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Scott #DescriptionIssue Date
443544¢ Year of the Tiger, pane of 20 (in Chinese New Year series)01/14/10
443644¢ Olympic Winter Games, pane of 2001/22/10
4437(44¢) Liberty Bell, ATM pane of 1802/03/10
4438$4.90 Mackinac Bridge02/03/10
4439$18.30 Bixby Creek Bridge02/03/10
4440-3944¢ Distinguished Sailors, four different, pane of 2002/04/10
444444¢ Abstract Expressionists, ten different03/11/10
  4444a   Hans Hofmann: The Golden Wall (1961)
4444b   Willem de Kooning: Asheville (1948)
4444c   Mark Rothko: Orange and Yellow (1956)
4444d   Jackson Pollock: Convergence (1952)
4444e   Arshile Gorky: The Liver is the Cock's Comb (1944)
4444f   Clyfford Still: 1948-C (1948)
4444g   Robert Motherwell: Elegy to the Spanish Republic No. 34 (1953-4)
4444h   Joan Mitchell: La Grande Vallee O (1983)
4444i   Adolph Gottlieb: Romanesque Facade (1949)
4444j   Barnett Newman: Achilles (1952)
444444¢ Bill Mauldin03/31/10
4303-1244¢ Flags of Our Nation, set #4, ten different in coil04/16/10
  4303   American Flag
4304   Montana
4305   Nebraska
4306   Nevada
4307   New Hampshire
4308   New Jersey
4309   New Mexico
4310   New York
4311   North Carolina
4312   North Dakota
4446-944¢ Cowboys of the Silver Screen, four different04/17/10
  4446   Roy Rogers
4447   Tom Mix
4448   William S. Hart
4449   Gene Autry
4449a   Block of 4
445044¢ Love: Pansies in a Basket04/22/10
4451-6044¢ Adopt a Shelter Pet, ten different04/30/10
  4451   Wire-haired Jack Russell terrier
4452   Maltese cat
4453   Calico cat
4454   Yellow Labrador retriever
4455   Golden retriever
4456   Gray, white and tan cat
4457   Black, white and tan cat
4458   Australian Shepherd
4459   Boston terrier
4460   Orange Tabby cat
4460a   Block of 10
446144¢ Katharine Hepburn, (Legends of Hollywood series) pane of 2005/12/10
446264¢ Monarch Butterfly (first in new butterfly series for 'non-machineable' postage rates)05/17/10
446344¢ Kate Smith05/27/10
446444¢ Oscar Micheaux, Black Heritage series, pane of 2006/22/10
RW77$15 American Wigeon, Federal migratory waterfowl hunting permit stamp, water-activated pane of 20 & self-adhesive pane of 1 (#RW77A)06/25/10
4465-644¢ Negro Baseball Leagues, Baseball Players; Rube Foster07/15/10
4467-7144¢ Comic Strips, five different07/16/10
  4467   Beetle Bailey
4468   Calvin and Hobbes
4469   Archie
4470   Garfield
4471   Dennis the Menace
447244¢ Scouting, pane of 2007/27/10
447344¢ Winslow Homer, American Treasures series pane of 2008/12/10
447444¢ Hawai'ian Rain Forest, pane of 10 different (Nature of America series)09/01/10
447544¢ Mother Teresa09/05/10
447644¢ Julia de Burgos in the Literary Arts series, pane of 2009/14/10
447744¢ Angel with Lute10/21/10
FOREVER (44¢) Holiday Evergreens, four different10/21/10
4478-81   f/Double-sided Booklet
4482-5   f/ATM pane
FOREVER (44¢) Liberty & Flag, coil pair, two different12/01/10
4486-7   printer: Ashton Potter
4488-9   printer: Sennett Security
4490-1   printer: Avery Dennison
Scott #DescriptionIssue Date
  Mackinac Bridge Priority Mail envelope 01/04/10
  44¢ Seabiscuit priced at 54¢, multiple formats with "Cradle to Grave" logo01/04/10
  (44¢) non-denominated Liberty Bell priced at 54¢, multiple formats with "Cradle to Grave" logo01/04/10
Postal Cards
Scott #DescriptionIssue Date
  28¢ Koi, same as UX555-6 but with new "Cradle to Grave" recycling logo01/04/10
UX597-60028¢ Cowboys of the Silver Screen04/17/10
  UX597   Roy Rogers
UX598   Tom Mix
UX599   William S. Hart
UX600   Gene Autry
UX601-1028¢ Scenic Am. Landscapes04/20/10
  UX601   Acadia National Park
UX602   Badlands National Park
UX603   Bryce Canyon National Park
UX604   Grand Canyon National Park
UX605   Gerat Smoky Mountains National Park
UX606   Mount McKinley National Park
UX607   Mount Rainier National Park
UX608   St. John, US Virgin Islands National Park
UX609   Yosemite National Park
UX610   Zion National Park
UX611-2029¢ Hawai'ian Rain Forest, Set of 10 different (Nature of America series)09/01/10

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