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  Catalog #DescriptionPrice
 9523¢ Snowy Egret, Everglades National Park (12/5/47)0.20
 9683¢ Poultry Industry (1948)0.18
 10773¢ Wild Turkey (Wildlife Conservation, 1956)0.20
 10983¢ Whooping Cranes (Wildlife Conservation, 1957)0.15
 12415¢ Columbia Jays, Audubon (1963)0.15
 13065¢ Migratory Bird Treaty (1966)0.15
 13625¢ Ducks, Waterfowl Conservation (1968)0.20
 13756¢ Alabama Statehood (1969)0.20
 13876¢ American Bald Eagle (1970)0.18
 14136¢ Save Our Air, Seagull (1970)0.30
 14308¢ California Condor (1971)0.22
 14458¢ Partridge (Xmas 1971)0.15
 1448-512¢ Cape Hatteras Shore Birds, block of 4 (1972)0.40
 14658¢ Cardinal, Wildlife Conservation (1972)0.25
 14668¢ Brown Pelican, Wildlife Conservation (1972)0.25
 1757a-d13¢ strip of 4 from CAPEX S/S, Cardinal, Mallard, Canada Goose, Blue Jay (1978)1.00
 1757b-c13¢ Mallard, Canada Goose PAIR f/CAPEX S/S0.55
 1763a15¢ American Owls, Great Gray, Saw-Whet, Barred, and Great Horned Owls (1978)1.25
 183115¢ Organized Labor, Bald Eagle (1980)0.25
 1909$9.35 Bald Eagle (Express Mail rate, 1983)15.50
 192118¢ Save Wetland Habitats, Great Blue Heron (1981)0.70
 192418¢ Save Wetland Habitats, Ruffed Grouse (1981)0.70
 1953-200220¢ 50 State Birds (1982)See Main List
 208620¢ Louisiana World's Fair - Wetland birds (1984)0.60
 209220¢ Preserving Wetlands, ducks (1984)0.50
 2141a22¢ Duck Decoys block (1985)2.80
 228325¢ Pheasant (1988)0.45
 2284-525¢ Grosbeak & Owl attached pair (5/28/88)0.90
 242325¢ Pteranoden, prehistoric bird (1989)0.80
 243925¢ Mountain Bluebird, Idaho Statehood (1/6/90)0.55
 24761¢ Kestrel (1991)0.12
 24771¢ Kestrel (redesign of #2476) (1995)0.12
 24783¢ Bluebird (1991)0.13
 248030¢ Cardinal (1991)0.45
 248320¢ Blue Jay, booklet single (6/15/95)0.40
 248429¢ Wood Duck (1991)0.45
 253752¢ Love Birds (1991)0.85
 2540$2.90 Bald Eagle (Priority Mail rate, 1991)4.70
 2646a29¢ Hummingbirds booklet pane (1992)2.55
 270729¢ Flamingo (from booklet, 1992)1.00
 270829¢ King Penguins (from booklet, 1992)1.00
 281552¢ White Doves (1994)1.10
 2868a29¢ Black-necked Crane & Whooping Crane, attached pair (#2867-8, 10/9/94)1.20
 30311¢ American Kestrel (1999)0.13
 30322¢ Red-headed Woodpecker (1996)0.12
 30333¢ Eastern Bluebird (1996)0.12
 30441¢ Kestrel, coil (1996)0.10
 3105b32¢ Thick billed Parrot (10/02/96)1.40
 3105h32¢ Brown Pelican (10/02/96)1.40
 3105i32¢ California Condor (10/02/96)1.40
 3105n32¢ Piping Plover (10/02/96)1.40
Cartoon3204a32¢ Tweety Pie & Sylvester (1998)0.65
 3225a32¢ Tropical Birds, block (Antillean Euphonia, Green-throated Carib, Crested Honey-creeper, and Cardinal Honeyeater)     (7/29/98)2.55
 329033¢ Snowy Owl (3/12/99)0.90
 3293a33¢ Cactus Wren, (from Sonoran Desert pane, 4/6/99)1.30
 3293c33¢ White-winged Dove (from Sonoran Desert pane, 4/6/99)1.30
 3293d33¢ Gambel Quail (from Sonoran Desert pane, 4/6/99)1.30
 3293j33¢ Gila Woodpecker (from Sonoran Desert pane, 4/6/99)1.30
Cartoon3306a33¢ Daffy Duck (1998)0.70
 3378a33¢ Harlequin Duck (from Pacific Coast Rain Forest pane, 3/29/00)1.40
 3378c33¢ American Dipper (from Pacific Coast Rain Forest pane, 3/29/00)1.40
 3378f33¢ Winter Wren (from Pacific Coast Rain Forest pane, 3/29/00)1.40
Cartoon3391a33¢ Road Runner & Wile E. Coyote (2000)0.75
 3506b34¢ Burrowing Owls (from Great Plains Prairie pane, 4/19/01)1.50
