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We offer high quality U.S. mint stamps. Quality is the reason that more than 90% of our sales come from repeat customers.

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New Issues02/15/14
Official stamps02/28/14
(Topical) Birds03/03/14

Effective January 27, 2013
First Class - one ounce$0.46
First Class - additional ounce$0.20
Postal Card$0.33
International one ounce rate$1.10
NEW RATES Effective January 26, 2014
First Class - one ounce$0.49
First Class - additional ounce$0.21
Postal Card$0.34
International one ounce rate$1.15


  United States (mint)
YearsCatalog #
      pre-40's       - 858
      1940's859 - 986
      1950's987 - 1138
      1960's1139 - 1386
      1970's1387 - 1802
      1980-841803 - 2109
      1985-892110 - 2438
      1990-932439 - 2806
      1994-962807 - 3119
      1997-993120 - 3369
      2000-033370 - 3829
      2004-073830 - 4220
      2008-094221 - 4434
      2010-today4435 -
      AirmailC1 - C150
      BookletsConvertible Panes
& Vending Booklets
      Back-of-the-BookPostage Due, Revenue, Official
      StationeryPostal Cards/Envelopes

Margin Mania --
Plate Number Blocks
Plate Number Coil Strips
Plate Number Singles
Zip & Copyright blocks

      Singles & Blocks

Celebrate the Century, #3182-91, Individual Stamps

Postmarks & FDCs
      First Day Covers and Special Events/Cancels

Topicals (mostly US mint)

Foreign stamps (mint, used, & CTO)

Discount Postage   (85 - 90% face)

Ephemera       empty booklet covers, coil stamp wrappers, "deck" cards (covers from P.O. pads of sheets)

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