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Scott #DescriptionIssue Date
  437442¢ Alaska Statehood, pane of 20, ptr: SSP01/03/09
  437542¢ Year of the Ox, pane of 12, ptr: SSP01/08/09
  437642¢ Oregon Statehood, pane of 20, ptr: SSP01/14/09
  437742¢ Edgar Allan Poe, pane of 20, ptr: AV01/16/09
  4378$4.95 Redwood Forest, Priority Mail, pane of 20, ptr: AP01/16/09
  4379$17.50 Old Faithful & Bison, Express Mail, pane of 20, ptr: AP01/16/09
  4380-342¢ Abraham Lincoln, four different in pane of 20, ptr: AP02/09/09
  4380   A. Lincoln Railsplitter
4381   A. Lincoln Lawyer
4382   A. Lincoln Politician
4383   A. Lincoln President
4383a   horizontal strip of 4
  438442¢ Civil Rights Pioneers, souvenir sheet of 6, (ptr: AV)02/21/09
  a   Mary Church Terrell and Mary White Ovington
b   J.R. Clifford and Joel Elias Spingam
c   Oswald Garrison Villard and Daisy Gatson Bates
d   Charles Hamilton Houston and Walter White
e   Medgar Evers and Fannie Lou Hamer
f   Ella Baker and Ruby Hurley
  4385(10¢) Patriotic Banner, coil (500), water-activated, (ptr: SSP)02/24/09
  O1631¢ Great Seal, Official Mail, (pane of 20, ptr: SSP)02/24/09
  4128b(42¢) Liberty Bell, ATM pane of 18, (ptr: AV)02/24/09
  438661¢ Richard Wright, (2-oz rate) in the Literary Arts series, pane of 2004/09/09
  438728¢ Polar Bear, pane of 20, ptr: SSP04/16/09
  438928¢ Polar Bear, coil of 10004/16/09
  439044¢ Purple Heart, pane of 20, ptr: AP04/28/09
  3758A1¢ Tiffany Lamp, water-activated coil of 10,000 ptr: SSP04/28/09
  4391, 439544¢ (crumpled) Flag, Coil, two formats: water-activated (#4391) & self-adhesive (#4395)05/01/09
  439744¢ Wedding Rings (pane of 20, ptr: SSP)05/01/09
  439861¢ Wedding Cake (pane of 20, ptr: AV)05/01/09
  4399-440344¢ Simpsons, five different designs in convertible booklet pane of 20 with four different covers (ptr: SSP)05/07/09
  4392-444¢ American Flag, three05/08/09
  4392   coil of 100, die-cut 11 (ptr: SSP)
4393   coil of 100, die-cut 9½ (ptr: AP)
4394   coil of 100, die-cut 8½ (ptr: AV)
  4404-544¢ Love: King & Queen of Hearts, two different (ptr: AV)05/08/09
  3432B78¢ Mary Lasker, 3-oz rate definitive, pane of 2005/15/09
  440644¢ Bob Hope, pane of 2005/29/09
  439644¢ Flag, convertible booklet of 10 06/05/09
  440744¢ Celebrate!06/10/09
  440844¢ Anna Julia Cooper, Black Heritage series, pane of 2006/11/09
  438864¢ Dolphin, definitive, pane of 2006/12/09
  4293-30244¢ Flags of Our Nation, set #3, ten different in coil06/16/09
  RW76$15 Long-tailed Duck, Federal migratory waterfowl hunting permit stamp, water-activated pane of 20 & #RW76A, self-adhesive pane of 106/26/09
  C14679¢ Zion National Park, definitive, pane of 2006/28/09
  C14798¢ Grand Teton National Park, definitive, pane of 2006/28/09
  44¢ Liberty Bell, "Forever" stamp in multiple formats Summer
  4409-1344¢ Gulf Coast Lighthouses, five different in pane of 2007/23/09
  4409   Matagora Island LH
4410   Sabine Pass LH
4411   Biloxi LH
4412   Sand Island LH
4413   Fort Jefferson LH
  441444¢ Early Television Memories, 20 different08/11/09
  a   Texaco Star Theater
b   I Love Lucy
c   Red Skelton
d   Howdy Doody
e   Dragnet
f   Lassie
g   Hopalong Cassidy
h   You Bet Your Life
i   Dinah Shore Show
j   Ed Sullivan Show
k   Kukla, Fran and Ollie
l   Phil Silvers Show
m   Lone Ranger
n   Perry Mason
o   Alfred Hitchcock Presents
p   George Burns & Gracie Allen Show
q   Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet
r   Tonight Show
s   Twilight Zone
t   The Honeymooners
  441544¢ Hawaii Statehood, pane of 2008/21/09
  441644¢ Eid09/03/09
  4417-20Thanksgiving Day Parade, four different09/09/09
  442144¢ Gary Cooper, (Legends of Hollywood series) pane of 2009/10/09
  4422Supreme Court Justices, four different in S/S09/22/09
  a   Felix Frankfurter
b   William J. Brennan, Jr.
c   Louis D. Brandeis
d   Joseph Story
  442344¢ Kelp Forest, pane of 10 different (Nature of America series)10/01/09
  a   Brown Pelican
b   Western Gull, Southern Sea Otter, Red Sea Urchin
c   Harbor Seal
d   Lion's Mane Nudibranch
e   Yellowtail Rockfish, White-spotted Rose Anemone
f   Vermilion Rockfish
g   Copper Rockfish
h   Pacific Rock Crab, Jeweled Top Snail
i   Northern Kelp Crab
j   Monterey Turban Snail, Brooding Sea Anemone, Treefish
  4425-844¢ Winter Holidays, four different designs (format: double-sided booklet of 20)10/08/09
  4429-3244¢ Winter Holidays, four different designs (format: ATM booklet of 18)10/08/09
  443344¢ Hanukkah, pane of 2010/09/09
  443444¢ Kwanzaa, pane of 2010/09/09
  442444¢ Madonna & Child, double-sided booklet of 20 (#4424a)10/20/09
Scott #DescriptionIssue Date
  U666 Redwood Forest Priority Mail envelope 01/16/09
  U66844¢ Seabiscuit, Legendary racehorse priced at 54¢ (multiple formats)05/11/09
  U669-7344¢ Gulf Coast Lighthouses, letter sheets07/23/09
  (44¢) non-denominated Liberty Bell priced at 54¢ (multiple formats)05/11/09
Postal Cards
Scott #DescriptionIssue Date
UX55427¢ Miami University, Ohio ptr: AP02/17/09
UX555-628¢ Koi, two different designs (white/yellow fish - ux555; black fish - ux556)04/17/09
UX555x-6x28¢ Koi, two different designs, in uncut sheet of 40 cards (for use by printers; un-numbered in Scott catalog) [available as singles or pairs from this website]04/17/09
UY4828¢ + 28¢ Koi, Reply card04/17/09
  UY48m   white fish, orange & white fish
UY48r   black fish, red & white fish
UX557-61  28¢ Simpsons, five different designs05/07/09
UX562-6  28¢ Gulf Coast Lighthouses, 5 different07/23/09
UX567-8628¢ Early Television Shows, 20 different08/11/09
UX587-9628¢ Kelp Forest, 10 different10/01/09

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