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Lunar Year of the Rabbit

Red Fox

School Bus

Great Smoky Mountains

(updated 01/22/23 )
Scott #DescriptionIssue Date
  40¢ Red Fox (presort/bulk rate), pane & coils1/5/23
  School Bus (24¢ additional ounce, Pane & Coils)1/5/23
  Lunar New Year of the Rabbit (FOREVER/60¢) (in Chinese New Year series), pane of 201/12/23
  Love, Kitten & Puppy (FOREVER/60¢), Love, pair in pane of 201/19/23
  $9.65 Florida Everglades, Priority Mail in pane of 41/22/23
  $28.75 Great Smoky Mountains, Priority Express Mail in pane of 41/22/23
  Sailboats (FOREVER/48¢/postcard rate, Pane & Coils)1/22/23
  Bridges, 4 different, (pre-sort rate), coils of 3K & 10K1/22/23
  Ernest J. Gaines (FOREVER/63¢), author, pane of 20   (Black Heritage series, #46)1/23/23
  Women's Soccer (FOREVER/63¢)2/16/23
  $10 Floral Geometry (same design as #5700-1)2/24/23
  Patriotic Block (5¢ Coil, non-profit rate)3/1/23
  Toni Morrison (FOREVER/63¢), Pane of 203/7/23
  Railroad Stations (FOREVER/63¢), 5 different in Panes of 203/9/23
  Art of the Skateboard (FOREVER/63¢), 4 different, Pane of 203/24/23
  Tulips (FOREVER/63¢), 10 different in DS Bkt of 204/5/23
  x Pane of 20
x Coils of 3K and 10K
x Coil, ptr: BCA
x Coil, ptr: APU
x DS Booklet, ptr: BCA
x DS Booklet, ptr: APU
  Roy Lichtenstein (FOREVER/63¢), 5 different, Pane of 204/24/23
  Tomie dePaola (FOREVER/63¢), Pane of 205/5/23
  Pinatas (FOREVER/63¢) in DS Booklet of 202023
  Chief Standing Bear (FOREVER/63¢), Pane of 205/12/23
  Endangered Species (FOREVER/63¢), in Panes of 20 diff.5/19/23
  Thinking of You, 5 different in Panes of 208/11/23
  x Thinking
x Thinking of ?
x Thinking of Y
x Thinking of Yo
x Thinking of You
x   Strip of 5
  Life Magnified (FOREVER/63¢), 20 different in Panes of 208/10/23
  Ruth Bader Ginsburg (FOREVER/63¢), Pane of 202023
  John Lewis (FOREVER/63¢), Pane of 152023
RW90$25 Ducks (formats: pane of 20 & Sheetlet of 1, #RW89A)2023
  Something New (FOREVER/87¢), non-machineable-surcharge rate (2-oz), pane of 202023
  XMAS issue (FOREVER/63¢), DS Booklet of 202023
  Snow Globes (FOREVER/63¢), 4 different, DS Booklet of 202023
  x globe 1
x globe 2
x globe 3
x globe of doom?
xa   Block of 4
xb   DS Booklet of 20
  Waterfalls (FOREVER/63¢), pane of 12 (12 different falls)2023
  x   Waterfalls Pane of 12
x trickle
x creek
x babbling creek
x rushing stream
x river
x big river
x lake
x flood
x deluge
x where's Noah when you need him?
x   Pane
x   Imperforate Singles
  Winter Woodland Animals (woodcuts) (FOREVER/63¢), 4 different, DS Booklet of 202023
  x animal 1
x animal 2
x animal 3
x animal 4
xa   Block of 4
xb   DS Booklet of 20
Scott #DescriptionIssue Date
  Cardinal (FOREVER/63¢)2023
Postal Cards
Scott #DescriptionIssue Date
 Not Yet Announced 
AP = Ashton Potter USA Ltd       BCA = Banknote Corporation of America

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