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Lunar Yr of the Rabbit (#5744)

Red Fox (#5742-3)

School Bus (#5740-1)

Florida Everglades (#5751)

Great Smoky Mountains (#5752)

(updated 05/15/23 )
Cat #DescriptionIssue Date
5740School Bus (24¢ additional ounce, Panes)1/5/23
5741School Bus, coil (24¢ additional ounce, Coils)1/5/23
574240¢ Red Fox (presort/bulk rate), f/ pane1/5/23
574340¢ Red Fox, coil (presort/bulk rate)1/5/23
5744Lunar New Year of the Rabbit (FOREVER/60¢) (Chinese New Year series), issued in panes of 20 and press sheets with & w/o diecuts1/12/23
5745-6Love, Kitten & Puppy (FOREVER/60¢), Love, pair, issued in panes of 20 and press sheets with & w/o diecuts1/19/23
5747-50Sailboats (FOREVER/48¢/postcard rate), issued in Panes of 20 (#5747-8) and Coils of 100 (#5749-50)1/22/23
5751$9.65 Florida Everglades, Priority Mail in pane of 41/22/23
5752$28.75 Great Smoky Mountains, Priority Express Mail in pane of 41/22/23
5753Ernest J. Gaines (FOREVER/63¢), author (Black Heritage series, #46), issued in panes of 20 and press sheets with & w/o diecuts1/23/23
5754Women's Soccer (FOREVER/63¢), issued in panes of 20 and press sheets with & w/o diecuts2/16/23
5755$10 Floral Geometry (same design as #5700-1)2/24/23
5756Patriotic Block (5¢ Coil, non-profit rate)3/1/23
5757Toni Morrison (FOREVER/63¢), issued in panes of 20 and press sheets with & w/o diecuts3/7/23
5758-62Historic Railroad Stations (FOREVER/63¢), 5 different, issued in panes of 20 and press sheets with & w/o diecuts3/9/23
  5758  Point of Rocks, MD
5758a  Point of Rocks, MD (imperf)
5759  Richmond, VA
5759a  Richmond, VA (imperf)
5760  San Bernadino, CA
5760a  San Bernadino, CA (imperf)
5761  Tamaqua, PA
5761a  Tamaqua, PA (imperf)
5762  Cincinnati, OH
5762a  Cincinnati, OH (imperf)
5762b   v. Strip of 5
5762c   v. Strip of 5 (imperf)
5763-66Skateboard Art (FOREVER/63¢), 4 different, Pane of 203/24/23
  5763   Blue/Indigo Salmon  (artist: Crystal Worl, AK)
5764   Red/Orange Abstraction (artist: William James Taylor, Jr., VA)
5765   Turquoise inlaid  (artist: Di'Orr Greenwood, AZ)
5766   Stylized Jaguar  (artist: Frederico Frum (MazPaz), DC)
5766a   h. Strip of 4
  Tulips (FOREVER/63¢), 10 different in DS Bkt of 20 & Coils of 3K and 10K4/5/23
  x Coil, ptr: BCA
? Coil, ptr: APU
x DS Booklet, ptr: BCA
? DS Booklet, ptr: APU
  Freedom Flag (FOREVER/63¢), issued in panes of 20, double-sided booklets, and coils of 100/3K/10K, die-cut ~10¾4/10/23
  x Pane, ptr: BCA (microprinted in gray RS of bottom red stripe, yr date starts just above top right red ribbon)
x DS Booklet, ptr: APU (microprinted in blue left bottom of star field, yr date starts even with top right red ribbon)
x DS Booklet, ptr: BCA
x Coil, ptr: APU
x Coil, ptr: BCA
UV light: ptr-APU, bright-white paper; ptr: BCA, dull gray-green
  Roy Lichtenstein (FOREVER/63¢), 5 different, issued in panes of 20 and press sheets with & w/o diecuts4/24/23
  ? Standing Explosion (Red), 1965
? Modern Painting I, 1966
x Still Life w/Crystal Bowl, 1972
