CountryCatalog No.DescriptionPrice
US11874¢ Indians sending smoke signals   (10/4/61)0.15
US13646¢ American Indian - Joseph   (11/04/68)0.20
US13896¢ Haida Ceremonial Canoe (tribe from the N. Pacific, chiefly B.C. Canada)   (5/6/70)0.18
US173413¢ Indian Head Penny   (1/11/78)0.23
US185513¢ Crazy Horse   (1/15/82)Sold Out
US185919¢ Sequoyah   (12/27/80)0.45
US208920¢ Jim Thorpe   (5/24/84)0.60
US217510¢ Red Cloud   (8/15/87)0.25
US218328¢ Sitting Bull   (9/14/89)0.70
US224322¢ Wood Carving - Cigar Store Indian   (10/1/86)0.65
US242625¢ Pre-Columbian America, Southwest carved figure   (10/12/89)0.45
US2501-525¢ Indian Headdresses, strip of 5, from booklet (8/17/90)4.95
US2501-525¢ Indian Headdresses, Singles (5)3.00
US2975l32¢ Stand Watie, Cherokee   (6/29/95)2.00
US3076a32¢ American Indian Dances, strip of 5   (6/7/96)4.50
US3209a1¢ Marquette on the Mississippi (Trans-Mississippi issue)   (6/18/98)0.80
US3209c4¢ Indian Hunting Buffalo (Trans-Mississippi issue)   (6/18/98)1.10
US3236k32¢ White Cloud, Head Chief of the Iowas (painting by George Catlin)   (8/27/98)2.00
US403939¢ Cliff Palace, largest cliff dwellings, Colorado   (5/27/06)1.50
US408539¢ "Indian" motorcycle (1940) block of 4 (just for fun)3.40
USChiefChief Standing Bear (issued: 5/12/23)0.80
USC12145¢ Pre-Columbian carved figure   (10/12/89)1.00
USC13150¢ First Americans arrive over Bering land bridge   (10/12/91)1.00

American Indian Art
Canada748-912¢ Inuit indian art - hunting0.40
Canada750-112¢ Inuit indian art - hunting0.40
US1709a13¢ Pueblo Art, block of 4   (4/13/77)1.00
US1837a15¢ Pacific Northwest Indian Masks, Block   (9/25/80)1.60
US     1834-7sgls     SINGLEs (4)1.50
US387337¢ Indian Art, pane of 10   (8/21/04)15.00
US3873e37¢ Seminole doll2.75
US3929a37¢ Rio Grande Indian Blankets, block of 4   (7/30/05)2.90

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