US#13906¢ Age of Reptiles (Dinosaurs), from Natural History block (5/6/70)0.25
US#14288¢ Alligator, from the Wildlife block (6/12/71)0.25
US#295032¢ Alligator - FL statehood0.90
US#3105d32¢ American Crocodile, f/ Endangered Species pane of 20 (10/2/96)1.00
US#3105g32¢ Wyoming Toad, f/ Endangered Species pane of 20 (10/2/96)1.00
US#3105k32¢ San Francisco Garter Snake, f/ Endangered Species pane of 20 (10/2/96)1.00
US#3293b33¢ Desert Tortoise, f/ Sonoran Desert pane (1999)2.00
US#3293h33¢ Gila Monster, from Sonoran Desert pane (1999)2.00
US#3293i33¢ Western Diamondback Rattlesnake, Sonoran Desert pane (1999)2.00
US#3378g33¢ Pacific Giant Salamander & Rough-skinned Newt, Pacific Cst Rain Forest (2000)Sold Out
US#350034¢ (Chinese Lunar) Year of the Snake (1/20/01)0.75
US#3506h34¢ Eastern Short-horned Lizard, Great Plains Prairie pane (2001)1.50
US#3611e34¢ Broadhead Skink, Longleaf Pine Forest pane (2002)Sold Out
US#3611g34¢ Gopher Tortoise, Longleaf Pine Forest pane (2002)Sold Out
US#3611g34¢ Pine Woods Tree Frog, Longleaf Pine Forest pane (2002)Sold Out
US#3814-837¢ Reptiles & Amphibians Strip of 5 (2003)3.00
US3899i37¢ Red Eft (Eastern Newt), (from Northeast Deciduous Forest, 3/3/05)1.50
US#3944a37¢ "Kermit" the Frog (Muppets) (2003)0.90
US#403339¢ American Alligator f/Wonders of America pane (5/27/06)2.35
US#405539¢ American Bullfrog f/Wonders of America pane (5/27/06)2.35
US#4099e39¢ American Crocodile, Southern Florida Wetland pane (2006)1.25
US#4099i39¢ American Alligator, Southern Florida Wetland pane (2006)Sold Out
US#4352i42¢ Eastern Hognose Snake, Great Lakes Dunes pane (2008)1.50
US5398aFrogs (FOREVER/55¢), Block of 4 from DSBkt (2019)3.25
 5395-8Frogs, Singles (4) from DSBkt + Label3.40

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