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Year of the Rooster, #5154

Love Skywriting, #5155

John F. Kennedy, #5175

African-American Museum, #5251

Work Projects Admin, #5180-9

Delicioso, #5192-7

Scott #DescriptionIssue Date
5154Year of the Rooster (FOREVER/47¢), pane of 12, BCA   (Chinese New Year series)01/05/17
5155Love Skywriting (FOREVER/47¢), pane of 20, BCA01/07/17
5156$6.65 Liliuokalani Gardens in Hilo, HI (Priority Mail rate), pane of 4, AP01/22/17
5157$23.75 Gateway Arch in St. Louis, MO (Priority Mail Express rate), pane of 4, AP01/22/17
5158-62Flag (FOREVER/49¢)01/27/17
  5158   coil of 100 (BCA)
5159   coil of 100 (AP)
5160   Single-sided booklet of 10 (BCA)
5160   Double-sided booklet of 20 (BCA)
5161   Double-sided booklet of 20 (AP)
5162   ATM pane of 18 (AP)
5163-70Seashells (FOREVER/34¢), postcard rate stamp, pane of 20 & coil of 100, AP01/28/17
  5163   Queen Conch (pane)
5164   Pacific Calico Scallop (pane)
5165   Alphabet Cone (pane)
5166   Zebra Nerite (pane)
    5166a   Strip of 4 from pane
5167   Alphabet Cone (coil)
5168   Zebra Nerite (coil)
5169   Queen Conch (coil)
5170   Pacific Calico Scallop (coil)
    5170a   Strip of 4 from coil
5171Dorothy Height (FOREVER/49¢), pane of 20, AP   (Black Heritage series)02/01/17
5172(5¢) USA, coil, nonprofit first-class rate, 3K & 10K coil, AP (similar design as #5061)02/10/17
5173Oscar de la Renta (FOREVER/49¢), mini-pane of 11, AP02/16/17
5174Uncle Sam's Hats (FOREVER/21¢), additional-ounce rate, pane of 20, BCA02/18/17
5175John F. Kennedy (FOREVER/49¢), pane of 12, BCA02/20/17
51775¢ Grapes, pane of 20, AP02/24/17
5179Nebraska Statehood (FOREVER/49¢), pane of 20, AP03/01/17
5180-9WPA Posters (FOREVER/49¢), 10 different, DS booklet, AP03/07/17
  5180   See America Welcome to Montana
5181   Work Pays America
5182   Field Day
5183   Discover Puerto Rico
5184   City of New York Municipal Airports
5185   Foreign Trade Zone
5186   Visit the Zoo
5187   Work with Care
5188   The National Parks Preserve Wild Life
5189   Hiking
    5189a   Block of 10
    5189b   DS Booklet of 20
517810¢ Pears, pane of 20, BCA (same design as #5039)03/23/17
5190Mississippi Statehood (FOREVER/49¢), pane of 20, AP03/31/17
5191Robert Panara (FOREVER/70¢) 2-ounce rate, pane of 20, BCA04/11/17
5192-7Delicioso (FOREVER/49¢), 6 different Latin American culinary dishes, DS Booklet of 20 & Press Sheet, BCA04/20/17
  5192   Tamales
5193   Flan
5194   Sancocho
5195   Empanadas
5196   Chile Relleno
5197   Ceviche
    5197a   Block of 6
    5197b   DS Booklet of 20
5198Succulent Cactus (FOREVER/$1.15), pane of 10, AP04/28/17
5199Boutonniere (49¢/FOREVER), pane of 20, BCA05/02/17
5200Corsage (FOREVER/70¢, 2-ounce rate), pane of 20, BCA05/02/17
52013¢ Strawberries, coil of 10k, AP05/05/17
5202Henry David Thoreau (FOREVER/49¢), pane of 20 & Press Sheet, BCA05/23/17
5203-10Sports Balls (FOREVER/49¢), 8 different, pane of 16, AP06/14/17
  5203   Football
5204   Volleyball
5205   Soccer Ball
5206   Golf Ball
5207   Baseball
5208   Basketball
5209   Tennis Ball
5210   Kickball
    5210a   Block of 8
5211Solar Eclipse (FOREVER/49¢),   printed with 'thermochromic' ink that changes with the heat of your finger, from dark disc covering sun – with the corona still visible – to an image of the moon with the sun's corona behind it.), pane of 16, BCA06/20/17
RW84$25 Canada Geese, water-activated pane of 20, AP, and self-adhesive #RW84A, pane of 106/26/17
