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(updated 04/15/22)
Scott #DescriptionIssue Date
5339Hearts Blossom (FOREVER/50¢), pane of 2001/10/19
5340Year of the Boar (FOREVER/50¢) (in Chinese New Year series), pane of 1201/17/19
5341Uncle Sam's Hats (FOREVER/15¢), additional-ounce rate, coil of 100, BCA, same design as #517401/27/19
5342-5Flag (FOREVER/55¢), DS Booklet of 20 & Coil of 100, two printers01/27/19
  5342   Coil (APU)
5343   Coil (BCA)
5344   DS Booklet (APU)
5345   DS Booklet (BCA)
5346Ca. Dogface Butterfly, 70¢ non-machinable surcharge (1-oz.) rate stamp, pane of 2001/27/19
5347$7.35 Joshua Tree, Priority Mail in Pane of 401/27/19
5348$25.50 Bethesda Fountain, Priority Mail Express, Pane of 401/27/19
5349Gregory Hines (FOREVER/55¢), pane of 20   (Black Heritage series)01/28/19
5350-9Cactus Flowers (FOREVER/55¢), 10 different in DS Booklet, ptr: BCA02/15/19
  5350   Opuntia Engelmannii (large light orange flower)
5351   Rebutia Minuscula (six red flowers)
5352   Echinocereus Dasyacanthus (three yellow flowers)
5353   Echinocereus Poselgeri (large red/violet flower)
5354   Echinocereus Coccineus (orange/red flower)
5355   Pelecyphora Aselliformis (two violet flowers)
5356   Parodia Microsperma (1½ yellow flowers)
5357   Echinocactus Horizonthalonius (dark red w/ yellow center flower)
5358   Thelocactus Heterochromus (violet/yellow flower & yellow spines)
5359   Parodia Scopa (two yellow flowers)
5360Alabama Statehood Bicentennial (FOREVER/55¢), Pulpit Rock, Cheaha State Park, pane of 20, ptr: BCA02/23/19
5361Tricolored Ribbon Star (FOREVER/55¢), pane of 20, ptr: BCA03/22/19
5362Tricolored Ribbon Star (FOREVER/55¢), coils of 3K & 10K, ptr: BCA03/22/19
5363-6Coral Reefs (FOREVER/35¢), 4 diff. (postcard rate) in pane of 20, ptr: APU03/29/19
  5363   Elkhorn coral/two French Angelfish
5364   Brain Coral//Spotted Moray Eel
5365   Pillar Coral/Coney Grouper/Neon Gobies
5366   Staghorn Coral/Blue-striped Grunts
5366a   Strip of 4
5367-70Coral Reefs (FOREVER/35¢), 4 diff. (postcard rate) in coil of 100, ptr: APU03/29/19
  5367   Pillar Coral/Coney Grouper/Neon Gobies
5368   Staghorn Coral/Blue-striped Grunts
5369   Elkhorn coral/two French Angelfish
5370   Brain Coral//Spotted Moray Eel
5370a   Strip of 4
5371Marvin Gaye (FOREVER/55¢), (Pane of 16, in Music Icons series)04/02/19
5372-6Post Office Murals (FOREVER/55¢), 5 diff. designs in pane of 1004/10/19
  5372   "Air Mail" (1941) Piggott, AR
5373   "Antelope" (1939) Florence, CO
5374   "Sugarloaf Mountain" (1940) Rockville, MD
5375   "Kiowas Moving Camp" (1936) Anadarko, OK
5376   "Mountains and Yucca" (1937) Deming, NM
5376a  vertical Strip of 5
5377Maureen "Little Mo" Connolly Brinker (FOREVER/55¢) in pane of 2004/23/19
5378-80Transcontinental Railroad (FOREVER/55¢), 3 diff. in pane of 1805/10/19
  5378   Steam Locomotive "Jupiter"
