Gutter Pair from Press Sheet2.65
 5125aPets (FOREVER/47¢), #5106-25 DS Booklet of 20   (7/13/16)Sold
 5129aSongbirds in Snow (FOREVER/47¢), #5126-9, Block of four different (single-sided, from DS Booklet, 8/04/16)3.50
 5126-9-sglsSongbirds in Snow (FOREVER/47¢), Singles (4)3.70
 5130Patriotic Spiral, coil (8/19/16)0.70
 5131Patriotic Spiral, booklet single (8/19/16)0.70
 5135aStar Trek (FOREVER/47¢), Block of four #5132-5 (issued 9/2/16)2.90
 5135a-stripStar Trek, vert. STRIP of 4 (not in catalog sequence)3.10
 5132-5-sglStar Trek, SINGLEs (4)2.90
 CanadaStarTrekCanadian Star Trek, coil pair, domestic permanent rate
    (Singles or Inscription Pair @ same price)
 5136(68¢) Eastern Tailed Blue Butterfly (9/24/16)1.00
 5140aJack-O'-Lanterns (FOREVER/47¢), #5137-40 Block of four f/ DS Booklet, 9/29/16)Sold
 5141Kwanzaa (FOREVER/47¢), (10/07/16)0.75
 5141-HgtrKwanzaa horizontal gutter pair (vertical gutter - from Press Sheet)2.00
 5141-VgtrKwanzaa vertical gutter pair (horizontal gutter - from Press Sheet)2.00
 5141-XgtrKwanzaa cross gutter block (from Press Sheet)4.75
 5142Diwali (FOREVER/47¢), (10/5/16)0.75
 5142-HgtrDiwali horizontal gutter pair (vertical gutter - from Press Sheet)1.75
 5142-VgtrDiwali vertical gutter pair (horizontal gutter - from Press Sheet)1.75
 5142-XgtrDiwali cross gutter block (from Press Sheet)4.75
 5143Florentine Madonna & Child (FOREVER/47¢), (10/07/16)0.75
  5144 Christmas - Nativity (FOREVER/47¢), (10/06/16) 0.90
 5144-ipairChristmas - Nativity, vertical pair imperforate between, from press sheet (not on original backing)1.70
  5148a Holiday Window Views (FOREVER/47¢), Block of four different (single-sided, from DS Booklet, 10/06/16) 3.65
  5145-8 Holiday Window Views (FOREVER/47¢), Singles (4) 3.80
  5152a Wonder Woman (FOREVER/47¢) (vertical) STRIP of 4 (10/07/16) 3.00
  5149-52 Wonder Woman, SINGLEs (4) 3.05
 5153Hanukkah Menorah (FOREVER/47¢), (10/06/16)0.70
 5153-GtrPrsHanukkah, horizontal & vertical gutter pairs from Press Sheet3.20
*  effective denomination of stamp when issued (value subsequently changed by USPS due to rate change)

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