5212Andrew Wyeth (FOREVER/49¢), 12 different, pane of 12, AP07/12/17
  5212a   Wind from the Sea (1947)
5212b   Big Room (1988)
5212c   Christina's World (1948)
5212d   Alvaro and Christina (1968)
5212e   Frostbitten (1962)
5212f   Sailor's Valentine (1985)
5212g   Soaring (1942-50)
5212h   North Light (1984)
5212i   Spring Fed (1967)
5212j   The Carry (2003)
5212k   Young Bull (1960)
5212l   My Studio (1974)
5213-22Disney Villains (FOREVER/49¢), 10 different, pane of 20, AP07/15/17
  5213   The Queen (Snow White and the Seven Dwarves)
5214   Honest John (Pinocchio)
5215   Lady Tremaine (Cinderella)
5216   Queen of Hearts (Alice in Wonderland)
5217   Captain Hook (Peter Pan)
5218   Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty)
5219   Cruella de Vil (101 Dalmations)
5220   Ursula (The Little Mermaid)
5221   Gaston (Beauty and the Beast)
5222   Scar (The Lion King)
    5222a   Block of 10
5223-7Sharks (FOREVER/49¢), 5 different, pane of 20, BCA07/26/17
  5223   mako shark
5224   whale shark
5225   thresher shark
5226   hammerhead shark
5227   great white shark
    5227a   Strip of 5
5228-32Protect Pollinators (FOREVER/49¢), 5 diff, pane of 20, AP08/03/17
  5228   Monarch Butterfly on Purple Coneflower
5229   Honeybee on Golden Ragwort
5230   Monarch Butterfly on Red Zinnia
5231   Honeybee on Purple Aster
5232   Monarch Butterfly on Goldenrod
    5232a   Strip of 5
5233-40Garden Flowers (FOREVER/49¢) 4 different, DS Booklet of 20 and Coil of 3K & 10K, BCA08/16/17
  5233   Red Camellias, coil
5234   Peonies, coil
5235   Blue Hydrangeas, coil
5236   White Hydrangeas w/Roses, coil
5236a   Strip of 4
5237   Red Camellias f/DS Bkt
5238   White Hydrangeas w/Roses f/DS Bkt
5239   Peonies f/DS Bkt
5240   Blue Hydrangeas f/DS Bkt
    5240a   Block of 4
    5240b   DS Booklet of 20
5241Father Ted Hesburgh (FOREVER/49¢), pane of 20, AP09/1/17
5242Father Ted Hesburgh (FOREVER/49¢) coil of 50, AP09/1/17
5243-6The Snowy Day (FOREVER/49¢), 4 different, DS Booklet of 20, AP10/4/17
  5243   Peter Making Snowball
5244   Sliding Downhill
5245   Making Snow Angel
5246   Footprints in Snow
    5246a   Block of 4
    5246b   DS Booklet of 20
5247-50Christmas Carols (FOREVER/49¢), 4 different, DS Booklet of 20, BCA10/5/17
  5247   Deck the Halls, Xmas Cookies
5248   Silent Night, Lamb
5249   Jingle Bells, Horse
5250   Jolly Old St. Nick, Santa
    5250a   Block of 4
    5250b   DS Booklet of 20
5251African-American Museum (FOREVER/49¢), pane of 20, BCA10/13/17
CVP-101Christmas Cookies (FOREVER/49¢), computer vended in panes of 1010/17/17
5252-3History of Hockey (FOREVER/49¢) 2 different (tete-beche), panes of 20, AP (joint issue with Canada)10/20/17
  5252a-3a   Souvenir Sheet of 2
B6(60¢) Alzheimer's Disease, Semi-Postal (49¢+11¢) pane of 20, BCA   (1st day - Baltimore, MD; proceeds go to NIH)11/30/17
Scott #DescriptionIssue Date
U694Northern Cardinal, AP, #10 envelope (available January 2017)11/3/16
U695$6.65 Liliuokalani Gardens Priority Mail stamped envelope01/22/17
U696Barn Swallow envelope, AP03/03/17
Postal Cards
Scott #DescriptionIssue Date
UX647Azulillo Chilean Blue Crocus (FOREVER/34¢), AP, single postcard and uncut sheet of 408/11/17
UY54Azulillo Chilean Blue Crocus (FOREVER/34¢)+(FOREVER/34¢), AP, double-reply card8/11/17
AP = Ashton Potter USA Ltd       BCA = Banknote Corporation of America

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