5379   Golden Spike
5380   Steam Locomotive "No. 119"
5380a   horiz. Strip of 3
5381Wild & Scenic Rivers (FOREVER/55¢), 12 diff. designs in Pane of 1205/21/19
  a   Merced River
b   Owyhee River
c   Koyukuk River
d   Niobrara River
e   Snake River
f   Flathead River
g   Missouri River
h   Skagit River
i   Deschutes River
j   Tlikakila River
k   Ontonagon River
l   Clarion River
5381   Pane of 12
5382-91Ellsworth Kelly (FOREVER/55¢), 10 diff. in pane of 2005/31/19
  5382   Yellow White, 1961
5383   Colors for a Large Wall, 1951
5384   Blue Red Rocker, 1963
5385   Spectrum I, 1953
5386   South Ferry, 1956
5387   Blue Green, 1962
5388   Orange Red Relief, 1990
5389   Meschers, 1951
5390   Red Blue, 1964
5391   Gaza, 1956
5391a   Block of 10
5392USS Missouri (BB-63) (FOREVER/55¢), pane of 2006/11/19
5393George H.W. Bush (FOREVER/55¢), pane of 2006/12/19
5394Sesame Street characters (FOREVER/55¢), pane of 1606/22/19
  a   Big Bird
b   Ernie
c   Bert
d   Cookie Monster
e   Rosita
f   The Count
g   Oscar the Grouch
h   Abby Cadabby
i   Herry Monster
j   Julia
k   Guy Smiley
l   Snuffleupagus
m   Elmo
n   Telly
o   Grover
p   Zoe
RW86-RW86A$25 Wood Duck & Decoy, s/a pane of 20 (RW86) & s/a pane of 1 (RW86A)06/28/19
5395-8Frogs (FOREVER/55¢), 4 diff. in DS Booklet07/09/19
  5398a   Block of 4
5398b   DS Pane of 20
5399-5400Moon Landing 50th Anniv. (FOREVER/55¢), 2 different, pane of 2407/19/19
5401-4State/County Fairs (FOREVER/55¢), horiz. Strip of 4 (#5404a) from pane of 2007/25/19
5405-8Military Working Dogs (FOREVER/55¢), 4 different in DS Convertible Booklet (#5408b)08/01/19
5409Woodstock (FOREVER/55¢), pane of 2008/08/19
5410-3Tyrannosaurus Rex (FOREVER/55¢), 4 diff. in pane of 1608/29/19
5414Walt Whitman (FOREVER/85¢), Literary Arts series, 3-ounce rate pane of 2009/12/19
5415-8Winter Berries (FOREVER/55¢), 4 diff. in DS Booklet09/17/19
  5415   Winterberry
5416   Juniper Berry
5417   Beautyberry
5418   Soapberry
5418a   Block of 4
5418b   DS Pane of 20
5419Purple Heart Medal (FOREVER/55¢), pane of 2010/04/19
5420-3Spooky Silhouettes (FOREVER/55¢), 4 diff. in Pane of 20 & Press Sheets10/11/19
  5420   Cat & Raven
5421   Ghosts
5422   Spider
5423   Bats
5423a   Block of 4
5424-7Wreaths (FOREVER/55¢), 4 diff. in DS Booklet10/25/19
  5424   Leaf Wreath on Red
5425   Pine Cones/Red Ribbons on lt. Gray
5426   Gilded Hydrangia/Eucalyptus on lt. Gray
5427   Ivy/Red Winterberry on Red
5427a   Block of 4
5427b   DS Pane of 20
B7Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (55¢+10¢), semi-postal in pane of 2012/02/19
Scott #DescriptionIssue Date
U698$7.35 Joshua Tree, Priority Mail stamped envelope01/27/19
Postal Cards
Scott #DescriptionIssue Date
  None (FOREVER/35¢), postcard2019
AP = Ashton Potter USA Ltd       BCA = Banknote Corporation of America

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