x Still Life w/Goldfish, 1972
? Portrait of a Woman, 1979
a Strip of 5
  Tomie dePaola (FOREVER/63¢), Pane of 205/5/23
  Chief Standing Bear (FOREVER/63¢), Panes of 20 and press sheets with & w/o diecuts5/12/23
  Endangered Species (FOREVER/63¢), in Pane of 20 diff. and press sheets with & w/o diecuts5/19/23
  a   Laysan teal (duck)
b   black-footed ferret
c   Roanoke logperch (fish)
d   thick-billed parrot
e   candy darter (fish)
f   Florida panther
g   masked bobwhite quail
h   Key Largo cotton mouse
i   Lower Keys marsh rabbit
j   Wyoming toad
k   Vancouver Island marmot
l   golden-cheeked warbler
m   Guam Micronesian kingfisher
n   San Francisco garter snake
o   Mexican gray wolf
p   Attwater's prairie chicken
q   Nashville crayfish
r   piping plover (bird)
s   desert bighorn sheep
t   Mississippi sandhill crane
  Pinatas (FOREVER/63¢) in DS Booklet of 202023
  Waterfalls (FOREVER/63¢), pane of 12 (12 different falls)6/13/23
  x   Waterfalls Pane of 12
x trickle
x creek
x babbling creek
x rushing stream
x river
x big river
x lake
x flood
x deluge
x where's Noah when you need him?
x   Pane
x   Imperforate Singles
RW90$25 Tundra Swans (formats: pane of 20 & Sheetlet of 1, #RW89A)6/23/23
  John Lewis (FOREVER/63¢), Pane of 157/21/23
  Life Magnified (FOREVER/63¢), 20 different in Panes of 208/10/23
  x red blood cells
x Macaw parrot feather
x human hair
x moss leaves
x arranged diatoms
x freshwater protozoans
x acorn barnacle
x moth antenna
x diving beetle front foot
x mouse brain neurons
x starling bone tissue
x moth wing scales
x zebrafish
x mushroom gills
x freshwater snail tongue
x blue button organism
x mold spores
x barnacle legs
x flame lilly pollen
x oak leaf surface
x   Pane of 20
  Thinking of You, 5 different in Panes of 208/11/23
  x Thinking
x Thinking of ?
x Thinking of Y
x Thinking of Yo
x Thinking of You
x   Strip of 5
  Bridges, 4 different, (presorted first-class rate, 5¢), coils of 3K & 10K8/24/23
  ?   Arrigoni Bridge, Middletown, CT
?   Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge, Omaha, NE
?   Skydance Bridge, Oklahoma City
?   Iowa-Illinois Memorial Bridge, Bettendorf, IA & Moline, IL
?a   h. Strip of 4
  Ruth Bader Ginsburg (FOREVER/63¢), Pane of 202023
  Something New (FOREVER/87¢), non-machineable-surcharge rate (2-oz), pane of 202023
  OSIRIS-REx, (FOREVER/63¢), NASA's space mission to return asteroid samples to Earth, Pane of 20Sept 2023
  XMAS issue (FOREVER/63¢), DS Booklet of 202023
  Snow Globes (FOREVER/63¢), 4 different, DS Booklet of 202023
  x globe 1
x globe 2
x globe 3
x globe of doom?
xa   Block of 4
xb   DS Booklet of 20
  Winter Woodland Animals (woodcuts) (FOREVER/63¢), 4 different, DS Booklet of 202023
  x animal 1
x animal 2
x animal 3
x animal 4
xa   Block of 4
xb   DS Booklet of 20
Scott #DescriptionIssue Date
  Cardinal (FOREVER/63¢)7/9/23
Postal Cards
Scott #DescriptionIssue Date
 Not Yet Announced 
AP = Ashton Potter USA Ltd       BCA = Banknote Corporation of America

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