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Scott #DescriptionIssue Date
4492Year of the Rabbit (FOREVER/44¢), pane of 20 (in Chinese New Year series)01/22/11
4493Kansas statehood (FOREVER/44¢), pane of 2001/27/11
4494Ronald Reagan (FOREVER/44¢), pane of 20 (and Press Sheet)02/10/11
4495(5¢) Art Deco Bird, coil (nonprofit rate)02/11/11
3758B2¢ Navajo Necklace, coil (water-activated)02/12/11
449644¢ Patriotic Inkwell and Quill, coil (self-adhesive, in coils of 3K & 10K)02/14/11
4497-501Latin Music Legends (FOREVER/44¢), five different03/16/11
  4497   Tito Puente
4498   Carmen Miranda
4499   Selena
4500   Carlos Gardel
4501   Celia Cruz
4501a   Horizontal Strip of 5
4502Neon Celebrate! (FOREVER/44¢)03/25/11
4503Jazz (FOREVER/44¢)03/26/11
4505-929¢ Herbs, 5 different, pane of 2004/07/11
  4505   Oregano
4506   Flax
4507   Foxglove
4508   Lavender
4509   Sage
4513-729¢ Herbs, 5 different, coil of 10004/07/11
  4513   Foxglove
4514   Lavender
4515   Sage
4516   Oregano
4517   Flax
4518-9Liberty + Flag pair (FOREVER/44¢), ATM pane of 1804/08/11
450420¢ George Washington pane of 2004/11/11
4511$4.95 New River Gorge Bridge (Priority Mail rate)04/11/11
451220¢ George Washington coil of 10004/11/11
452164¢ Wedding Cake in pane of 2004/11/11
C14880¢ Voyageurs National Park in Scenic American Landscapes series, pane of 2004/11/11
4522-3Civil War (FOREVER/44¢), two different in double-sided pane of 1204/12/11
4524Go Green (FOREVER/44¢), pane of 16 different04/14/11
451084¢ Oveta Culp Hobby in pane of 2004/15/11
4520Wedding Roses (FOREVER/44¢) in pane of 2004/21/11
4525Helen Hayes (FOREVER/44¢)04/25/11
4526Gregory Peck (FOREVER/44¢) (Legends of Hollywood series)04/28/11
4527-8Mercury Project & Messenger Mission (FOREVER/44¢)05/04/11
4529Purple Heart (FOREVER/44¢), pane of 2005/05/11
4530Indianapolis 500 (FOREVER/44¢)05/20/11
4531-40Garden of Love (FOREVER/44¢), ten special stamps05/23/11
  4531   Pink Flower
4532   large Red Flower
4533   Blue Flowers on stalk
4534   Butterfly
4535   Green Leaves on vine
4536   large Blue Flower
4537   white Doves
4538   four Red Flowers
4539   Strawberry
4540   Orange Flower
4541-4American Scientists (FOREVER/44¢), 4 different06/16/11
  4541   Melvin Calvin
4542   Asa Gray
4543   Maria Goeppert Mayer
4544   Severo Ochoa
RW78$15 White-fronted Geese, Federal migratory waterfowl hunting permit stamp, water-activated pane of 20 & self-adhesive pane of 1 (#RW78A)06/24/11
4545Mark Twain (FOREVER/44¢), (Literary Arts series)06/25/11
4546Pioneers of American Industrial Design (FOREVER/44¢), 12 different06/29/11
  a   Peter Müller-Munk ("Normandie" Pitcher, 1935)
b   Frederick Hurten Rhead ("Fiesta" Dinnerware, 1936)
c   Raymond Loewy (Streamlined Pencil Sharpener, 1933)
d   Donald Deskey (Table Lamp, 1927-9)
e   Walter Dorwin Teague (Kodak "Baby Brownie" Camera, 1934)
f   Henry Dreyfuss ("302 Bell" Telephone)
g   Norman Bel Geddes ("Patriot" Emerson Radio)
h   Dave Chapman (Sewing Machines, 1947)
i   Greta von Nessen ("Anywhere" Lamp, 1951)
j   Eliot Noyes (IBM "Selectric" Typewriter, 1961)
k   Russel Wright (Flatware, 1950)
l   Gilbert Rohde (Electric Clock, 1933)
4547"Owney" the Postal Dog (FOREVER/44¢)07/27/11
4548-51Merchant Marines (FOREVER/44¢), 4 different07/28/11
  4548   Clipper Ship
4549   Auxiliary Steamship
4550   Liberty Ship
4551   Container Ship
4551a   Block or Horiz. Strip of 4
4313-22Flags of Our Nation (FOREVER/44¢), set #5, ten different in coil08/11/11
  *   American Flag
*   Commonwealth of No. Marianas
*   Ohio
*   Oklahoma
*   Oregon
*   Pennsylvania
*   Rhode Island
*   South Carolina
*   South Dakota
*   Tennessee
4552Eid (FOREVER/44¢) (new design)08/12/11
4553-7Pixar (FOREVER/44¢), 5 different08/19/11
4558Edward Hopper (FOREVER/44¢)08/24/11
4559-64Liberty & Flag (FOREVER/44¢), double-sided pane of 20 (convertible), three different printers09/14/11
  4559   Statue of Liberty (ptr: Ashton-Potter)
4560   Flag (ptr: Ashton-Potter)
4560a   Pair (#4559-60)
4560b   DS Booklet pane of 20
4561   Statue of Liberty (ptr: Sennett Security Products)
4562   Flag (ptr: Sennett Security Products)
4562a   Pair (#4561-62)
4562b   DS Booklet pane of 20
4563   Statue of Liberty (ptr: Avery Dennison)
4564   Flag (ptr: Avery Dennison)
4564a   Pair (#4563-4)
4564b   DS Booklet pane of 20
4565Barbara Jordan (FOREVER/44¢) (Black Heritage series)09/16/11
B4Wildlife Conservation (Tiger), (1st Class, Semi-postal)09/20/11
4566-9Romare Bearden (FOREVER/44¢), 4 different09/28/11
4570Madonna and Child by Raphael (FOREVER/44¢), DS convertible booklet10/13/11
4579-82Holiday Baubles (FOREVER/44¢), 4 different, DS convertible booklet and ATM pane of 1810/13/11
4583Hanukkah (FOREVER/44¢), pane of 2010/14/11
4584Kwanzaa (FOREVER/44¢), pane of 2010/14/11
Scott #DescriptionIssue Date
  (44¢) Liberty Bell stamped envelopes, multiple sizes/formats 01/03/11
U675$4.95 New River Gorge Bridge Priority Mail stamped envelope01/03/11
Postal Cards
Scott #DescriptionIssue Date
UX62129¢ Common Tern04/7/11
UY4929¢ Common Tern, Double-Reply04/7/11
UX622-629¢ Pixar, set of 5 in Booklet of 2008/19/11

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