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Scott#DescriptionIssue Date
5652-34¢ Blueberries, pane (#5652), coil(#5653)01/09/22
5654-9U.S. Flags, trio (FOREVER/58¢), DS Bkt of 20, Pane of 20 & Coil of 10001/09/22
  5654 Pane of 20
5655 Coils of 3K and 10K
5656 Coil, ptr: BCA
5657 Coil, ptr: APU
5658 DS Booklet, ptr: BCA
5659 DS Booklet, ptr: APU
5660-1Love (FOREVER/58¢), Love, pair in pane of 2001/14/22
5662Lunar New Year of the Tiger (FOREVER/58¢) (in Chinese New Year series), pane of 2001/20/22
5663Edmonia Lewis (FOREVER/58¢), pane of 20   (Black Heritage series, #45)01/26/22
5664-5Garden Flowers (5¢ non-profit rate), two different in coils02/01/22
  5664 three flowers
5665 two flowers
5665a pair
5666$8.95 Monument Valley, Priority Mail in pane of 402/14/22
5667$26.95 Palace of Fine Arts, Express Mail in pane of 402/14/22
5668-71Title IX (FOREVER/58¢), 4 different in pane of 2003/03/22
  5668 ponytail (runner)
5669 swimming cap (swimmer)
5670 hair bun (gymnast)
5671 red shirt w/collar (soccer player)
5671a   Block of 4
5672-9Mountain Flora (FOREVER/58¢), 4 different in DS Booklet of 20 and Coils of 3K & 10K03/14/22
  5672 orange-red wood lily (coil)
5673 br yellow alpine buttercup (coil)
5674 dark pink Woods' rose (coil)
5675 purple pasqueflower (coil)
5675a   Strip of 4
5676 purple pasqueflower (booklet)
5677 orange-red wood lily (booklet)
5678 br yellow alpine buttercup (booklet)
5679 dark pink Woods' rose (booklet)
5679a   Block of 4 (booklet)
5680African Daisy, $1.30 Global forever03/14/22
5681Tulips (FOREVER/58¢), pane of 2003/24/22
5682Sunflower Bouquet (FOREVER/78¢), non-machineable-surcharge rate (2-oz), pane of 2003/24/22
5683Shel Silverstein (FOREVER/58¢), pane of 2004/08/22
5684-7Flags on Barns (10¢ presort std. rate), 4 different in coils of 3000 & 10,00004/14/22
  5684 red barn
5685 white barn in winter
5686 white barn in summer
5687 barn and windmill
5687a   Strip of 4
5688-92George Morrison (FOREVER/58¢), 5 different, Pane of 2004/22/22
  5688 Sun and River
5689 Phenomena Against the Crimson
5690 Lake Superior Landscape
5691 Red Rock Variation
5692 Untitled
5692a   v. Strip of 5
5693Eugenie Clark (FOREVER/58¢), pane of 2005/04/22
5694-7Women's Rowing (FOREVER/58¢), 2 diff. (red rowers & blue rowers) in pane of 2005/13/22
5698Mighty Mississippi (FOREVER/58¢), 10 diff. in pane of 2005/23/22
  a   Minnesota
b   Wisconsin
c   Iowa
d   Illinois
e   Missouri
f   Kentucky
g   Arkansas
h   Tennessee
i   Louisiana
j   Mississippi
5699Katharine Graham (FOREVER/78¢/84¢), pane of 20 (in Distinguished Americans series, 2-ounce rate)06/14/22
5700$2 Floral Geometry06/20/22
5701$5 Floral Geometry06/20/22
RW89$25 Redheads/Wetlands (formats: pane of 20 & Sheetlet of 1, #RW89A)06/24/22
5702Nancy Reagan (FOREVER/58¢), pane of 20 and Imperforate Press Sheet07/06/22
5703-7Mariachi (FOREVER/60¢), 5 different in horiz. strips, pane of 2007/15/22
  5703   Guitarist & Moon
5704   Guitarist & Sun
5705   Violinist
5706   Bass Guitarist
5707   Trumpet Player
5703a-7a   Imperforate Singles
5707b   Die-cut Strip
5707c   Imperforate Strip
5708Pete Seeger (FOREVER/60¢), (Pane of 16 and Imperforate Press Sheet, in Music Icons series)07/21/22
5709-12Buzz Lightyear (FOREVER/60¢), 4 different, Pane of 20 and Imperforate Press Sheet08/03/22
5713National Marine Sanctuary System (FOREVER/60¢), pane of 16 different and Imperforate Press Sheet08/05/22
  a   balloon fish
b   red-footed boobies
c   humpback whale
d   Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary, sea stacks
e   Mallows Bay - Potomac River National Marine Sanctuary at sunset
f   Farallon Islands in Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary
g   elkhorn coral
h   Hawaiian monk seal
i   queen angelfish
j   sea otter
k   young rockfish explore the reef
l   Atlantic sea newttles
m   California sea lions
n   sand tiger shark
o   Rose Atoll American Samoa
p   icy shoreline in Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary
5714Elephants (FOREVER/60¢), 4 different, #5714a, DS Bkt of 2008/12/22
5715-19Pony Cars (FOREVER/60¢), 5 different, Pane of 20 & imperforate08/25/22
  5715 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 302
5716 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T
5717 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28
5718 1967 Mercury Cougar XR-7 GT
5719 1969 AMC Javelin SST
5715-9a   Imperforates
5719b   diecut vertical Strip of 5
5719c   Imperforate vertical Strip of 5
5720James Webb Space Telescope (FOREVER/60¢), pane of 20 & #5720a, imperforate09/08/22
5721Christmas Virgin and Child (FOREVER/60¢), DS Booklet of 2009/22/22
5722-5Holiday Elves (FOREVER/60¢), 4 different (non-union) elves on the toy production line, DS Booklet of 2009/15/22
  5722 elf w/teddy bear
5723 elf tying bow
5724 elf w/toy car
5725 elf w/rocket
5725a   Block of 4
5725b   DS Booklet of 20
5726Charles M. Schulz (FOREVER/60¢), pane of 20 (with 10 different Peanuts characters)09/30/22
  5726   Peanuts Pane of 20
5726a Charlie Brown
5726b Lucy
5726c Franklin
5726d Sally
5726e Pigpen
5726f Linus
5726g Snoopy & Woodstock
5726h Schroeder
5726i Peppermint Patty
5726j Marcie
5726k   Peanuts Imperforate Pane
5726l-u   Peanuts Imperforate Singles
5727-36Snowy Beauty (FOREVER/60¢), 10 diff. flowers in snow, DS Booklet of 2010/11/22
  5727 Camellia
5728 Winter Aconite
5729 Crocuses
5730 Hellebore
5731 Winterberry
5732 Pansies
5733 Plum Blossoms
5734 Grape Hyacinths
5735 Daffodils
5736 Ranunculus
5736a   Block of 10
5736b   DS Booklet of 20
5737Kwanzaa (FOREVER/60¢), pane of 2010/13/22
5738Women Cryptologists of WWII (FOREVER/60¢), pane of 20 (#5738a imperforate)10/18/22
5739Hanukkah (FOREVER/60¢), pane of 2010/20/22
CVP112Holiday Elf (FOREVER/60¢), Computer-Vended postage stamp (similar to #5723) pane of 1011/15/22
Scott #DescriptionIssue Date
 Not Yet Announced 
Postal Cards
Scott #DescriptionIssue Date
 Not Yet Announced 
AP = Ashton Potter USA Ltd       BCA = Banknote Corporation of America

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