 3506f34¢ Western Meadowlark (from Great Plains Prairie pane, 4/19/01)1.50
 365037¢ Scarlet and Red Tanagers, John James Audubon issue (6/27/02)0.80
 377437¢ Pelican (2003)0.65
 3802a37¢ Gyrfalcon (from Arctic Tundra pane, 7/2/03)1.50
 3802c37¢ Common Raven (from Arctic Tundra pane, 7/2/03)1.50
 3802h37¢ Willow ptarmigan (from Arctic Tundra pane, 7/2/03)1.50
 382937¢ Snowy Egret, (self-adhesive, 10/24/03)0.75
 3899b37¢ Red-Shouldered Hawk, (from Northeast Deciduous Forest, 3/3/05)1.50
 3899g37¢ Wild Turkey, (from Northeast Deciduous Forest, 3/3/05)1.50
 3899h37¢ Ovenbird, (from Northeast Deciduous Forest, 3/3/05)1.50
 3944c37¢ Sam the Eagle (Muppet), (10/24/03)0.75
 405739¢ Peregrine Falcon, (from Wonders of America, 5/27/06)2.25
 4099a39¢ Snail Kite, (from Southern Florida Wetland, 10/4/06)1.50
 4099b39¢ Wood Storks, (from Southern Florida Wetland, 10/4/06)1.50
 4099d39¢ Bald Eagle, (from Southern Florida Wetland, 10/4/06)1.50
 4099f39¢ Roseate Spoonbills, (from Southern Florida Wetland, 10/4/06)1.50
 4099h39¢ Cape Sable Seaside Sparrow, (from Southern Florida Wetland, 10/4/06)1.50
 4099j39¢ White Ibis, (from Southern Florida Wetland, 10/4/06)1.50
 415441¢ Calliope Hummingbird, (from Pollination block 6/29/07)1.00
 4198b41¢ Golden Eagle, (from Alpine Tundra pane, 8/28/07)1.50
 4198j41¢ Brown-capped Rosy Finch, (from Alpine Tundra pane, 8/28/07)1.50
 4352b42¢ Piping Plover, (from Great Lakes Dunes pane, 10/2/08)1.50
 4352c42¢ Vesper Sparrow, (from Great Lakes Dunes pane, 10/2/08)1.50
 4352d42¢ Spotted Sandpiper, (from Great Lakes Dunes pane, 10/2/08)1.50
 4352e42¢ Common Merganser, (from Great Lakes Dunes pane, 10/2/08)1.50
 4352g42¢ Piping Plover Nestlings, (from Great Lakes Dunes pane, 10/2/08)1.50
 4423a44¢ Brown Pelican, (from Kelp Forest pane, 10/1/09)1.40
 4423b44¢ Western Gull, (from Kelp Forest pane, 10/1/09)1.40
 4612a85¢ Birds of Prey, strip of 56.00
 473786¢ Puffins1.20
Fantasy4829(FOREVER/49¢) Harry Potter and Fawkes the Phoenix1.50
Fantasy4830(FOREVER/49¢) Hedwig the (Snowy) Owl1.50
Fantasy4832(FOREVER/49¢) Harry Potter and Buckbeak the Hippogriff1.50
 485734¢ Hummingbird0.55
 4882-91(FOREVER/49¢) Songbirds (10), Double-Sided BookletSold
 4989(FOREVER/22¢) Emperor Penguins0.35
 4990(FOREVER/22¢) Emperor Penguins, coil0.35
 4994a(FOREVER/35¢) Coastal Birds (4)2.00
 4998a(FOREVER/35¢) Coastal Birds (4), coil strip2.05
 5080p(FOREVER) Crane at Gulf Islands National Seashore1.10
 5533(Forever/55¢) Cardinal, (from Winter Scenes DS Booklet, 10/16/20)1.10
 5536(Forever/55¢) Barred Owl, (from Winter Scenes DS Booklet, 10/16/20)1.10
 5537(Forever/55¢) Bluejay, (from Winter Scenes DS Booklet, 10/16/20)0.75
 U62011.1¢ Birds on a Wire, envelope cut square0.45
 UX648(FOREVER/36¢) Mallard, postal card (6/1/21)0.60
 UX648-cs(FOREVER/36¢) Mallard, postal card, Cut Square (indicium only)0.50
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 2122$10.75 Bald Eagle (Express Mail rate, 1985)
 2286-233522¢ North American Wildlife, pane of 50 includes 13 birds (1987)
 2394$8.75 Bald Eagle (Express Mail rate, 1988)
 2541$9.95 Bald Eagle (Express Mail rate, 1991)
 2542$14.00 Bald Eagle (Express Mail rate, 1991)
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The Sibley Guide to Birds

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